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14th October 2006, 10:02 PM
Alright, I got to keep this thread alive, xD;

Hey there, some of you may remember me (probably not) but I'm PrincessPolitoed. I've been spriting for about a year and a half now and people tell me I'm really good, but I don't think I'm all that great, xD; Anyways, here is some of my stuff, if anyone wants any specfic info on what pokemon/bases I used in these or how long they took, just ask, and C+C would be great apperciated, I love long posts:

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/EspeonButterflyV4.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/BlosseonV4-1.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Enpatoise.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Bancturne.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Dragofree.gif

Yes, only 5 for now, I'm lazy and I need to transparentize my others :3

14th October 2006, 10:03 PM
i very like all the works :)
i cant find something that not good ^^

14th October 2006, 10:12 PM
OH MY GOD!!! The 3rd one is just fricken amazing! OH MY GOD, it's so good it scraes me!!! Agh! Tell me how to sprite like that!!!

Sweet May
14th October 2006, 10:12 PM
I remember you. Your sprites were awesome. And I love the sprites. :] Mostly the last one because it's cute. xD; Is it a mix of Butterfree and Dragonair? *lost*

14th October 2006, 10:36 PM
amazing...they are preety good

14th October 2006, 10:38 PM
>The Hazy Spriter< - I can't tell you how to sprite like that, not really something you can explain, just takes a lot of practice, thank you though :3

Sweet May - I believe I remember you too, you requested quite a few things way back when I had time for a request thread, xD. Yes the last one is a butterfree dragonair, and thank you ^^

Heres one of my best revamps, whee:

More comments on the others would be cool too.

14th October 2006, 10:52 PM
There Awesome, ive got a question...Could you make a Mix between Goukazaru(The Final evo of Hikozaru), Piloswine Evo and Typhlosion?

Dark Ray
14th October 2006, 11:16 PM
Blink this is not a shop Č_Č
*Steals them and Claims As Them*
XD j/k

14th October 2006, 11:21 PM
All of them are pretty good.
About the fusion between Blastoise and Enperuto,Aren't those Salamence's wings?
The revamp is also good,but you could use some black outlines in the right places.

Nice work^^

14th October 2006, 11:23 PM
wow,awesome work,especially the third in the first post,

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
15th October 2006, 12:21 AM
The Blastoise thing could use more Salamence and Blastoise. Maybe add the ears of Salamence and the segmenting of Blastoise. Blosseon has mono-outline on the skin, except a small amount of shading on the tail. Also, the light sourse changes on the foot. In general, I think you should add a fifth shade for the outline to replace black. I think you should reduce the dithering on the skin of Butterfly Espeon. I think that you should make the grey on Syther zero saturation.

15th October 2006, 1:07 AM
These are good enough to be real sprites! the are amazing. You have quite a talent there, my friend(even though i don't know you).
Keep up the good work!


15th October 2006, 1:39 AM
zomg PP I love your Penguintortoisedragon. <3 It has alot of Enperuto though. IMO it doesn't have enough Blastoise except the chubbyness. XD *shot*
Do you think you're gonna make pre-evos?

And I loooove the others too.

15th October 2006, 2:05 AM
Your third one look like a scratch to me instead of a mix! Yes, you are that good! Great job on these!

15th October 2006, 3:01 AM
gad those are awesome too bad they are not real pokemon dang thats a shame i wish they were freakin true!!!!

15th October 2006, 3:54 AM
Blink - like dark ray said, this is not a request shop, xD; I only do requests if they're really creative and unique ideas which I want to do. The bannette/cacturne and butterfree/dragonair were actually requests, but I hate people who just asks for lengendaries mixed with final evolutions of starter pokemon, which 90% requests do

AMM...YEAH - that might be because its a 3 way mix with salamence, notice the tail? the stomach? the head thing being slighly edited to look like salamence's ear things? durr, xD;

°«??G? ??* - YAY, CRIT! Thankyouthankyouthank, xDD I might edit a few of the things you mentioned, really, its apperciated.

CyroEmerald_Z - I wouldn't really call it a talent, spriting isn't really going to get me into a good college, but thanks nevertheless :3

Sharingan - Yay, hai poochy. xD, I know, I should probably should have left the shell on that thing, oh well. And I'm sure to make prevos, I was working on revamping gold wartortle before you mentoined that actually for a base for the middle stage. I have to make a mental note to comment on your sprites too D: *writes note*

silverdragon - You bet, I'd have some fun kicking some butt with those
Random Person: Go! Charizard!
Random Person: Dude, thats not a pokemon
Me: Wanna bet?
Butterfly Espeon: *uses "destory all noobs"*
Random Person: Wtf?

xD, aww man, that would be great

Anyways, I'll post some older sprites to keep you occupied till I sprite something new, I'm sorry about the lack of transparency

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Shuppnea.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Draterpie.gif
Prevos to Bancturne and Dragofree

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Sphedot.png http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Nuzleo.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Shiftrein.png
An evo chain I started ages ago, I didn't get around to making the middle stage till a week ago though, xD

and butterfly umbreon. I made it go along with butterfly espeon, but I rushed through it and forgot key elements like the antenea and darkening the shade of grey and making it slighly pink. I plan to redo this one tomorrow

