View Full Version : Plans for my current XD team

14th September 2006, 10:23 PM
Noyte that this is what I have planned for the future of my current team in XD, unless I find a better pokemon to replace them. Since this is XD, there's no hold items or TM's, while natures and EV's take a backseat.

Breloom (F)
Ability:Effect Spore

-Stun Spore
-Sky Uppercut
-False Swipe

Basicaslly, I use Stun Spore for battle and paraslyzing shadow Pokemon, while False Swipe helps in capture. Sky Uppercut and Headbutt takes advantage of Breloom's attack.

Ledian (M)

-Light Screen

Planned to be a protector, his array of different defense moves can help both himself, his ally, and whoever goes out to replace him after he's done putting up protection. If I can't switch out, or I don't have any other choice, he can battle using Psybeam.

Ariados (M)

-Signal Beam
-Night Shade

Ariados doesn't have the greatest moveset, but I think this group of moves works as a straight-up attacker. Night Shade doubles as a good weakener, since it takes the same amount every time.

Houndoom (M)
Ability:Flash Fire


I'm having trouble finding a 4th move, but the three i have already planned will work well. Crunch and Flamethrower to attack the opponent, and Charm to help offset it's defense weakness.

Ability:Water Absorb

-Aurora Beam
-Acid Armor
-Water Gun

Okay, so Water Gun isn't a great move, but with Hydro Pump's inaccuracy and Surf being MIA in this game, I don't have many options. Bite and Aurora Beam are fairly good moves taht take advantage of his special attack, while Acid Armor is used for protection. (I am, however, considering using Spheal instead)

Delcatty (F)
Ability:Cute Charm


Delcatty is still a shadow pokemon that I'm working on purifying. And even after purification, the fact that it's been evolved means that I can't modify it's moveset, except with the severely limited number of TM's in the game.