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7th June 2004, 7:04 PM
Hey everyone, hope your enjoying the Webmaster Discussion Forum!

Due to popular demand, we're finally having a Free Image Hosts Sticky. Just like the Free Website Hosts topic. It's all here to help every user who is in desperate need of a place to put there images.

The rules for this place are very similar to any other topic, just avoid the flames, spam and forum discussion - and you won't have me complaining ;)

In this thread, you can post your most reliable Image Hosters, discuss they're service and say wether they're worth using or worth leaving.

I'll start off by posting http://www.photobucket.com - I host all of my images here, and it's fabulous. If you have nowhere to put your pics, I highly recommend registering with the above website.

Know any other fantastic sites, share them with the forum. Had some nasty/good experiences with another - tell your story. All recommendations and adresses will be welcomed with open arms.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to reading all of your replis.

Crystalized Absol
7th June 2004, 10:32 PM
Try using freewebs.com or villagephotos.com. Freewebs doesn't matter any kind of photo (JPG, GIF, PNG) and it accepts all sizes. But first, you need to make an account and go to 'Image Manager' to upload pictures.

Chaos Dragon
10th June 2004, 6:35 PM
Imagestation is a good one. its free and you put as many pictures as you want.

Eternal Eievui
11th June 2004, 1:22 AM
I use Walgata at walagata.com

11th June 2004, 11:25 PM
I use ImageShack.us for my images.

15th June 2004, 9:12 PM
I found a generaly good one. http://www.pix8.net
Its quite good, especially for a free hosting site. No registration or anything, but there is a certain limit to the mount it can host per file. But my file are never big, so...
Anyway, this is for pictures only! Unfortunately, that means no .zip files as far as I can remember.

Dark Tyranitar
20th June 2004, 12:17 AM
I don't think it's public, because i had to pm a user on Nintendo Nsider forums to get an account, But i use Otakugame (http://www.otakugame.com/modules/gallery/albums.php) to host my images, and unlike photobucket, it doesn't shrink your image down when it's size is over 250K, photobucket did that once to one of my banners i made...

23rd June 2004, 5:35 PM
Um...Mystical-Lugia...it says on Photobucket.com that users must be at least 16 years old to register an account, and i'm almost 14...what shall i do? i don't know...but i know that i want trainer cards...and a co-ordinator card...

23rd June 2004, 5:56 PM
I know a place you can find good pics for trainer cards and stuff......
google image search has pics of just about everything.

I thought I'd mention it here since you were talking about pictures........

23rd June 2004, 6:21 PM
umm...thanks, but i meant those trainer cards that you can request at some of the threads in the Fan Art Requests forums...

Neo Trainer Dane
23rd June 2004, 7:41 PM
Two different ones I use...

Graffiti.net (http://www.graffiti.net) - Quick and easy to register, 20MB of hosting space, and pretty darn quick.

Zippyimages.com (http://www.zippyimages.com) - Easy to use, no need to sign up for an account or anything. just enter the picture you want to upload and click on upload. Easy.

24th June 2004, 4:17 AM
I use CyberTarp (http://gallery.cybertarp.com/) for my image hosting. The registration is easy to do when you sign up. The site may only have 10 MB of space to host images but they get the job done, especially since it's free. ;) You can also view your gallery of pictures that you've hosted on their site along with the images from other users. The only thing is that they don't accept .bmp files. They may start doing it soon since they just started to accept a few new files. The files they accept currently are .gif, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, and .tiff. There mat be more but those are the only ones right now that I know about.

26th July 2004, 6:26 AM

^ Free image hosting for a certain period of time, I'd say a good 2-3 weeks. No registration required.

The Blaziken Master
29th July 2004, 3:08 PM
Well, Jason uses Imageshack.us, I will tell you to do that too! It's http://imageshack.us it's called Imageshack (TM), it's free and you don't have to register, only upload a image and then done, you can put the image on your site or on your signature! To get rid of "Image hosted for free at imageshack.us" is just go to the buttom and get the direct picture of the image, and done, just add it in Microsoft FrontPage or another program that makes website! It's free and the image is never broken (like X) yeah try it, your image will stay forever!

Sky Squirtle
5th August 2004, 6:39 PM
Image Shack hosted images only last forever if they are viewed once at least every 90 days.

Lord Mario
7th August 2004, 7:50 PM
Or, if you have MSN then you can use My Web Documents and you have 3MB if you have a Premium account.

9th August 2004, 12:23 AM
Imageshack is probably the best I've seen. Fast. Reliable. Semi-permanent.

picgoo.com is okay, but the images only last for about seven days, as I recall

10th August 2004, 8:19 PM
I use imageshack.us, but you may or may not like *******. They delete your pics after a while. But it's good if you wish to minimize how many words you use in your sig. ( The star attraction is that the links are tiny.)

Kazuki Mirai
15th September 2004, 5:35 AM

^ Free image hosting for a certain period of time, I'd say a good 2-3 weeks. No registration required.
Okay, something strange is going on with it. When I was trying to upload images and it stops then I saw the page where I have to upload my pic and it says "Imagesuploadit.Net is going to Hell!" Is there something wrong with it?

18th September 2004, 11:08 PM
Um just wondering about video hosting I need a place to host a video (2.6 mb) for free does anyone know where I could do that?

7th October 2004, 2:08 PM
Some of you have been using the Ferretgames.com (http://www.ferretgames.com/imageupload/imageupload.php) image upload for a while...

17th October 2004, 8:08 PM
http://www.myonlineimages.com its a good image hoster too. Its free, and it accept .png files.

21st November 2004, 6:03 PM
I suggest *******.com (http://www.*******.com). You don't have to make an account or anything, just download the image there.

21st November 2004, 9:09 PM
Now in www.imageshack.us you can upload a lot of new tipes of images(.bmp, .tif...)

9th February 2005, 7:56 PM
I use my own webspace for my images...
And after, when I get that, I was usin' ImageShack (http://imageshack.us), the images will not stay in da there.

Virtual Headache
11th February 2005, 11:40 PM
well, there is another free image host, but it doesn't allow direct linking, it's called Rapidshare.


9th July 2005, 5:51 PM
Try what I use. MAJ.com (http://www.maj.com) It's perfect I think anyway. Check it out. ^^

26th July 2005, 3:25 AM
I use *******.com. You don't even have to register, 100%free!!

zonic the hedgehog
28th August 2005, 4:59 PM
Here's a very useful host for hosting big images (like wallpaper): http://xs.to

Here's another host that's good for uploading adult pics/hentai on (just in case anybody needs it):

fapomatic.com (http://www.fapomatic.com)

20th November 2005, 11:40 PM
www.mihopa.com, it's great, free and better than imageshak's premium service.

Final Flash
27th November 2005, 11:56 AM
The one's I use are



Or http://www.Photobucket.com