Hokai, thats all for now. Peace :3

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
15th October 2006, 4:09 AM
The Cacnea's left arm has light from the ground. O_o Draterpie could use more Dratini IMO. Maybe make the antenna divided into three parts and be more pointy. Sphedot has very odd eye makeup. O_o I really want to crit the G/Moth Umbreon, but I want to see how you will fix it up first. All I will tell you for now is that you should make it so that the wings aren't that close to the ***. xD

15th October 2006, 4:43 AM
OMG!! OMG!! These are awesome. I love all of them, and my favorite is http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Enpatoise.gif That seems ike the best sprite ever made:D Keep up the awesome work! [/too much excitement(SP?)]


15th October 2006, 4:48 AM
they r sooo amazing,i love the butterfly/umberon...it just looks aewsome because it looks like a like cooler version lol i love it and for the 3rd pokemon at the top i think thats amazing i love it soo mucho lol your work is amazing and if u think for a second ur not good u gotta nother thing comming lol

15th October 2006, 10:55 AM
Alright, new sprite, I'm really sorry about the lack of tranparency, xD. Anyways, its a Gold Wartortle revamp, I made the enitre thing with a touch pad, wahhh ;-; I tried out a new style with it though, its kinda cool.

I promise I'll remake butterfly umbreon soon, really.

Chaotic Pink
15th October 2006, 11:08 AM
WOW, I love these to bits, the last one on your 1st post is amazing. Nintendo come and offer this person a job!

17th October 2006, 2:15 AM
Chaotic Pink - That would be my DREAM job, pure paradise. Making money from spriting... wow, xD; *snaps out of dream land*

School takes so much time away from fun stuff, anyways, I was working on Butterfly Umbreon V3 and I wanted to use the DP stance, but I realized they UBER cutefied umbreon in DP, yuck. I was editing it so much I just decided to make it a pure umbreon sprite first so I could use it as a base in the future. Umbreon no longer looks like a rabbit, woot.

Comments on this or any other sprites? Anyone? xD

17th October 2006, 2:19 AM
Wait, which one is yours? ( sorry, I'm kind of slow )


17th October 2006, 2:21 AM
~*OliverTwist*~ - Second one, durr D: You can't even tell which one is trendmously better and not in regular DP style? You people make me sad *goes emo* xD

17th October 2006, 2:23 AM
Oooh I like them, on the first page can I use the last one and the third one?


17th October 2006, 2:23 AM
O NOs!! My brain is fried. I forgot about the bad shading in D/P sprites, now i remember;) Your version is a lot better, I like the pose its in. You should repose more D/P sprites:D


P.S. don't go emo, ahhhh!!

Light Venusaur
17th October 2006, 2:23 AM
May I get these as butterflies.
Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon & Flareon.

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
17th October 2006, 2:24 AM
I would not like to sprite for a game unless it was a computer game from the future. :p
I think you use the middle shade too much, but that really is it.
EDIT: The legs from behind should be a little bit darker. Pokemon sprites have light from the top left front.

17th October 2006, 2:50 AM
~Kitty~ - For what? o.o

~*OliverTwist*~ - xD, its okay, it happens. I get "emo" pretty often anyways, I'm an emotional person ;-;

Light Venusaur - Please people, this is not a request shop >> FYI though, I do plan on making a butterfly eevee, most likey a butterfly vaporeon, a slight chance of making a Butterfly Jolteon, a very slight chance of making a butterfly flareon, and absoultely no chance of making a butterfly glacia or leafia. But anyways, you need to understand that my sprites take forever to make. Butterfly espeon alone took three hours, three so asking for 4 sprites from me thats not even in a request thread without a please or a thank you is INSANE. Any idiots who are stupid enough to do that need to keep, far, far away from this thread, please D:

°«??G? ??* - Yeah, I need to stop using that middle shade so much, thanks for the advice.

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
17th October 2006, 2:54 AM
3 hours to make a sprite? No wonder it takes me days to make a sprite. I don't spend enough time making sprites per day. xD That doesn't include this recolour but...

Light Venusaur
17th October 2006, 2:57 AM
Light Venusaur - Please people, this is not a request shop >> FYI though, I do plan on making a butterfly eevee, most likey a butterfly vaporeon, a slight chance of making a Butterfly Jolteon, a very slight chance of making a butterfly flareon, and absoultely no chance of making a butterfly glacia or leafia. But anyways, you need to understand that my sprites take forever to make. Butterfly espeon alone took three hours, three so asking for 4 sprites from me thats not even in a request thread without a please or a thank you is INSANE. Any idiots who are stupid enough to do that need to keep, far, far away from this thread, please D:
Ok, I'm sorry...I didn't know that you didn't do requests.

