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9th September 2006, 8:33 PM
My team, it consists of poke's i like and i'm not going to change even one of them, whatever anyone says. And no flaming please.

Jolly nature
252 Atk/Spd, 6 HP
- Poison fang
- Shadow ball
- Return
- Snatch

I know this dude sucks, but I will still use it. The idea is to snatch a stat-up move and try to sweep.

Quiet nature
252 HP, 188 SAtk, 68 Spd
- T-bolt
- Crunch
- Sub
- Focus punch

Standard Tyrani-boah. Main powerhouse in this team.

Careful nature
252 SDef, 152 Spd, 156 Atk
- Agility
- Triple kick
- Rest
- Earthquake

My Special wall. Again, i'm not gonna change.

Forretress@chesto berry/lefties
Impish nature
252 HP/Def, 6 Atk
- Rapid spin
- Spikes
- Earthquake
- Rest/Explosion

Physical wall. Nothing more to say here.

Hasty nature
252 Spd, 200 SAtk, 56 Atk
- T-punch
- Flamethrower
- Cross chop
- Confuse ray

Sweeper. Mainly SAtk, Cross chop for putting a dent in the over-common Blissey. Confusion for annoying/switch.

Timid nature
252 SAtk/Spd, 6 HP
- Psychic
- Calm mind
- Morning sun
- Bite/Baton pass

What should i do with this? Sweeping or Espyjump? Please help decide.

Thanks in advance!

9th September 2006, 8:47 PM
Not much to do with Boah ingame. DDTar is better unless there are Seismic Toss Blissey around.

Ingame, Explosion on Forretress, Rest in link battles IMO.

Espyjump needs much more HP and SpD than you have, and less speed, if you go with that. I prefer calm on Espyjump.