View Full Version : who likes serebii.net and goes on it every day?

Master of Rayquaza
22nd September 2006, 3:02 AM
this is the i love serebii club so if you want to join just post.
i really love pokemon i have pokemon yellow, blue, red, ruby, sapphire, fire red, leafgreen, and emerald. i have my team of rayquaza level 100, charizard level 100, scizor level 100, dragonite level 100, salamence level 100, and metagross level 100.All with high moves that do at least 100 damage each move.

Judai Yuki
22nd September 2006, 3:03 AM
Join what?


Brockness Monster
22nd September 2006, 3:06 AM
some sort of serebii.net fan club i believe.

22nd September 2006, 3:07 AM
shouldn't this be in the club section?