17th October 2006, 3:03 AM
~Kitty~ - For what? o.o

~*OliverTwist*~ - xD, its okay, it happens. I get "emo" pretty often anyways, I'm an emotional person ;-;

Light Venusaur - Please people, this is not a request shop >> FYI though, I do plan on making a butterfly eevee, most likey a butterfly vaporeon, a slight chance of making a Butterfly Jolteon, a very slight chance of making a butterfly flareon, and absoultely no chance of making a butterfly glacia or leafia. But anyways, you need to understand that my sprites take forever to make. Butterfly espeon alone took three hours, three so asking for 4 sprites from me thats not even in a request thread without a please or a thank you is INSANE. Any idiots who are stupid enough to do that need to keep, far, far away from this thread, please D:

°«??G? ??* - Yeah, I need to stop using that middle shade so much, thanks for the advice.

My Forum: Seaforma Cabana, a creation I am working on

17th October 2006, 4:10 AM
Light Venusaur - Its alright, you really have to realize how sick and tired I get of this stuff though, xD; It is clearly stated in the subforum rules that no one should be asking for requests in the fan sprites section, but I understand that some people can't read rules ^_^ *shot*

~Kitty~ - Hmmm, alright, but you have to give me a link to it and give credit :3

17th October 2006, 1:10 PM
Wow! These are really good sprites! I really like your style of shading.

19th October 2006, 10:47 AM
WOW , i dont know whether u member me but i posted in u and dawnstar's pokepet (or summin) thread. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! i seriously think that you should follow up your dreams o butterfly eeveelutions (this is just a suggestion, not a request :P) u could even make a bug eeveelution using that same idea. just an off topic statement what do you have againts glacia/leafia. i agree that there is really no need for glacia (and that it could have been made much better) but i think that leafia is pretty cool. well anyhoo i reckon that nintendo should host a spriting contest and hire new younger (assuming that their current spriters are all old/er adults) spriters. because i think that younger people have better imaginations( no offence to u oldies :P )

19th October 2006, 12:55 PM
http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/EspeonButterflyV4.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/BlosseonV4-1.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Enpatoise.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Bancturne.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Dragofree.gif

I love these! I love the way you have thought of two pokemon to fuse and have scratched the fusion you have decided on.
I really love the pose of the enpetoru/salamence scratch mix. You got its post just right like it's just about to use slash of some attack along those lines.
I quite like the eevee evolutions too.
They look very realistic compared to the eevee evolution game sprites.
I don't think you can really improve on these sprites since they are already very high quality and believe me they are.
I'd like to see more if you wbg them.

19th October 2006, 3:56 PM
jesus tapdancing christ! those are amazing!!!!

19th October 2006, 10:56 PM
:O those are just great for scratches. they are like really good

20th October 2006, 12:17 AM
!!!!eeveelutions_rock!!!! - Yeah, I think I remember you, xD. That shop with Dawn was ages ago, I'm suprised you remember that. Anyways, I could make a bug eeveelution, but I'm focusing on spriting my designs for my normal, ice, and steel ones too that I sketched out on paper during valuable class time in math :3. I do plan on making a couple other butterflies too, bit its just so hard to make so many sprites with school and all, but I'll try to update this thread as much as possible ^_^ And what do I have agianst Leafia and Glacia? I just think nitendo could have done a much better job. I mean really, Blosseon (my grass eeveelution) is better than Leafia and I'm not even working for nintendo, xD; I don't dislike them, they just could be so much better.

lucario rox - I do scratch almost all the parts I put on my mixes (unless they look fine the way they are, like salamance's wings on enpatoise) but I have to admit that NONE of those are completely scrath, they all have bases hidden in there somewhere. Even blosseon started with an Umbreon base sadly, I'm not a big fan of full scratching. I'm not bad at it, but I perfer bases. That reminds me, I think I have one fully scratched mix that I did recently *goes to try and find*

Ah, here it is, Sceptias:
I gotta transparentize these things.

fenix287 - Jesus tapdances?

zipzap713 - Once again, their not really scatches, they all started with some sort of base ;-;

Okay, the only sprite I;ve been able to finish this week is this:
Butterfly Umbreon, to go along with Butterfly Espeon. I love it, its edited off my DP revamp :3 It did take excpetionally long because I aciddentally GIFed it though, oh well, at least its finally done.

And an evo chain I made about a month ago (sorry, white bg's, I know):
http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/chikakip.png http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Baytomp.png http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/SwamniumV2.png
Chikokip, Baytomp, and Swamnium. Not really creative, but nevertheless one of my favorite evo chains.

Okay, thats all for now. Comments anyone? 8D

20th October 2006, 5:39 AM
Bumping power, woot, xD.
My friend brought to my attention that umbreon was a cat like creature, whereas my depiction of it was more dog like, so I mad a few umbreonish edits. (Once again, sorry about the lack of wbg, I'm on my laptop D:)

Still no comments? D:

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
20th October 2006, 6:54 AM
The ears are shaded, erm, oddly. They aren't very Umbreonlike.

-aocom v2-
20th October 2006, 7:00 AM
The sinuous things on the wings seem kind of unneeded. If they were shorter it might seem more appropriate. The face seems more dog-like than the last one... Make the transition smoother...?
As for the shading on the ear, I think it should be like, an oval of the hilite on the middle left edge of the ear, and avoid shading down the rest of the ear. The colors are nice, but the gray seems a tiny bit too... gray. <<;
Maybe add in a bit of purple or something.

