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22nd August 2006, 3:47 PM
Just those Pokemon that everyone says are great, and everyone uses them, but they really aren't so hot?

(I've complained about Wobbuffet before, but I'll leave the poor guy alone for now)

Blissey - It sucks

Sure, it can have 700+ HP, but with Attack Deoxys-esque Defense, it usually dies in one good physical hit anyways. I've never had a Blissey be a problem to me in the slightest. This might be because I use more fighting moves than other people. It's just not a very good Pokemon.

EDIT: Correction - WORSE defense

22nd August 2006, 4:03 PM
Blissey's pretty hard to counter if you're limitted to special Pokemon, or if it's teamed up with Skarmory (SkarmBliss). It's one of the best special walls out there.

Most OU Pokemon deserve their place there, and none of them are really overrated, except probably Charizard. But then again, that's only because of the n00bish side of it's fanbase.

Ubers are slightly overrated, as people tend to think it's impossible to beat them, when, really, they are pretty predictable.

22nd August 2006, 4:08 PM
Well, my thought is it'd be pretty dumb to limit yourself to just Special Pokemon, so yeah, you'd be in trouble if you set yourself up for trouble.

22nd August 2006, 4:16 PM
Blissey isn't Overrated, it takes 400+ Attack Focus Punch to K.O Blissey. Under that and a fighting move is not an ohko.

22nd August 2006, 4:33 PM
So uh

I guess that's a Max EV HP/Def Blissey?

Still, one or 2 hits. I've never had a problem with ohkoing it.

But this topic isn't about Blissey, talk about other things that suck >:C

22nd August 2006, 4:39 PM
So uh

I guess that's a Max EV HP/Def Blissey?


Uh, overrated.... Kingdra... sucks.... too mediocre.

Underrated: Dodrio, seriously, this thing will rip apart teams when metagross/t-tar is gone.

Malachite Treecko
22nd August 2006, 4:51 PM
Skarmory! A Mewtwo with Thunderbolt or Flamethrower will kill it! OR any other Fire/Elc poké with good special attack.

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22nd August 2006, 5:20 PM
Mewteo is a bit overrated, Murkrow is too underrated.

22nd August 2006, 7:00 PM
Lugia's a little underrated, it's the best tank in Pokemon. 106 HP/130 Defense/154 S.Def and 90 Attack/S.Attack with a giant movepool is amazing.

Swampert is overrated, it's awesome but not best poke ever awesome.

22nd August 2006, 9:03 PM
I'd have to say Kingdra as well. None of its stats stand out, and it has a crappy movepool.

Skarmory! A Mewtwo with Thunderbolt or Flamethrower will kill it! OR any other Fire/Elc poké with good special attack.
Which is why you use the switch command when a situation with fire/electric attacks arises.

22nd August 2006, 9:11 PM
Overrated? Seems to be Salamence to me. Its treated as being some kinda super pokemon, and I've seen it in just about every battle I've ever been in on Netbattle. Too bad I've never seen it attack. I have seen it switch out a lot, though. For being as powerful as it is, it always seemed more like dead weight to me. Seems to me that just about every pokemon has its own Salamence counter that makes Salamence run back to its pokeball, whether its HP Ice, Ice Beam, or Rock Slide. Every team likely has two or three pokemon that know those attacks.

22nd August 2006, 9:14 PM
I've never understood all the hate on Kingdra. Sure, maybe none of it's stats stand out, but they are all extremely well balanced. All I can say is that it's earned its place on my Battle Frontier team. Having only one weakness allows me to be a little reckless in attacks and when/when not to rain dance.

As for overrated, I'd go with Dunsparce. A lot of people hate, but then again a lot of people love it. It relies too much on its ability, and when it doesn't get a stat raise or effect, taking it down is quite easy.

23rd August 2006, 2:25 AM
Alakazam used to be OU but never overrated. Now nobody uses it anymore in favor of Gardevoir, who isn't bad, but Alakazam could beat it in 3rd gen.

However, Kingdra is overrated because it is believed to be far more powerful than it really is. Although it is balanced, it isn't too great in any of those stats.

Moeteimasu Umi
23rd August 2006, 3:04 AM
a lot of uu pokemon are great and a lot of ou pokemon suck it doesnt make sence blissey is great but ubers suck bad even with advanced stats most have so many weaknesses X_X

miken park
23rd August 2006, 7:44 AM
It can be 1 hit KOed by just about anything with Ice beam.

a lot of uu pokemon are great

23rd August 2006, 2:44 PM
Salamence. (But its still dangerous)

Underrated: Uber: Mewtwo
OU: Aerodactyl

Dragon Chimchar
23rd November 2008, 10:50 AM