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Prince J.
2nd October 2006, 11:23 AM
[/URL]Here's my Blaze and Blast deck. Blaze for Blaziken and Blast for Blastoise. I bought the [URL="http://www.pokeorder.com/poexcrgustsu.html"]Pokemon EX Crystal Guardians Storm Surge Deck (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemlu.html) and mix it up with the Wildfire Theme Deck (http://www.pokeorder.com/poemwithde.html) and that's why I got.

Pokemon: (26)
-EXCG-063Squirtle (http://www.pokeorder.com/excg-063.html) {x3}
-EXCG-043Warturtle (http://www.pokeorder.com/excg-043.html){x2}
-EXCG-014 Blastoise (http://www.pokeorder.com/excg-014.html)
-emerald-058Numel (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemnu2.html){x2}
-Team Magma's Camerupt (http://www.pokeorder.com/exaqvsmaca1.html)
-emerald-023 Camerupt (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemca.html)
-emerald-053 Luvdisc (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemlu.html){x2}
-emerald-008 Milotic (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemmih.html){x2}
-emerald-050 Feebas (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemfe2.html){x2}
-emerald-001 Blaziken (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemblh.html){x2}
-emerald-025 Combusken (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemco.html) {x2}
-emerald-069 Torchic (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemto.html){x2}
-pokeexfrlg-026 Kingler (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexfiredgrl25.html)
-EXCG-054 Krabby (http://www.pokeorder.com/excg-054.html) {x2}
-emerald-069 Kyogre (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexemkyh.html)

Trainer: (11)
-Wally's Training {x2}
-Celio's Network
- FieldWorker {x2}
- Bill's Maintenance {x2}
- Master Ball
- Professor Burch {x2}
- Energy Search

Energy: (23)
Fire: 11
Water: 12

* I was considering replace Kingler Evolution for Salamence (http://www.pokeorder.com/poexdrsa.html) Evo or a Ludicolo evo but I don't have them yet. Any Suggestion?;466;

2nd October 2006, 11:07 PM
What I'd do is get rid of some of those evolution lines.

Pokemon: (26)? go to 14

Trainer: (11)? bump up to 20

Energy: (23)? down to 16

2nd October 2006, 11:33 PM
pretty decent deck it would deffenetly beat mine

3rd October 2006, 12:50 AM
Have you got anything to say, as in tips, etc.

Add in some Energy Retrieval!

3rd October 2006, 8:31 AM
I'd have to agree with chester.
Reduce the amount of Pokemon and energy, but I would'nt go overboard by reducing the energy to a tiny number such as 16 and augmenting the number of trainers to 20! In my opinion that is absolute madness!!!!!!
Try perhaps 22 Pokemon
18 trainers
20 Energy
Energy Retrieval sounds grand!!!

3rd October 2006, 8:52 AM
Absolute madness is your opinion about it?

Go let out your opinion somewhere else.

Oh, and no deck with more than 17 energy has made top 8 at all 4 Worlds so far.

Prince J.
5th October 2006, 1:41 AM
Well anyways, here the deck I want to make with the suggestion you all gave me.
* Note that the little star (*) are cards that I don't have yet.

Pokémons: (21)
- Squirtle [x3]
- Warturtle [x2]
- Blastoise *(need another one)
- Feebas [x2]
- Milotic
- Numel [x2]
- Camerupt [x2]
- Torchic [x2]
- Combusken [x2]
- Latios
- Kyogre

Trainers: (22)
-Professor Birch [x2]
-Bill’s Maintenance [x2]
-Fieldworker [x2]
-Prof. Oak's Research [x4] *(Need 4)
-Island Cave [x2] * need 2
-Potion [x2]
-Warp Point [x2]
-Master Ball
-Poke Ball [x2]
-Wally’s Training [x2]
-Dual Ball [x2]
-Lanette’s Net Search

Fire: 7

*What d'you think?

5th October 2006, 8:11 AM
Good Enery amount. Take some Pokémon out (Latios/Milotic/Feebas) and put in the equivelent trainers