20th October 2006, 7:02 AM
On chikokip, the orange cheek kind of connects to the eye. Also, I think if you made the fin on its head a little tilted, it look better.

Other than that, they look cool.

20th October 2006, 9:35 AM
They are the best sprites i've seen!
How do you shade like that?!
I lovee the umbreon, espeon and the third one on the first post.
I like the latias, too.
Keep up this work!

20th October 2006, 11:57 AM
Wo your must be the best spriter Iv ever seen.
Keep it up.:D

20th October 2006, 10:00 PM
Butterfly Umbreon is awesome. The shading looks very good on all of the parts. I see why it took a while to make ;) Also, the mix evo chain is awesome. My favorite is the Bayleef one. It's just so cool :D


20th October 2006, 10:03 PM
i like yoru work's
the Butterfree is sweet

20th October 2006, 10:19 PM
°«??G? ??* - Yeah, I'll try and fix that.

-aocom v2- thanks for all the crit, it really helped a lot ;D heres my new version:

Light_Lugia - Well, for my shading I make all shades custom and use 5 per color, 3 for the main body and 2 to shade the outlines. Other than that it just takes paitence and practice.

uber-olly - I wish I was the best spriter, but I'm still got a lot of practicing to do, thanks though :3

~*OliverTwist*~ - thankies, I love the bayleaf too

Alright, I'm working on my steel eeveelution and enpatoise's second evo now, hopefully I'll post them later ^_^

21st October 2006, 12:09 AM
im confused, i can use Ephatoise and the last butterfly, or i cant? *tilts head*

21st October 2006, 3:44 AM
~Kitty~ - Yes, you may use them, just link me to where you'll be using them and give credit, Thats what i meant, xD.

Yay, I finished the two sprites i said I would, i'm not overly proud of either though:

Chromeon, Steel eeveelution. I love the design, but I hate the way I carried it out. I definately should have used a different base x.x I'll try fixing that later.

And one of Enpatoise's prevos, Warelshi (Wartortle, Shelgon, Pottaishi) I could hardly incorperate any shelgon in, so I at least tried to give it a salamence ish tail. I'm not really happy with this one either, but I wouldn't know how to make it better.


°«ΑпGЗ ♠
21st October 2006, 3:55 AM
The tail looks a bit low, and you could put Shelgon's whole shell on it.

Hyper Chibi Absol
21st October 2006, 5:32 AM
Words cannot discribe how increadible they are. o_o Wow. Just wow.

21st October 2006, 1:46 PM
three words


your the king (or queen XD) of all spriter!
i hail you!

Red tailed hawk
21st October 2006, 2:01 PM
I love the Chicorita/Mudkip line, the Dragofree and the Butterfly Espeon!
Also, Sceptias are good, but it's something weird with it's tail that I can't put my finger on :/

btw, I'm Gryphon from PMF.Inc

Well, can't wait to see more of your work!
Keep it up!

21st October 2006, 11:57 PM
Chromeon's body seems a little unshaded. Try adding a bit more light shade on its back leg (the one farthest to our left). Also, the outlines on the purple seem too dark, but that could just be me.

22nd October 2006, 5:41 PM
WoW, wondefull.... Your sprites are fantastic! great work!

Megg Lavender
22nd October 2006, 5:45 PM
Wow! Wonderful sprites! They're one of the best I've ever seen. The first sprite, http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/EspeonButterflyV4.gif is my favorite one. Great job! ^^

22nd October 2006, 5:51 PM
OMG THE 3rd one is so amazing is it a mix between charizard blastoise salamence and epuroto(cant spell)

22nd October 2006, 5:53 PM
Very good! it great

22nd October 2006, 9:33 PM
°«??G? ??* - shelgon's whole shell looked bad, I assure you, i might try bringing the tail up though.

MaplePhanpy - Queen of spriting thank you :3 note the "PrincessPolitoed", xD;

Red tailed hawk - Hey Gyphon, good to see more PMFers hanging around here ;O

Maseki - Butterfly Espeon is my favorite too ^_^

~XCROBATX~ - Not Charizard, but its a mix of the other three you mentioned, yes.

Oh, and I fixed Choromeon sucktastic pose, something still kinda bugs me about it, but at least its better than it used to be. Steel eevee evo ftw.

And heres a couple more of my old sprites:

Lugios, no comment here really, I guess its okay

Fully scratched bed, I love this thing :3 it took ages

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Vaporizeru.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Furzeru.gif
And two slightly edited buizeru's to look like other pokemon. they're not really mixes, just slight edits inspired by other pokemon (vaporeon and furret in case you couldn;t figure it out, xD)

Thats all for now :3

22nd October 2006, 10:14 PM
Those are very good
probaly the best I've seen

22nd October 2006, 10:44 PM
OMG the bed thingi is GREAT...

