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25th September 2006, 3:14 PM
Deck name :Black Forest

Pokemon card:20

Espeon EX [1] (My sweetie pie)
Eevee (PP:Energy evolution) [2] > Unseen Force 55/115

Slowking (PP:Item Search) [1] > Unseen Force 14/115
Slowpoke [2] > Unseen Force 72/115

Wobbuffet (PB:Safeguard) [2] > Sandstorm 26/100
Wynaut (PP:Baby Evo) [1] > Sandstorm 54/100

Sceptile (PB:Green Essence) [1] > Emerald 10/106
Sceptile [1] > Ruby Sapp 11/109
Grovyle [2] > Ruby Sapp 31/109
Treecko [3] > Ruby Sapp 75/109

Ariados (I luv this card) [1] > Unseen Force 2/115
Spinarak [2] > Unseen Force 75/115

Roselia (For extra energy) [1] > Ruby Sapp 9/97

Energy Card :18

Psy Energy - 9
Grass Energy - 9

Trainer Card :22

Stadium (Power Tree) [1]
Tv Reporter [4]
Fieldworker [2]
Holon Scientist [1]
Wally's training [2]
Rare Candy [1] (Should I put more??)
Celio's Network [2]
Prof Elm's Training Method [1]

Tool Card - For boosting slowking att and making life easier

Balloon Berry [2]
Curse Powder [2]
Solid Rage [2]
Strength Charm [2]

Plz leave your comment..^^

25th September 2006, 3:46 PM
sry for double posting..plz forgive me (T-T)

Cipher 2008
25th September 2006, 6:16 PM
Don't worry about it. It happens sometimes. What you can just do it go on the other topic (the one I've not posted in), click to 'Edit' your first post, then select to delete it. :)

With the Pokémon, you want only three evolution lines and a little more consstency. I suggest some lines such as (going Basic-Stage1-Stage2), 4-3-4, some 4-2-4, maybe some 3-3 or 4-3. But keep Ariados in, it's awesome. :p With Sceptile, if you can get this, do:

3x Sceptile (EM: 10/106)
2x Grovyle (EM: 28/106)
3x Treecko (EM: 70/106)

If you do use this, remove the Roselia. And if you can, remove any cards from between EX Ruby & Sapphire and EX Sandstorm - they can't be used in sanctioned tournaments. Replace them with cards from EX Deoxys onwards.

As it is though, it's good. :) Just needs a bit of consistency.

Crystal Suicune
30th September 2006, 2:34 PM
there are too many evolution lines in the deck. k fine, i won't count wobbufett, but that still leaves 4 evolution lines to go through and you won't get your cards on time. Also, just to let you know, most of your pokemon cards are banned from modified [Deoxys and up] but you can use them if your willing to play unlimited.

Narrow those evo lines to 2. I suggest you get rid of the Slowking. The item search is only good on him. What happens if he dies? All that for nothing. Get rid of the Roselia and add some Mr Stone's Project into the deck.

Forget Wynaut and Wobbuffet, get rid of them. Now get more of those pokemon that you like. I suggest you do the Treeko evo line: 4-3-3. The Ariados and Espeon line as: 3-2. Now you have enough pokemon to use for it, instead of many. Combine the Ariados with Sceptile to unleash it's full effect.

4th October 2006, 11:22 AM
what do you mean by banned from modified?? did i do sumthing wrong?? and what does play unlimited mean?? can sum1 explain this to me??