View Full Version : Help Me With Mew!

18th October 2006, 3:30 PM
ive cleared Buried Relic but i dont se Mew but if i start the game the mew picture is there!!!!

(and if i maybe killed mew can i go back and going befriend it again??)

18th October 2006, 3:42 PM
Mew must have transformed into another Pokémon, and then you beat it maybe. Anywya, if you haven't yet befriended it, then you can go there again and get it. When Mew appears on a floor, there is no signal to let you know. Hence you have to see the message box. It might say Mew transformed or it might say Mew picked up somthing.

18th October 2006, 3:52 PM

And in what floor she appearce the most?

18th October 2006, 3:54 PM
With Music Box in you toolbox, Mew will appear from floor 36 - 98. Its pure random, so there is no such thing as Mew appearing in a floor more often than others.

18th October 2006, 3:55 PM
Okayyy Im again on the 40th floor
thank youuu

18th October 2006, 4:07 PM
oh, and mew may appear more than once.

it happened to me but didnt join me.:)

oh well, im gonna try to get him, again, and ditch my 5 page report due today(i havent started). :)

18th October 2006, 7:23 PM
Actually Mew does have a good chance of appearing on on floors 94-98. All of the others are not so good of a chance. Trust me I have recruited Mew on my last save file before I deleted it.