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28th September 2006, 12:13 AM
I was thinking of starting a Pokemon RPing site. This is very much in the planning stages at this point, so this topic is far from being an advertisement, I’m merely brainstorming and hoping for some help.

When I was a lot younger and pokemon was a lot newer, I used to write “new trainer” fics about myself as a pokemon trainer. Little did I know that this was basically a solo form of roleplaying. Recently I started getting interested in pokemon again, and I thought I’d give actual roleplaying a try, since that was what most of my pokemon fandom was based around anyway. I tried browsing various RP boards in well known pokemon forums like this, but was almost always disappointed with what I found. It seemed that there weren’t many RPs that tried to replicate what I wanted. And what I wanted was an original pokemon world to participate in. One that felt true to the series but without being too confining or with “fakemon” (IMO most “made-up” pokemon suck.).

Since I couldn’t find what I wanted, I figured I might try making it myself. ‘Tis the American way. ^_^

-=My Goal=-

My goal for the site could be summed up as this: I want to create a realistic, interactive alternate pokemon universe that is original enough to allow freedom to the users, yet still stays within the spirit of the canon pokemon universe. Also important is that at the site I want to make solo RPing/journey simulating experience secondary to creating plots, stories and the universe itself. This is because I’ve noticed that in many forums where a region is set up, most people don’t even make it half way through before quitting. RPing as a new trainer by yourself just doesn’t seem to hold peoples’ attention for very long. I kinda know this from experience, considering I’ve never finished any of my new trainer fics.

The basic idea is that everyone contributes ideas about places, organizations characters, etc gradually building an interesting universe. Individual RP storylines would be edited and compiled into fanfics upond completion.


The RPs places will be designed based on member input in almost every respect, including what pokemon show up there, and at what probability. The regions will be unique to the RP. However, canon regions will probably play at least a minor role. Feed back on how to relate the new regions with the old would be appreciated..

-=Gym Leaders=-

Same, basically. Members help design their appearance, personality and what pokemon they have.


*Players can choose their pokemons’s gender

*Pokemon start with all the moves they would learn before evolving to their next stage

*Level 100 is no longer a limit. Upon going higher than level 100 I feel the RPer should get some sort of bonus. Any ideas?


*Pokemon have 200% HP. Being damaged lowers HP (duh), but so does using techniques. For instance using a 5 pp technique like Hyper Beam would lower your HP by 20%. On the contrary a 40 pp move like gust would only cost you like 3% hp.

-=Capturing Pokemon=-

*Like in the GB games, the enemy can’t be fainted, or the pokeball won’t work.

*The use of the actual capture formula from the GB games will be used to determine if the pokemon was caught or not.


*Items will be handled with a currency and store mod on the forums.

If you couldn’t tell I’ve gotten tired of typing, which is why I had started resorting to bullets instead of developed paragraphs. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the ideas I’ve had over the past two weeks or so. I’m having a hard time getting it all out, so it would be really helpful if you ask me questions like “How will you handle _____ aspect of pokemon?” Feedback is also earnestly desired.

I’ll update this post with more info and maybe modify stuff based on suggestions I get. Thank you for your time.

RaZoR LeAf
28th September 2006, 12:03 PM
If you are asking people to help you plan something for your own site, it's pretty much advertising, since you are basically tempting people away from here. Sorry, no deal.