Megg Lavender
22nd October 2006, 11:36 PM
Ooh! Great job on the bed. Your other sprites also look perfect. ^^

23rd October 2006, 1:28 AM
oi u better phone up nintendo right now and demand a job , YOU ARE FRIKKIN AWESOME!!!!! , i love chromeon(sp) and butterfly umbreon rocks (although looks slightly emo (tattered wings, black and red etc. lol ) ) i hope you have a very succesfull spriting life . just another sugggestion , i would love to see your version of leafia/glacia im sure they would rock !! . oo and would you be able to update the first thread will all your new sprites so if im in a rush i can just check there (its cool if you cant) :)

23rd October 2006, 1:34 AM
Wow, nice Steel evolution. That is an awesome pose and the shading is very cool. The mix is the same way, great job :D Also, the bed and the Edits are even better. The bed is the best non-pokemon scratch ever:)


23rd October 2006, 2:13 AM
one suggestion though, put all of your sprites on the first post so we don't have to look through all of the pages to see everything

23rd October 2006, 3:57 AM
!!!!eeveelutions_rock!!!! - Thanks a bunch ^_^ I really wish I get get a spriting job ;-; Maybe someday I will. As far as my own grass and ice eeveelutions go, I've already made the grass one (Blosseon, its in the first post :3) and I'll start working on the ice one soon. I might start simply updating the first post with my new sprites, but if I did that, no one would even read the comments on my sprites ;-; I'll think about it.

~*OliverTwist*~ - thank you, I planned out the whole steel eeveelution idea in valuable class time in math 8D I'm so bad.

Pocchama - Like I said, I'll think about it, but I'm lazy ;^^

Another new sprite, yay. Tropius/Minomadama, I really like the way it came out, but one of my friends commented that it looked like an emo hippie, xD. I might make a prevo since I always thought tropis needed a prevo anyways.

And Heres a couple more old sprites:

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Grumpig.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Azurril.gif
The only two devamps I've ever made, Azurril and Grumpig. They look bad, but you know, they're supposed to, xD. I need to practice making more devamps.

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/GoldWartorle.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/GreenScyther.gif
And my two newest revamps, green scyther and gold wartortle. I like them both, but the wartortle kinda just looks like squirtle with wartorle's tail and ears.


23rd October 2006, 4:01 AM
wow they are awesome that tropius thingo really blows my mind (just like all your other sprites) i cant wait for more :) . i know what you mean about maths class being boring, but unfortunately cant sprite or draw very well at all so i tend to sit there and yawn.

23rd October 2006, 4:01 PM
these devamps look so real XD
hey, did you ever thinked of make fakemons?

23rd October 2006, 4:11 PM
wow there all excellent Some the best sprites I have ever seen, Maybe update the first post with the rest
keep up the amazing work!

Red tailed hawk
23rd October 2006, 5:49 PM
Fwee! High PMF-five!

Oh, comments, yes:

The legs looks a little thin on the Choromeon, Lugios are awesome, thew bed looks realistic, and the Buizerus are kewt^^

23rd October 2006, 10:52 PM
Tropius is awesome, i love the idea. And the revamps are very good also, nice shading on Scyther:D Maybe you can revamp your devamps so that they will be just like a scratch, that would be awesome ;)


°«ΑпGЗ ♠
23rd October 2006, 11:01 PM
I'm a spriter from PMF too. ._.
You already posted Scyther. >_> I think that the wings should look flater though.
Revamp Grumpig please, the pose is awesome.
Wartortle is okay, but the shading on the left arm shouldn't really have light.

23rd October 2006, 11:05 PM
The first and third are gorgeous. Not only do they look awesome, but the color selection is superb. Hard to believe they are scratches.

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
23rd October 2006, 11:10 PM
They aren't scratches. She even said so. :p

-aocom v2-
24th October 2006, 5:32 AM
I really like the Tropi mix. :D
Espescially the flowers. Are thy scratch or did they come from the original Mino sprite? *is too lazy to check* I personally think that they're a bit to desaturated and that some contrast should be added (just a tiny bit though). I also think that there's a bit too much black outline towards the end of its... 'hair' 0-o;
Good work (as always~ :P)!!1!

24th October 2006, 7:00 PM
Chromeon's body looks too thin... and Wartortle's right fang looks a bit strange... but otherwise, they are amazing :D Well done! 'Tis a fantastic imagination you have, preserve it, it's well worth using during Maths lessons :P

25th October 2006, 5:58 AM
Whoa, sorry about the lack of updates people, I've been kinda dead recently. I got kinda sick so I've been in bed 24/7 and I look like such a wreck right now, that of course meaning I've had no time to do anymore new sprites. I have however sketched out a few ideas. Anyways, as for comments on your comments...

!!!!eeveelutions_rock!!!! - I love drawing, so I tend to doodle in many of my classes, but yeah, mostly math, xD. I can't stand that freaking class. If I have to hear one more thing about complex equations or multilpying improper fractions, I think my head is going to explode.

MaplePhanpy - Fakemon, fakemon... Yeah, I suppose I've thought about making a fakemon or two, I just lose half my ideas by never writing them down. I really need to have pen and paper wherever I go.

Red tailed hawk - Thankies Mr.PMFer *high fives back*

~*OliverTwist*~ - Yes, but then they'd be bad scratches, I purposely try to make my devamps look disporportion so they look like they were meant to be in red or blue version. Non devamped scratch poses are always a nice idea though.

