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3rd October 2006, 7:07 PM
Pokemon (25)
4x Pikachu delta species
4x Raichu delta species
4x Exeggcute delta species
4x Exeggutor delta species
1x Latios delta species (with Poke-Body)
1x Latias delta species (with Poke-Body
4x Holon's Castform
3x Holon's Magnemite

Trainers (26)
4x Holon Transceiver
3x Holon Mentor
2x Holon Researcher
1x Holon Scientist
1x Holon Adventurer
2x Swoop! Teleporter
4x Cursed Stone
2x Pokemon Retreiver
2x Rocket's Admin
1x Scott
2x Mary's Request
2x Protective Orb

Energy (9)
4x Metal
3x Scramble
2x Double Rainbow

Cipher 2008
3rd October 2006, 7:55 PM
Nine Energy cards is NOT enough, and the Pokémon you have...well, you've too many of them. Try this:

Pokémon (19)
4x Pikachu ?
3x Raichu ?
4x Exeggcute ?
3x Exeggutor ?
1x Latios ?
1x Latias ?
3x Holon's Magneton/Electrode/Castform

Trainers (22)
4x Holon Researcher
3x Mary's Request
3x Professor Elm's Training Method
3x Rare Candy
3x Scott
2x Cursed Stone
2x Holon Mentor
2x Protective Orb

Energy (19)
6x Fighting Energy
4x Metal Energy
3x Fire Energy
3x Lightning Energy
3x Water Energy

That would be the deck that I, personally, would use. It's easier to get Pokémon out with PETM, easier to evolve them with Rare Candy (i.e. when just played or on the first turn) and easier to draw Energy cards. If you have any Energy Recycle System, I would put three in there (just replace them with any Trainers I've noted if you haven't got said Trainers).

With the Holon's Pokémon, don't go with Castform if you can help it. Because it's a Basic Pokémon you'd be forced to put it out at the start of the game. And it's not brilliant attack-wise. In fact, it's pretty awful.

You originally relied too much on Special Energies and Holon's Pokémon. That's the worst possible thing to do as it seriously confines the amount of Energy you can have in your deck. I've put in some Basic Energy cards for you.

If you can, try that deck out. I'm sure other people will say that's not a brilliant deck, but you won't know until you try it.

Oh, and all you 16-or-17-Energy-only people...it's only 19. No point taking any out.

4th October 2006, 7:07 AM
He has 16 energy, not 9.

Ever bothered reading new cards?

Oh, and with your list, that's 22 energy cards. THat's just way too much.