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8th October 2006, 8:29 PM
Just recently I have created a site, a Pokemon RPG Forum. This site is using a Fakedex, which I am going to make on Freewebs, but I have a problem. I plan on making a good portion of Pokemon frmo each generation available, and I don't really want to waste the time making a complete National Dex. This brings me to my question: May I link one of my forums to the SPP Pokedex as my National Dex? I'm attempting to get this done today, but Mods can feel free to reply whenever they have the time. Much thanks,


8th October 2006, 8:44 PM
Go for it. It's just a link, you don't need to ask to link to us :p

8th October 2006, 8:49 PM
Oh, wow...Well, I was just making sure. Thanks, Joe! I can actually complete my site now...Also, any way I can affiliate to you? I know you don't affiliate others, but I'd love to have you on my site. The only reason I'm asking this is because, well, I don't think you have an Affi Button. o.0


8th October 2006, 9:01 PM
He doesn't do affiliates... I don't think...

Locke Yggdrasill
8th October 2006, 9:23 PM

8th October 2006, 9:27 PM
Thanks Locke, even though that comment makes me feel "Ameteurish". Why, then, does he have Affiliates on the SPP Main Page? Well, whatever the case, I won't affiliate him. That doesn't mean I'll remove it, however, because it really isn't that "Ameteurish".

Cipher 2008
8th October 2006, 10:02 PM
Layout Designed By, and In Association With links. Not really affiliates.

http://www.serebii.net/link2us.shtml has some buttons and banners if you want 'em.

SuperShadow the Hedgehog
12th October 2006, 11:20 PM
besides he knows those people, right? PiPikachu (Pikachu's Den) I swear is on Serebiiforums. Actually, he is. I looked him up. He joined on my birthday two years ago.