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1st October 2006, 11:11 PM
Plot: Three years ago a team that terrorized the whole world arose. This evil organization was called Team Cipher and was founded by Evice who soon became its leader. Under the control of Evice, Team Cipher became strong, stronger than anybody would ever imagine. In fact if Wes and Rui, the ones who made this team disband after Evice was defeated, would have never interfered, then Team Cipher would have achieved its goal; the domination of the whole world. Team Cipher would have achieved this goal by creating more evil Pokemon, known as Shadow Pokemon, to cause destruction and despair.
Shadow Pokemon are powerful creatures. With the use of machines, the Ciphers made dark energy flow within them, therefore making them evil Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon may be cruel and destructive, but somewhere inside them there is a heart that can be saved. The Ciphers didn't know this at first, but by treating these Pokemon with love and care, the dark energy inside them would start to vanish and these Pokemon would be able to open their heart to somebody. Ein, a Cipher Admin, soon started to research the new Pokemon and forund out a lot of things out about them. Shadow Pokemon could enter a phase called "Hyper Mode" where their attacks' power would double, but they would only enter this phase when they are angry or furious. He also found out that Celebi, also known as the "Voice of the Forest" had the ability to purify the Shadow Pokemon once it had no dark energy inside it. Ein's investigations lead Cipher to its downfall though.
A team of "snaggers" also existed and its leader was Gonzap, a man known for his long moustache. This team was called Team Snagem and it played a big role in both Team Cipher's progress and downfall. Cipher provided Team Snagem with a special machine called the Snag Machine. This machine allowed you to snag Pokemon from their trainers. Team Snagem snagged Pokemon for Cipher then these "snagged" Pokemon were given to them so they could be turned into SHadow Pokemon. Many trainers' pokemon were stolen, but only a few were given to Cipher. Team Snagem grew powerful as they snagged powerful pokemon, but since Team Cipher had full control over it, it never went anywhere with its goals. The hero of Orre was one of Snaggem's members at one point, but he left once he found out how cruel these Ciphers were with the poor Pokemon. He didn't leave empty handed though, he took with him his very own Snag Machine.

A 'good' Team Cipher arose as MoT came up and took the leader position, and soon the leadership was handed to different people such as EC, Fenir, Eliwoodman, and finally to the GroudonSage. But the intentions are different this time. This Team Cipher's goals are good, and one of them is to save these poor and innocent Shadow Pokemon from suffering any longer.

Innocent Pokemon like Shadow Pokemon should not suffer as much as they do; after all they have done nothing to receive such treaty. That is why this new Team Cipher is on the good side and is no longer interested in power only to control the world.

Three years later, an unknown being appears on Earth. This creature is completely black and it has a blue aura surrounding it and glowing blue eyes. According to ancient Pokemon mythology, a Pokemon who had two forms existed. At first many scientists believed that this was Deoxys, but once they discovered that Deoxys had more than two forms, they knew that it wasn't it.

This creature is known as Rukario as an ancient civilization named it for being the “Wave Guiding Hero.” But this Pokemon has been causing only chaos as it attacks cities without mercy using powers similar to the Psychic Pokemon. Let me tell you the about the day that Rukario appeared.

Everything was fine that day, a young citizen from Lilycove City said. The sun shined brightly, the sky was clear and the ocean seemed to be very calm as always. In a matter of minutes as a huge explosion was heard from far, grey clouds appeared and the wind blew fiercely against the trees. Everybody believed that it was the Apocalypse, the end of the world. And it continued...

A sailor who was sailing that same day in the ocean of Hoenn near the explosion was seen stated that he saw a black creature surrounded by a blue aura and with glowing blue eyes. He even took pictures of it, but he was attacked as the beast launched a ball of energy towards him and his boat. He was luckily saved as he swam back to the shore. But the last thing he said has made many wonder.

"A portal appeared when that 'explosion' occurred. It was not even an explosion; it was just a very loud sound. From that’s portal, that creature came out with a very different look. When I looked back at it, it was covered in shadows, but it didn't come out that way out of the portal." That is what he said.

An assumption was made that this 'Rukario' came from the future after what that man had seen. The time it came from is not known, but questions are among Pokemon Scientists. They ask themselves how that ancient civilization knew about this future Pokemon.

Seven years later, this Pokemon appears once more as it continues to destroy the world. This time the all Legendary Knight came out to attack. These Legendary Knights were the most powerful ones of each species of Legendary Pokemon. From Mew to Jirachi, from Groudon to Rayquaza and from Mewtwo to Ho-Oh, all these Pokemon decided to work together to defeat this great evil present in our world, but who would have known that Rukario had more than one trick under its sleeve?

The strange Pokemon was surrounded with dark spheres of energy. Twenty-one to be exact and these twenty-one balls of darkness were launched towards each and every one of the Legendary Knights. Something crazy happened; the fighters of 'good' became our opponents and helpers of Rukario.

This Rukario seemed to have possessed them with dark energy, but if the ancient ones stated that Rukario was the 'Wave Guiding Hero', then why is it all of a sudden a villain? What did we do to upset him and make him evil?

Whatever the reason is, it seems like we Ciphers are the only ones who can stop all of the Shadow Legendary Pokemon and Rukario. Together we can do it; we'll defeat the Shadow Legendaries one by one until we get to the last boss in this game, Rukario. Maybe we will discover more things about it in time, and let's just hope that we'll be strong enough by that time. That's what their leader Joel said... But, then one day the whole team just seemed to vanish into thin air...
Players (so far) :
Shadow Lucario (Neo/ Brianna/Keo/Kaitlin/Shadow Castform/ Shadow Rukario/several other characters that have not been revealed yet...)
SOLCLOBBER (Sora (Note: This is NOT the KH one.)/Shadow Pikachu)