°«??G? ?* - Yes, but your a bad spriter from PMF, and your not cool, so I don't give you any special greetings >O I may revamp grumpig, but I just have so many ideas to carry out. And with school and living a real life (Well, I guess you could say I don't really live a real life), you have no idea how busy it is.

jakepwnsjoo - They aren't scratches, thank you for the correction orange, xD

-aocom v2- - Nah, the flowers aren't off the mino sprite. I swear, I must have spent at least 20 minutes trying to get the one on the neck to look right D: I got so fed up with it that I decided to just edit bellossom's for the one on the chest, but shhhh, don't tell, its a secret :x and I might add a little contrast later. Wait... hair? o_O

Libie - I literally said "hell yeah" when I read that comment. I despise math, and if I want to pursue a career in art, does it really even matter? Stupid school, I learn more from watching paint dry. Really, its quite the learning exprience. Oh, and I'll try working on chromeon a bit.

Since I have a lack of new sprites (meaning none), I'll post some more old ones:

Sceptoise, I sped right through this one. I hated the idea, and it was a request I just didn't want to do. So I didn't really try ._. Yes, I'm horribly stubborn and pessimistic (if anyone needs a definition of pessimistic, just ask :3)

Espurret, another fairly recent sprite I'm not too happy with the outcome of. Oh well, I tried... sorta.

This sprite is actually one of my older ones, but its still one of my favorites. Its a pink butterfree based off of that reaaalllyyy old pokemon episode I watched in like, 2nd grade, xD. I love that episode ;-;... Anyways, yes, its a pink butterfree, celebrate or something.

Thats all for now. I need to make some new sprites, but I need to sleep more so I can get better. I hate being sick T_T (Damn, my posts are like freaking essay's... Hey, I've gotta test this. If you read this WHOLE POST, put the word 'lime' somewhere in your next reply. I've just gotta test to see who reads these >3)

25th October 2006, 6:07 AM
Lime :3

The Sceptile/Blastoise's arms look too fat. It also probably whould have looked better if you made the shell light green and the cannons red.

Espeon/Furret could use some dithering on the body to make it look more shaded. Maybe it's just me, but I also think the ears could be bigger.

I love the shading on the Butterfree's wings, but the body looks too light. The wings look darker than the body right now.

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
25th October 2006, 6:26 AM
Thanks. :3
The outline is unshaded on the Butterfree, and I'm too lazy to post more. :p

-aocom v2-
25th October 2006, 6:38 AM
Yah. Its has hair. But its hair that used to be a helmet. :O
See where the 'hair' sort of curls at the back innatween the two upper leaf wings? Too much black outline.

I almost cried during that Butterfree episode. 0-o;
The thought of never seeing Butterfree again made my 8-year-old-self very distraught.

limes are pretty cool. green. and yeah.

25th October 2006, 8:04 AM
that second sprite is SO cool :D
and i remember that ep, "Bye bye Butterfree"

25th October 2006, 9:35 AM

great sprites as usual, although theres something about the furetteon that bugs me, not sure what it is tho, hope u get better and make sure that you dont let your maths teacher get talking about the importance of algebra !! talkabout yawn-a-rama!!! somethimes i just get so fed up coz my class is so dumb and i get half the stuff the first time through, and because of them we go through it like twenty times. anyway as i was saying maths teachers (in my experience) are absolutely obsessed with algebra and how importan it is *snore*

oh and if you read this whole post put the word "lemon" in your post somewhere , he he he :P .

25th October 2006, 3:46 PM

(I didn't actually read all of it, I can't be bothered with the comments to others cuz I'm self-centred like that lol)

I luff the pink Butterfree episode :O :O I forgot half of it but still! I remember that maybe the body should be slightly darker pink...

But yes, I love the Espeon mix :) Two of my fave PokÚmon in one... how great?!

25th October 2006, 4:12 PM
You are awesome at spriting :D How do you come up with ideas? I like spriting but can never think of anything good to make!

26th October 2006, 6:59 PM
I'm still sorta sick, so I haven't had much time to make anything new (except a few minor edits no one will care about, xD) So first onto the comments.

Chaos Emerald - Yay you said lime! *shot*

°«??G? ??* - Yeah, I'll give that thing an update someday, Its sorta half baked still (and no limes for you >O)

-aocom v2- - Okay, I got the hair thing, I'll fix it soon, xD. I almost cried during that episode too, our 8 year old selfs can tend to be emotional. Oh, and yay for limes.

!!!!eeveelutions_rock!!!! - I'll try to fix up Esperret sometime, and math isn't even worth paying attention to, xD. The worst part though is that my family is obsessed with math. My brother got some honors merit scholarship crap in math and my mom subs ocassionally for calcalus and math at my high school. (I had her as my sub once, boy was that wierd) So long story short, I tend to hear about the "importance of math" and how "math is key to getting a good job" a lot. Its those times I wish I had a shotgun x.x Oh yes, and go lemons, and I'll try to finish that sprite soon ;O

Libie - Welcome to the self centered club ^^ I'm horribly self centered, someone should really teach me some manners. The pink butterfre episode is practically the only episode I remember, xD. I haven't watched pokemon in years, I gave up when Ash gave away his primeape, what an idiot... Anyways Espeon and Furret are some of my favorite pokemon too, yayz.

kaka8 - Oh god, I gets tons of ideas, I wish I had enough time to carry them all out. I get most of my ideas by looking at others work really, that seems to help me a lot. I have folder full of at least 500 sprites by other people, its crazy.

