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.Bright Side.
19th October 2006, 1:46 AM
This is a work in progress.Complete with sprites, connecting paths, and gym descriptions:
In Marenic, every pokemon is avaiable,even DP ,just under certain conditions.
If made its for DS.

Greenave town
Info:The ladder behind the trees is this regions unknown dungeon, after you beat the game, the middle tree opens.

Route 1
3 trainers, and the skip stone entrance is leading from the last city.

Sudowoodo is here.After you come back with strength, and beat Grant, he gives you a note that you take to the mart, and they give you a watering pail. The old guy lets you by if you tell him you wanna water it.
To fight grant you need strength, and the first 3 badges.

Route 2
The house is locked right now, but later in the game, a special residence helps you. The house in the corner leads to the Frigid cave.

Route 3
The Articuno isnt there now, but after you get the natianal dex, and mix records with someone with Articuno in their PARTY, it appears on the news.

Frigid cave
I always sucked at doing caves, so this is probably the worst so far...
Lots of weak beauties with ice types.YOu can also find ice types here like yukinooh,seel, and others.
Which is highly recomended for this.

Route 4
Basic.Get the item, beat a couple of trainers, and make your way to Sieanna Village.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
Gym leaders


Post if you like, critisism and feedback appreciated.
Yes, a lot of the trees look funky, but I tried to fix it, but it is permanent damage...=(

19th October 2006, 2:42 AM
Those are pretty cool. They actually look like they game from a real game.Grant looks cool too.

19th October 2006, 2:48 AM
Iam don't somthing like this as well. the only thing i could suggest is it looks a bit bunched up if you no what i mean. Othere wise it looks good. Iam not the greatest on the paths but i think i can make good gym leaders and outerworld sprites

.Bright Side.
19th October 2006, 3:59 AM
I am dont somehting like this aswell???

On topic:
I suck at scrtaches, and the boss at spriting using outerworld characters.

King Wulfharth
19th October 2006, 4:10 AM
there nice i like the first town how you put the fountain it makes it look elegant but remove lapras from the pond

19th October 2006, 4:58 AM
Cool stuff! Its very nice to play the real game.

Light Venusaur
19th October 2006, 5:07 AM
Very nice....I love it!
Will you be makeing a game out of this?
If so...I'd like to be one of the game testers....that's if I can.

.Bright Side.
19th October 2006, 1:45 PM
umm...I dont know how to make a game...
Its just a map incase anyone else would want to, then I'll make it with them.
But I have no idea how to make a game...

19th October 2006, 2:54 PM
I thinks it's nice but the trees are litle / ;)

19th October 2006, 4:01 PM
they are pretty good

.Bright Side.
19th October 2006, 10:16 PM
Thanks for the feedback:)

.Bright Side.
20th October 2006, 2:04 PM
More maps out

Shiny Venusaur
20th October 2006, 3:13 PM
nice job they look nice

20th October 2006, 5:49 PM
i suggest you use tiles, because on route 2 the grass and the trees look messed up.
but they're not bad. keep it up.

20th October 2006, 9:17 PM
I really enjoy the tiles are all screwed up!!! Seriously if your going to map than tile correctly

20th October 2006, 9:52 PM
1. Your using two different grasses
2. Some stuff are not in line
3. Some of the sprite things (well around them) are a different color to the background

I think you just need to try and do these things to get better. Dont rush them, no offense but they dont look professional.

20th October 2006, 10:51 PM
Try using the tile system if you want to make maps, otherwise the actual towns are good. About the grant site, either make a complete scratch or a big edit, it looks way too much like wattson for its own good =/

.Bright Side.
21st October 2006, 1:41 AM
I"m gonna lay bakc on the maps and try to practice scratches so I can improve the Gym leades and even make a fake dex.

21st October 2006, 1:52 AM
the cave is really good

Matt Silver
21st October 2006, 1:53 AM
These are, to put it bluntly, bad. The worst part is how wonky and crappy the trees have aligned up. Like OmegaDragon said, use a proper tiling system to align it right.
Other than that, seems like a good storyline.

21st October 2006, 1:53 AM
Like others have said, they aren't lined up.

Ravelry, bugs me a lot. It is all one color of grass and doesn't look good at the bottom.

Fridge Cave has a waterfall, but the water that it empties into is so much darker.

The gym leader looks like it has Lt. Surges hair pasted on it.

I think before you make anymore things, you should save them as PNG and not JPG.

.Bright Side.
21st October 2006, 7:42 PM
Route 4 out

.Bright Side.
22nd October 2006, 5:38 AM
The marenic hero is finished, battle sprite not scratched.