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The Requiem
1st October 2006, 6:42 PM
...because this info has been out for at least a week or two, but, the Dino Structure is having an early release in a special edition sorta thing, apparently for sale in Wal Marts and tournament locations, the hobby shops WHATEVER.

At any rate, it comes with 3 things.

1. The Dino structure.

2. A POTD pack.

3. Five-Headed Dragon.

We know number 3 better as F.G.D. or FIve God Dragon, or Mythic Dragon.

ALL better names than Fiveheaded Dragon. Why do we TCG players get jerked on names of old cards. Ghey..

Oh well. I didnt see a thread on this so I thought I'd post it for those who are out of the loop.

4th October 2006, 3:55 AM
They didn't want to call it Five God Dragon because someone would see it and complain about it, and Mythic Dragon sounds stupid to me. Anyway, that is just an extra reason for me to buy this. I'm doing it mostly for the Dinos, but the FHD doesn't hurt either.

When is this released BTW?

Haruka's Swimsuit
4th October 2006, 8:08 PM
When is this released BTW?

According to the sites I looked at, the Structure will be out in the middle of October. Not sure if that's the special early release or the full release on the Structure itself- but that's what I've seen.

Judai Yuki
5th October 2006, 1:36 AM
October 19th I believe. FHD=Only reason to buy.


5th October 2006, 2:37 AM
I'm definelty gonna get more than 1.Than I can rip little kids off of their good cards that they dont think are good

5th October 2006, 2:47 AM
FHD will be insane tradebait. I'm probably getting 2-3 of them.

5th October 2006, 4:22 AM
What's the cost?

The Requiem
5th October 2006, 4:32 PM
FHD's materials are any 5 dragons. I think its fusion summon only.

Im all over building a Dragons Mirror Return. Show me the damn Tyrant Dragons!

Torkoal Stu
5th October 2006, 4:49 PM
Too bad Painful Choice was banned long ago or we could of had like F.G.D OTK. I did that on GX Duel Academy xD. Thats a fun game tbh.

And if they ever release Fubuki's Dragon Heart Card (3 Dragons to grave, +1000 ATK to Dragon, can't summon for rest of turn) it would rather help a F.G.D deck.

Too bad about the name. And the fact I live in the UK.

5th October 2006, 6:33 PM
Dragon OTK FTW.

I'm not even buying this structure. I'll just rob the three structure's along with the FHD and be on my way.

Can't wait to see Dragons become Teir almost one. Gonna be a great metagame. :D

Judai Yuki
5th October 2006, 10:07 PM
Future Fusion it.


5th October 2006, 10:57 PM
I will be getting this deck mainly for F.G.D. Plus, I always wanted to build a dino deck.