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11th October 2006, 4:35 AM
Please excuse my post but I need the help of the geniuses on this website! I will admit it, its been about 5 years since I played anything Pokemon and now I’ve just gotten back into it and joined a tournament! Excited and full of n00b-I-ness was I until I realized the awful deck I had just created… please if you wouldn’t mind I need your help!

(no name yet)

21 Pokemon

3 Gastly (LM)
3 Haunter (LM)
2 Gengar (LM)
1 GengarEX(FR/LG)
1 Duskull (CG)
1 Duskull (DX)
1 Dusclops (CG)
1 Dusclops (DX)
2 Seedot (CG)
1 Seedot (LM)
1 Nuzleaf (LM)
1 Nuzleaf (CG)
1 Shiftry (LM)
1 ShiftryEX (CG)
2 Misdreavus (LM)
1 MewEX (LM)

13 Trainers

Energy Search (CG)
Holon Farmer (HP)
Professor Cozmo’s Discovery (DX)
2 Holon Mentor (HP)
Master Ball (DX)
2 Wally’s Training (EME)
2 Rare Candy (EME)
2 Mr. Stone’s Project (DS)
Strength Charm (DX)

22-24 Energies

Holon’s Castform (DS)
Holon’s Magneton (HP)
2 Dark
3 React
17 Psychic

Now I am more than open for critisism, but most of all if my deck isn’t even worth it could you please provide me with some example tournament worthy decks or even better links to where I could find some! Thank you all!

and also forgive me if ive posted this wrong ^^;


11th October 2006, 5:21 AM
well first off cut the energy to about 16 or 17 and then I think you should take away the Mew and both Misdreavus. There just doesn't seem to be any point having them in the deck

12th October 2006, 7:00 AM
is that all i need to do? just take out a few energies? any suggestions on what i should add to my deck?