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25th August 2006, 11:18 PM
i haven't played in a long time so this is the first deck i've built in ages with a bit of help so i was wondering of anyone could suggestions any improvements that need making it uses cards from ruby sapphire onwards


Corphish 1 dragon
Corphish 2 H.P
Crawdaunt ex 1 h.p with splash back
Whismer 3 H.L
whismer 1 E
Loudred 2 E
Exploud 1 H.L
Exploud 1 E
Ralts 1 D.S
Ralts 1 R.S confuse ray one
Ralts 1 R.S pound and link blast 1
Kirlia 2 R.S
Kirlia 1 S.S
Kirlia 1 R.S
Gardevoir 1 E
Garvevoir 1 R.S
Gardevoir ex 1 S.S
Misdreavus 1 L.M
Wobbeffet 1 H.P


Energy search 4
Mr stones project 1
Scott 2
Rare candy 3
warp point 1
master ball 2
Wallys Training 3
Lanettes net search 1
Celios network 1


Pyshic 10
Water 3
heal energy 2
multi energy 2

it needs improving so any suggestions would be great as i would like to get back into this properly many thanks

Cipher 2008
25th August 2006, 11:24 PM
Hmm...Well, in my opinion, it's not really consistent. There's an awful lot of x1s in the Pokémon list.

I will get back to you as I'm busy at the moment, but that's my first piece of advice - try to get a few more x2s in, and maybe some x3s. x4s can sometimes be space-wasters. :)

26th August 2006, 10:53 AM
at the mo there's a lot of ones coz i don't have duplicates of the cards. i collect mainly so the cards have come out of my vast number of folders as i get duplicates i'll change them. i have won with this but i know it needs changing slightly but as its a long time since i've played so i'm just not sure how
many thanks