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19th August 2006, 6:25 AM
As those of you who read my other Raio fic know, this is the first book that I am converting into fictin format. BE WARNED: this is much less happy than the other fic. Oh, and PLEASE REVIEW! It is rediculous that people read fics, but don't reply. How are we going to get better if noone gives us advice? Regardess, here is the prolouge.

~Prologue- A Murder and an Egg.~

Crescendo City, capital city of Raio, was not a happy place. There were murders by the Pokémon center, rapes by the mall, and a thieves den by the southern entrance. The buildings, gray and progressively taller, were lined with graffiti, atrociously spelled, and obscene. Windows lay cracked and broken, never fixed because they would just get that way again within hours.

Those unknowing of Raio would probably ask why it was still the capital city if it was such a horrible place to live. The answer is simple, it was the biggest city, and it had the only port on the eastern side of the region. True, the waters around it were polluted as hell, but it’s better than wearing out a Pokémon having them fly across half a continent. Polluted and crime infested it may be, but Crescendo City is where our story takes place today. Unfortunately, things will not be as happy, or light spirited as they will later on. For those of you who are squeamish, you may wish to wait for the next installment, as our story starts with a murder. Now, let us begin.

The city was dark, the smog blocking out the moon, the few lights coming from hotel windows. Like the hopes of our subject, they were slowly disappearing. The young man, no older than twenty, ran out of the bar nervously, his eyes frantic as they looked over his shoulder at his presser. Although it was pitch black, the tall woman’s grim smile could be seen as she walked slowly towards the man, tossing a red and whit sphere up and down in her left hand while humming a chilling tune.

The man clutched an oval shaped object closer to his chest as he turned a corner, running past a couple of Houndour, not stopping until he met the tall wooden fence that separated him from his only hope at survival. As the woman rounded the same corner, still walking peacefully, his face lost all color and he franticly attempted to climb the fence, shoving the object into his green backpack. Jumping over, he continued his escape, unknowing how utterly futile it was.

The sphere was tossed from the woman's hand as she stood before the fence her victim had climbed. A flash of red light shot out from a button on it’s center, and from it emerged a tall figure. In the dark it could have been passed off as human, but that quickly changed as it’s wrists ignited with a blue and white flame that illuminated the area. Instead of hands and feet, the creature had talons, and a beak where it’s mouth should be. Red and whit feathers adorned it’s body until they reached the knee, as dark yellow, heavy looking feathers covered them.

“Blaziken....” It muttered darkly, glad to be out of it’s Pokéball. Looking at it’s master, the Blaziken roared, before breaking down the fence with a single kick. It walked with it’s master, glaring at the young man who was anxiously crawling away from the duo, up against the brick wall he was trapped by. Suddenly, a determined look in his eye, the man stood, putting his fists up, ready to fight.

The two stalkers exchanged incredulous looks, as the woman said merely two words: “Low Kick.” Instantly, the Blaziken leapt into action, ducking below the human, and sweeping out it’s leg, tripping him. “Careful,” said the woman, “ Don’t harm the backpack. Now use blaze kick on his head.” The Pokemon nodded, as it lifted its right leg and watched it ignite. The man’s screams could be heard blocks away. However, the unmerciful Pokémon brought down it’s leg upon the human’s head with amazing speed. The screams for help were promptly stopped as his head was crushed in, a dark pool of blood surrounding the corpse. The woman moved snatched the backpack from the dead man, fumbling around until she found what she was looking for: A white and black Pokémon Egg.

Triumphantly, she held it up for the Blaziken to take, who held it against his chest. With in seconds, the heat had caused it to hatch. The pup looked up with red eyes and a playful expression on it’s face. It was smaller than a Growlithe, with brilliant white fur, a small stubby tail, and black skin for it’s face. Yipping cheerfully despite the uncaring looks of the two, it said: “Puck! Pu pu!”

“ Useless,” the woman said, recalling her Blaziken and walking away. “Some new species. Pathetic.” As she did so, the Puck noticed the pool of blood for the first time, along with the body. Whimpering it backed away, right into the two Houndour leering at it. Ten minutes later, all that was left to show what took place was the corpse, the backpack gone.

~Next time!~
In the next chapter, we meet our heroes, and find out more about the murder that took place. Apparently it was some vagabond named “Ash,” but any evidence of him being a trainer is gone. What is the mysterious Puck, and why did M- I mean the woman, call it a pathetic excuse for a new species? Find out next time on Pokémon: Raio!

So, is this better than the other one? Truth be told, that one was pretty old, so this one should be etter. Iv'e improved over the last two years, or a least I'd like to think I have. I'm going to stop the other one now, and work on this one so the second book actually makes sense. Oh, and the female "M?" An original character, not from any official continuity.

19th August 2006, 4:50 PM
Pretty good. PM me when next chapter comes, please.