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15th October 2006, 4:21 AM
This is one of many mixed sprites I made, but I decided to show this one, so here it is:


I made it with a mix of the team rocket girl sprite and the Pike Queen Lucy sprite. Well, start making comments (good or bad).

15th October 2006, 4:35 AM
Nice i rlly like it

15th October 2006, 4:57 AM
hmm theres just something i dont like about it cant put my finger on it maybe its just the colors ( i dont like pink no offence )

15th October 2006, 5:15 AM
Thanks for the comments, I will post more once I upload them, but i can't now because I am getting kicked off XP

Team Elecwater
15th October 2006, 5:57 AM
cant really say its fantastic but it isnt bad either. im kinda nuetral sorry

15th October 2006, 9:39 PM
I put more sprites, I know the last one is horrible, but I needed a pleasent color and whats more pleasent than yellow? I wil change it though. The third one was really simple, so it isn't as good as the rest.

15th October 2006, 9:47 PM
the only thing i see wrong is that on the last one there is no shading on the bottom half of the dress, just yellow...

add that, and it would be perfect!

15th October 2006, 10:06 PM
Okay, I chnaged it completely now, I changed the dress color and gave her a stylish hat! I just don't really like the hair...does nayone else notice anything bad about it?