Anyways, here are my only new things *sniffle*

I sorta fixed up Blosseon a little, few minorish edits

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Chromeon2-1.gif http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/ChromeonShiny.gif
Same goes for Chromeon, a few minor edits (and a shiny version because I was bored)

And thats it for my new stuff. See? I told you I had practically nothing ;-; Heres some old stuff so I don't bore you all to death:

My very first sprite. D' awww, see how I used to suck? :3

A Grass type Ho-oh I did about a year ago. I really like the idea, maybe I'll redo it sometime

A ghost Type Kingdra I also made about a year ago, maybe I'll redo this one too.

Okay, thats all for now. I promise I'll try to finish up Frostia, Necreon, and whatever I plan to call my normal eeveelution soon (ideas for a name are welcome, I truly can't think of a thing, xD) Oh, and a fish sprite for a certain person :3

Comments anyone?

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
27th October 2006, 3:26 AM
Blosseon's knee is odd. I like how the darkest outline colour is black, but I think you should make a colour that is almost black instead.

27th October 2006, 3:44 AM
jakepwnsjoo - They aren't scratches, thank you for the correction orange, xD

ZOMG I read that I am so blind. I need to think before I type. xD Anyways, they still are beautiful sprites. ^^ I love them, but have you tried scratches?

ruka rukario
27th October 2006, 4:33 AM
I bet with that ghost kingdra, you could do wonders with that!

You are very talented. I wish i could base and scratch like you.

look down there in my sig, i did that the azuskitril. ok i guess.

27th October 2006, 9:14 AM
i wonder who tha certain person would be *cough cough* (i think im catching your cold/disease ) . and if that rattossam was your first sprite then i shall go cry black tears and slit my wrists ;p. the new and improved blosseon is awesome, somehow it seems more "real" i dunno maybe just coz its not as pale as the other one :). ive only ever had my mum as a sub thingo back in preschool when she pretty much just had to baby sit us all , it was funny because i would boss her around and tell her how to run our class lol. cant wait to see more , luv everything youve done

, eeveelutions.

oh and P.S. why dont you cal it Eeveeon lol ;p (lame idea)

27th October 2006, 11:15 AM
I LOVE your sprites. OMG. I just can't describe it. My absolute favourites are your butterfly-pokemon, and your shading is PERFECT! I like EVERYTHING.

27th October 2006, 11:53 PM
Thanks for the tips, and the grass ho-oh looks awesome! I'll be hanping around here for a while. :)

28th October 2006, 3:59 AM
I think there really good

28th October 2006, 12:19 PM
the Enpatoise is very good the all colour outlinesgo with the style of shading you have scratched the scratch parts very well with good proportioning(sp?) my only complaints are the shading on the closest wing to us is quite strait and the dithering there and on the closest arm to us is also the same maybe add some d/p style shading or anti aliasing on the wings should finish it off overall lovely sprite

28th October 2006, 12:27 PM
Whoah, these are good, I esspecially like the fused evolution lines. My individual favourites are Espefurret and the middle mix in the first post.

29th October 2006, 7:45 PM
I live, yay. And you all thought I was dead ;D Anyways, lets see here...

°«??G? ??* - I know, I can't get that stupid knee right no matter how I try D:

jakepwnsjoo - xD, its alright, and I've tried a few scratches before, but I personally like scratching parts more. I actually made I scrath just recently, I'll post it after the comments.

ruka rukario - I'll edit that ghost kingdra someday :3

!!!!eeveelutions_rock!!!! - Yep, rattossom was my first, one of my friends taught me how to sprite actually. And don't go emo, emo = bad. And eeveeon? Wtf? xD;

maxxa - alright, I'll try to fix some of that ;O

Anyways, new stuff, new stuff... lets see here...

99% scratch ice weasel, Its called tundinia ;O I love this thing, I sketched it out during my sick time and decided to make a sprite of it. I also sketched a prevo that I'll sprite soon~

and an about 50% custom beta fakemon that eeveelutions_rock wanted me to make. Its really simple, but I do like it a lot nevertheless

Yes, thats all my new stuff sadly, but heres some more old stuff:

These were the steps I took to make that scratch bed I posted earlier in this thread. No one said spriting was easy o.o

And heres an old furret mix I still love <3

Comments anyone?

29th October 2006, 7:47 PM
It's like Ikea instructions.

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
29th October 2006, 7:51 PM
It was perfect before.

I like the bed. I'm not really posting about anything else.

29th October 2006, 7:52 PM
What's the 1% and 50%.

29th October 2006, 8:05 PM
These are brilliant sprites youre one of the best ive seen!!!

29th October 2006, 8:07 PM
Oh, and is the ghost Kingdra suppost too have a haze?

