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11th September 2006, 3:04 PM
I know this team has typing weaknesses but, I really just want help on the Movesets. Also I dont do evs right now and, their natures are good so I wont post them.

Trait: Levitate
-Sludge Bomb
-Pain Split

Jynx@Lum berry/Leftovers
Trait: Oblivious
-Ice Beam
-Calm mind
-Lovely Kiss

Marowak@Thick Club
Trait: Rock Head
-Rock slide
-Swords Dance

-Sunny day
-Solar beam
-Sleep powder

Trait: Hyper Cutter
-Swords dance
-? clueless

Trait: Blaze

Pika Egg
11th September 2006, 3:34 PM
Not bad overall.

Marowak - EQ > Bonemerang, if you have another TM

Kingler - I'd consider two out of Mudshot/Dig, Return, Flail over Crabhammer and the last move since right now Swords Dance is doing nothing on that set (although come D/P, Crabhammer will be amazing on this guy hehe).

11th September 2006, 4:25 PM
don't abbreviate movesets.
it's annoying.

Bonemerang is cooler than Earthquake.

Mse Ownage
11th September 2006, 4:27 PM
plz do the teams rates in the rate my team forums..

11th September 2006, 4:29 PM
Serebii.Net Forums > Pokémon Games - 3rd Generation > In-Game Team Rate
Rate My LG Team
You must be missing something here.

11th September 2006, 6:08 PM
Kingler is the weak link in your team. There are so many better Water types out there – Vaporeon, Starmie, Lapras, Slowbro etc. And Gyarados makes a much better physical attacker than Kingler.

12th September 2006, 12:35 AM
Good advice about kingler. Vappy sounds good to me.