View Full Version : Rumble deck (Fighting/Metal with dash of Water)

6th October 2006, 8:19 PM
Hey, i havnt played pokemon since the neo set came out , me and my friends randomly started again and this is the deck i have at the moment.
I Also will soon be able to get another swampert or may run my blastoise and delta blastoise once i get enough of its prevo's instead.
I also would like to keep the sandslash line as its my fave card.Anyhelp is thanked i have my ratios off a lot.

Pokemon : 28
4 Aron (CG)
1 Lairon (Iron head)
1 Lairon (One two strike)
1 Lairon (Metal charge)
1 Aggron ex - (CG)

2 Mudkip (CG)
2 Mudkip (CG with submerg pkmn power)
2 Marshtomp (CG Water)
1 Marshtomp (CG Ground)
1 swampert (CG Echo draw)

2 Sandshrew (DS)
1 Dark Sandslash (RR)
1 Sandslash (sandstorm)

2 Diglett (CG)
1 Dugtrio (rumble?)
1 Dugtrio (CG)

2 Meditite (CG) (Will lose soon)
2 Medicham (CG) (Will lose soon)

Trainer:14 (Will be more)
1 Pokeball
2 pokenav
1 TV Reporter
1 Lannettes net search
2 Bills maintenence
2 Celios network
1 Great ball
1 Potion
1 Cessation Crystal
2 Warp point

Energy :18
3 metal(Friend borrowed 4th for a games night so i have access to one more)
1 Multi
1 Double rainbow
8 Fighting
4 Water

Thanks again


7th October 2006, 12:19 AM
2 Meditite (CG) (Will lose soon)
2 Medicham (CG) (Will lose soon)

Once you do that, put in 4 trainers. You have high amount of energies, so yeah, your Pokémon should be fully resourced. Perhaps a few Energy Retrieval's, or Nightly Garbage Run's...

Cipher 2008
7th October 2006, 12:32 AM
FIVE evolution lines? Ooh, cripes...and most of these aren't even Modified-legal...and please put set numbers as that way it's easier to recognize the cards.

When you chuck the Medicham line, chuck either the Dugtrio or Sandslash lines and replace with Trainer cards.

7th October 2006, 3:34 AM
waaa....too many evolution lines and too many pokemon. try reduce the pokemon to 20 only. add more trainer card coz u really need those. try to reduce the evolution line to 3-4. don't add to many energy card coz u don't wanna draw them all the times. personaly i giv this deck a 8/10.