View Full Version : My Pokemon Gold team. (NEEDS WORK!)

19th August 2006, 4:59 AM
Ok, this thread is to ask you what Pokemon to use for my team. This team is for use ingame, mostly just for the Elite Four and Red.

I'm not asking for moves, but if you've got an extra minute to spare, give me some good move sets to use with the Pokemon.

(My original starter Pokemon, am willing to change.)

(My Pokemon that I used to use all the time on my old file, also am willing to change.)

(I traded from my silver because I didn't have a good Pokemon. Very willing to change.)

(I might as well call this an empty spot, because this was the only flying pokemon I could find that I liked. Definitely want to change this.)

(I really like this Pokemon, not willing to change this one that much.)

(Pretty much disregard this Pokemon, I caught it in Lake of Rage and put it in my team 'cause I didn't have anything else. DEFINITELY want to change this one.)

So that's my team for right now. I really need a good flying replacement for Pidgeot, and then some other type that you think would go good with my team in place of Gyarados. For the rest, tell me if you think they should stay, or what they should change for.

If possible please add move sets, thanks.

(My Pokemon team doesn't match my name =P, it is very "unleet")

19th August 2006, 5:22 AM
how can we rate with no movesets.

19th August 2006, 6:52 AM
how can we rate with no movesets.

In his first Post, he said he wasn't asking for Movesets.

Cipher Admin Seb
20th August 2006, 1:33 AM
Keeping Typhlo is what you need to do (Flamethrower, Thunder Punch, EQ, QA)

Feraligatr needs to be changed, maybe by Quagsire

I agree with you, Ampharos is a great Poké. Keep it.

Change Pidgeot for Lugia/Ho-oh (ironic, but waaay better). In official Nintendo Tournaments, you MAY use ubers so its fine.

You can keep Miltank as physical sweeper, but they are some better such as Steelix or Snorlax (highly recommanded). You to choose.

Gyarados is actually good but sucks too. Replace it for another Pokémon to stall with (Gengar for example).

20th August 2006, 7:58 AM

Keep those three. I recommend changing your other three for some pokemon like these: