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3rd October 2006, 3:25 AM
lets see... i can't figure out a title for this... well heres my new deck:


x1 Swampert (rare holo) crystal gaurdians ;260;
x2 Regirock (rare foil) holon phantoms ;377;
x2 Medicham (rare) crystal gaurdians ;308;
x1 Donphan (uncommon) holon phantoms ;232;
x1 Phanpy (common foil) ;231;
x1 Machoke (uncommon) legend maker ;067;
x1 Machop (common) legend maker ;066;
x3 Meditite (common) crystal gaurdians ;307;
x1 Marshtomp (uncommon) crystal gaurdians ;259;
x1 Mudkip (common) crystal gaurdians ;258;
x1 Deoxys ((normal) rare) deoxys (duh...) ;386;
x1 Dusclops (rare holo) deoxys ;356;
x1 Duskull (common) crystal gaurdians ;355;
x1 Zangoose (rare) holon phantoms ;335;
x1 Swellow (rare) delta species ;277;
x1 Taillow (common) delta species ;276;
x1 Shiftry (rare holo) hidden legends ;275;
x1 Nuzleaf (uncommon) crystal gaurdians ;274;
x2 Seedot (common) hidden legends ;273;


x2 Darkness
x1 Multi
x1 Holon energy ff
x1 React
x10 fighting
x9 Psychic


x1 Castaway (foil tee-hee)
x1 Pokeball (foil " ")
x1 Bill's Maintenence (foil :) )
x3 Potion (1 is foil)
x1 Celio's Network
x1 Mysterious Shard
x1 Cessation Crystal
x1 Holon Lass
x2 Energy search

hmm, I think I should call it "psypunch"
(p.s. Im getting more psychic cards and a Machamp)

3rd October 2006, 6:37 AM
None of those pokemon, other than Swampert and Dusclops, are even worth putting in any deck. Please try again.

4th October 2006, 4:49 AM