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16th October 2006, 2:57 AM
Hi! Welcome to the disscussion and info thread for POKEMON:REBELLION. Here you can learn about and disscuss the rpg, which the main thread has yet to be made. This thread's info will be HUGE and is currently under construction, so keep checking back. When it's completely done I'll edit the title!

First off, to support POKEMON:REBELLION I have a number of sigs ready. If you'd like one with a specific pokemon, tell me. I am rather new at photoshop, so if anybody wants to make fancier ones it'd be great!

Here they are!

Final form of Hikazoru one.


Final form of Pocchama one.


And the final form of Naetoru.


Okay, now we have the plot!

As the rain pelted upon Pang Cave, it's tyranical residents began to talk about their plans. Plans they'd been planning for generations, along with other pokemon. Plans to make the relationship between Humans and them vice-versa, and ultimately achieving superority to the human race.

This group was THE LITTLE REBELS. They had started in this very abandoned cave, (Located in Hoenn) They had then spread to hundreds of other regions, even the Orange Islands. But the forefront of their activity was here.

Pokemon had been disapearing for a few weeks across the globe. This was because they were all meeting up with their local LITTLE REBEL group. Soon their all out-attack would begin. Few pokemon actually loved their trainers, and all who did were just as hated by the members as ones that weren't.

There were many misconceptions that Trainers had. Legendaries weren't actually rare, there were just few who were independent. Legendary species were actually plentiful, and guarded the millions of bases across the globe with their special abilities.

These pokemon had great plans after enslaveing the human race. Anyone who opposed would be caught in poke-balls, and put in ****-fights, putting a new spin on their relationship. Pokes had already been assigned to be gym-leaders when the time came!

But a few humans had figured out these plans, thanks to a spy one of them owned. This group had tried to warn humans, but to no avail. They and their pokemon were prepared to fight against these rebellious pokes!

But as the dawn of October 13th, 2017 arrived (The next friday the 13th in october by the way) the pokemon would begin their rebellion against the human race. The humans who knew about it were in their battle-stations.

But Team-Tetra, a new, growing criminal group was getting ready to rule the world too, with their clones of ultra-powerful legendaries they captured. The legendaries were members of THE LITTLE REBELS. But the group still had almost every legendary under control.

It was the time. The Pokemon:Rebellion began.

(How to write profiles and more hopefully coming tommarow)