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21st August 2006, 7:28 PM
Ledgend Alliance:what is it?
This rpg is an rpg set 500 years in the future in the poke world i thought of,where normal poke's fuse with the spirits of ancient ledgends(rby,gsc,rse,and the d/p we know about)
there are also special pokes who can fuse with the soul of 2 ledgends at once.some of the pokemon gain new parts and colors,and some gain armour of the ledgends.

the story at start:sat

its the 27th of november,pokeyear 2506....
Today is the 500th aniversary(sp?) of the quelling of diaruga and parukia,and and the massive Time-Space festival is going on.During the festiival,there are days for The Time-Space pokemon battle tournament,paying respects to Ziago,the great master of Diaruga and Parukia,the great feast,and also the respects to all pokemon kind,and their bond with humans.Every year during the festival,my Luario,Seifer,Begins to glow with a silver/blue light,believed by the village sage,to be the souls of lugia and diaruga.My friends,Dillan,Kelly,And Sally,also have pokemon as such.

hope to make another entry soon,

What you can do to help.:Wycdth
i need some help creating some of the poke sprites,and signups are a firstcome first serve basis,those who help will be in,no rushing or waiting in line to sign up.
also,ill need mods to make sure it wont get outta hand.

roles are zane(me),kelly,dillan,sally,the sage,and also random trainers,whose names arent determined who also have the special ability to have their pokes fuse with ledgends,and 8 new gym leaders,whom you have to beat to capture "Neo ledgends",ledgendaries who look slightly different,and also have different types.Theres also team draco and team leo who are trying to ressurect diaruga and parukia as neo diaruga and neo parukia.Discuss.

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21st August 2006, 7:48 PM
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