View Full Version : Help save the souls of the pokemon with panties.

17th October 2006, 7:10 AM
Help! I have a problem. I am worried about the souls of the cute little pokemon. I believe that they are going to be damned to hell if they don't start wearing panties. Some pokemon already do, such as Serebii, he/she wears panties on a regular basis. What about Pikachu though. He doesn't. And what about hitmonlee? He doesn't have any panties to cover his hitmonwee-wee. That is a bloody shame and I think that he needs to wear some frilly undergarments. And how about Ash? He also needs some panties, don'tcha think? I think that everyone needs panties, especially brock who should wear them on his head. That is my thoughts on this matter and I think that we all should send a bible and a victoria's secret catalogue to the makers of pokemon to show them the error in the ways of their pokemon. :( Poor guys.

17th October 2006, 7:34 AM
dude, you're really not funny...