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28th August 2006, 10:08 PM
1-rocket's mission 1-energy search 1-energy removal 1super potion 1-switch 1-rocket pokeball 1-professor Elm's traning method 1-radiotower 1-pokemonretriever 1-potion 6-fire energy 4-fiteing energy 4- grass energy 2-thunder energys 4- water energys 1-multi energy 3-dratini 2-dark dragonair 1 -dark dragonite 3-growlithe 2-arcanine 2-koffing 1-dark weezing 1-rockets meowth 1-pinsir 1-larvitar 1-dark pupitar 1-bagon 2-shelgon 1-salamence 2-magnemite 1-darkmagneton 1-rockets scyther 2-marill 1-azurmarill

Cipher 2008
28th August 2006, 10:20 PM
Please, God, try to set it out right...we need set numbers and sets. And why post it twice?!

For a start, it's not Modified-legal. You'd have to use it in Unlimited and for that format, the deck is terrible. 21 Energy is FAR too much, and you have far too many x1s.

Come back when you've made a serious deck. Then I'll spend more time thinking about it.

28th August 2006, 11:13 PM
I think you should check out this (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=36594) thread.

Cipher 2008
28th August 2006, 11:15 PM
Mmm. Yes. You definitely need that...

31st August 2006, 5:27 AM
I think you should check out this (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=36594) thread.

Only two posts (#24 and #26) have any real merit. Most of the decks Danny mentioned are getting rotated out in two days.

16th September 2006, 5:52 AM
Hey, Dude come back when you got a real deck, oh, wait i know you haahahaaha! He went to the pokemon day thing with me and he won an EX Team Rocket returns deck!

-The Machamp Breeder ;068;

(and if you want to read my deck, check out "my new and improved deck!!!")

17th September 2006, 10:02 AM
Don't flame the guy. He does need to set it out, perhaps change the pokemon though.

4th October 2006, 9:53 AM
I mean... whats with the scary setting out 'dragonlover' (if that is your real name...)??? Anyway... I would'nt include so many different types if I were you. You've got water, grass, ground, fire, colourless, thunder... it's all over the place!! I would take it down to two different types. That way it will be easier to control the energies given to the pokemon. eg. not having to give your magneton all your water energies, you know. Come back when you have made a dual type deck, or something along those lines.