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21st August 2006, 6:51 PM
I just got back into the tcg and have none of my cards anymore from when I first played, so I'm pretty limited at the moment. I've only bought the preconstructed decks from holon phantoms and a couple boosters, so I haven't had much to work with. But anyway, let me know what you think :]

x1 Anorith (legend maker)
x1 Armaldo ex (legend maker)
x4 Barboach (holon phantoms)
x2 Whiscash (holon phantoms)
x3 Ghastly (legend maker)
x2 Haunter (legend maker)
x4 Baltoy (holon phantoms)
x2 Claydol (holon phantoms)

x2 Claw Fossil
x4 Potion
x3 Energy Search
x2 Masterball
x1 Energy Switch
x3 Professor Cozmo's Discovery
x1 Celio's Network
x1 Power Tree

x11 Fighting Energy
x14 Psychic Energy

21st August 2006, 7:44 PM
Definitely not a bad start, but the biggest problem right now is the huge amount of energy. Counting the energy searches, thats 28, meaning we can cut out 10. And you're not taking advantage of armaldo ex's poke-body, either! So lets try this-

-6 Psychic Energies
-3 Fighting Energies

-3 Energy Search

-1 Baltoy
-1 Barboach

+1 Anorith
+1 Gengar (Legend Maker)

+2 Celio's Netowrk
+2 Holon Mentor
+1 Masterball
+2 Holon Adventurer
+1 Switch
+2 Cessation Crystal

+3 React Energy

So that would leave you with-


2x Anorith
1x Armaldo EX
3x Barboach
2x Whiscash
3x Gastly
2x Haunter
1x Gengar
3x Baltoy
2x Claydol


3x Celio's Netowrk
3x Professor Cosmo's Discovery
3x Masterball
2x Claw Fossil
4x Potion
2x Holon Adventurer
2x Cessation Crystal
1x Energy Switch
1x Power Tree
1x Switch


8x Psychic
8x Fighting
3x React

eh, close enough.