29th October 2006, 9:12 PM
Magnetric - Next time, instead of posting a bunch of comments, just edit your post, xD; Anyways the 1% is Floastsel and 50% is the new butterfly fish pokemon, I forget its name right now... and yes, the ghost kingdra is supposed to be hazy

°«??G? ??* - I'll try to fix that

Any more comments?

29th October 2006, 9:18 PM
Well the sprite is very good but the haze could be better.

30th October 2006, 12:49 AM
Wow, hardly any replies, no one loves me T_T

Alright, two more new sprites, both rather bad, xD

Golbaito, I don't really like it very much. No real reason, I just don't o.o

And Enpatoise's first stage pocgontle, I personally think its absoultly horrible, I must be losing my touch.

Comments? Anyone? *cricket, cricket* ._.

°«ΑпGЗ ♠
30th October 2006, 1:10 AM
Pocgontle might look better with more head things and to have the beak stand out more like Bagon's muzzle.

30th October 2006, 6:27 AM
Wow, I usally get tons of repiles, this is wierd o.o

Anyways, one more new sprite, its for the fusion contest, no one else stands a chance, xD; (only kidding... sorta)

No one has anything to say about my sprites? ;-;

30th October 2006, 6:37 AM
awesome fish , although i'd have to say it doesnt look much like a betta but its AWESOME nonetheless :) i love ur weasel thing and i cant wait for its prevo :) .

edit: sorry somehow i must of totally missed like a gazillion posts *hits self in head* i like all of the sprites youve made so far :) . i think that my fish thingy should have an evo ;p lol jks . :) oh and youre fusion thingo (diaruga,paklshjkf thingos) IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30th October 2006, 6:38 AM
Wow, I usally get tons of repiles, this is wierd o.o

Anyways, one more new sprite, its for the fusion contest, no one else stands a chance, xD; (only kidding... sorta)

No one has anything to say about my sprites? ;-;

that is awesome as! i love how yo made it look nice, yet not too boring.
Good job!

30th October 2006, 8:16 AM
You should remove the dark outline =/ Would be alot clearer then =D

Hmm,I'd remove the metal part around his chin,and also made his eyes more umm,yellowish xD But really great job,if you look at the mixes in the fusion contest,this is like,friking good =D

30th October 2006, 8:37 AM
Wow, I usally get tons of repiles, this is wierd o.o

Anyways, one more new sprite, its for the fusion contest, no one else stands a chance, xD; (only kidding... sorta)

No one has anything to say about my sprites? ;-;

We're all doomed!

that entry is awesome - better than my entry...

30th October 2006, 8:43 AM
WHOAH! I love that pre-evo!

30th October 2006, 8:55 AM
Amazing spriting work overall. The mixes, in my opinion are one of the best I've seen. It's quite hard to find quality mixes sometimes. Some people just literally paste different parts of the pokemon they're mixing together, recolor, then just leave it at that.

The effort you've put into your sprites are highly commendable, and I've gotta say that I absolutely adore the Buterfly Espeon in your sig, and the Butterfree/Dratini(?) mix in your very first post.

And now you've made me wanna try spriting stuff once more, something I haven't been doing for months mind you. Your works are just so inspirational.

PS: Good luck on the fusion contest (not that you need it :P)

absol attacker
30th October 2006, 9:24 PM
those mixes are absolutely amazing. some of your work dwarfs mine by a longshot.

3rd November 2006, 12:23 AM
Sorry everyone, I sorta died, xD BUT I LIVE NOW

Manetric - What pre-evo? o.o

iLUVlatias - I know what you mean, but pasting can look fine if the part fits, like enpatoise's wings on the first page are c+ped, and so are the ears on this older mix which I still like:
Anyways, I do custom all my colors and usally spend about 2 to 3 hours per sprite ;^_^ Oh, and that mix in the first posts is a butterfree dagonair, xD; (close enough) I'm so glad I inspired you, spriting is so much fun once you practice, good luck with your future sprites!

absol attacker - trust me, your much better at customs than me. I fail, xD.

Anyways, only one new thing, sorry D:
http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Artizel-1.gif --> http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/CitrusGirl/Sprites%20created/Tundinia-1.gif
Artizel, prevo of Tundinia. I really like the way it came out, its so cute :3 Now my ice weasel evo chain is complete, yay. Oh, and that thing is abou 90% custom, I used a bit of buizeru's head, xD

Oh, and a shiny version :3

Heres some older stuff too:
Flying type dragonair, it kinda looks dark type though

And a really old Dragon type of The mix I posted in one of the comments above, Spinsol

Comments? 8D

Yami Ryu
3rd November 2006, 12:44 AM

Meaning some of your sprites are hoarded on my comp for me to look at forever and ever and ever. I did this before but when my old comp crashed, I lost your sprites, and others people made ;-; including this awomse lapras. It was. AWSOME.

I still love the SceptileLati and the Lati Lugia, and the Dragonair Butterfree, oh gods, so purtifull ;;

all you're sprites are awome, just those were the best.


3rd November 2006, 8:09 AM
oooooooooooooooooooo ......... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... nice