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19th October 2006, 3:36 AM
First off; ;476; What on Earth is that? Reminds me of three Magnamite gorging upon a Nosepass... Some of these new Pokemon, come on now...
Also, Im posting asking for critisim. Do not post if all you have to way is "Cute!" Or "I like them all, good job." Those kind of comments help the artist proggress in no way. Unless, of course, you make art only for the ego-trips... Which I don't, so please point out every little thing you see that looks odd.

Alright, I've been here since this week in 2004, but I keep disappearing... So maybe some of these are actualy new to you, heh...

I need help with this one;
Does anything look too bad? Haven't shaded it, of course.. let me know.

Icons- Do NOT use. These are all property of the person who requested them.

Pkmn Related -
http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/634/sunbellcf0.gif From scratch, idea c Mickey
http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/6720/dhjvc2.png From scatch, for Autumn =]
http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/3862/gdsfgw7.gif A fake, from scratch. Its' bad.
http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/8591/blastoisestransiw3.gif From scratch. It's also bad...

Thanks for looking, more to come. suggestions are welcome... :)

19th October 2006, 5:50 AM
Wow, from scratch, thats really hard to do...

Light Venusaur
19th October 2006, 5:58 AM
Keep up the good work.
I love it!

ΑпGЗ ♠
19th October 2006, 6:25 AM
The unshaded dog's nose looks really odd, I am not sure how.
The fish thing has stray pixels on the outline. It could be that I am using dark skin, I don't know.
Blastoise's cannons seem to be at odd angles. I really dislike FR/LG colours since they're so dull. Maybe use D/P or Emerald colours.

19th October 2006, 11:33 PM
Ah its not that difficult really, once you learn how to do it. Thanks though =]

The blue dog's nose is suposed to be heart shaped, (Not my character...) but if you think that dosen't look right It can be fixed. The stray pixels are on the blue part of the body, right? Those are just part of the ouline, but you're probably right in that they don't belong there. And personaly, I disliked the other colour versions of Blastoise's colours becuase they look too bright, but the cannons are at odd angles. I was dissapointed in that sprite on a whole, so who knows if that will get fixed. Thank you for the crits! It really means a lot to me.

Does anyone have suggestions for a scratch sprite?

ΑпGЗ ♠
19th October 2006, 11:54 PM
I'm thinking about the muzzle, not the nose itself.

20th October 2006, 12:10 AM
EEEE! The fox totally rocks!

And about the dog that you wanted help on, I think that the left eye (my left) shouldn't show as much. And I do think the nose is alittle odd, perhaps it's because you are looking at the dog at an angle but the nose is horrizontal. Does that make sense?

Again, loving the fox!

20th October 2006, 12:41 AM
Oh! I see now...
Any better? The forhead was shortened and the muzzle pulled up, but it still looks a bit funky... Thanks!

Working on a new pixel art type thing... Still open for suggestions.

20th October 2006, 4:02 AM
Alright, well heres an update anyway.

Not attacking, just kind of growling. Shading looks a bit odd, though I don't know exactly why.

ΑпGЗ ♠
20th October 2006, 4:24 AM
The dog looks better, as opposed to worse.
I'm not sure if the light shade on the head should be 100% dithered. Your outlines seem to have random dots everywhere. What is your pattern?
The Charmander's proportions overall seem odd, but I don't know what. ._.

20th October 2006, 4:43 AM
Wow! your sprites are truly awsome. I need to improve my skills. Your's are very good.

20th October 2006, 5:00 AM
I think they look cool!

The blastoise looks cross eyed though. But it is my favorite.

Also, on the charmander. I think it should have a black outline on its neck that goes to its arm.

24th October 2006, 2:42 AM
The pattern is to put random dots eveywhere :) Im rusty, just getting back into pixel art. The Charmander has sausage arms and tall legs... but he'll have to stay that way. Thanks again.

The Blastoise's sketch was tilted at a strange angle and the face was drawn in looking straight ahead... Made for a crooked, cross-eyed sprite... Think I got the Charmnders neck right (It looks too straight with an all black line) and thank you.

Any requests...?

Icon requests-
Steal and die. All characters (c) their respective owner.

24th October 2006, 3:08 AM
Sense you asked for requests... possibly a sableye?

Please don't report me. ^^;

Also, your wolf icon is amazing, I love how lifelike it looks. =D

24th October 2006, 3:43 AM
Dang your good. 4 non-pro scratches their good. keep it up :)

29th October 2006, 5:21 AM
Thanks :)
I'll post real stuff later, but first I wanted to see what you guys thought of this wip.
The wings, mostly. Are they the right shape? Im kinda at a loss right now, really can't tell... Help would be amazing.

29th October 2006, 6:14 AM
http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/6720/dhjvc2.png From scatch, for Autumn =]

I remember that little guy :3
I actually changed my username now but meh =P

You know how I feel about your sprites so I dont think I really need to say anymore.

Though you said didnt want posts like this >_<;

I shall try to give you CC.

*stares blankly*

ANYWAY! I have a suggestion :]

A banette sitting looking cute with those pink/cheek/blush things ^^;

Those wings look right to me, but then again Im not really that great with noticing bad things.

Sorry I suck with the whole CC thing!

29th October 2006, 11:19 AM
Although I don't like some of the non-pokemon ones, the rest are Whoah!

29th October 2006, 11:24 AM
This thing just looks... Scary and odd... LOL.
And that Charmander face looks a bit squashed... But other then that there great!

29th October 2006, 11:27 AM
Thanks :)
I'll post real stuff later, but first I wanted to see what you guys thought of this wip.
The wings, mostly. Are they the right shape? Im kinda at a loss right now, really can't tell... Help would be amazing.
They are except the mini-wing in the middle

Chaotic Pink
29th October 2006, 11:29 AM
I love the fox icon, very nice :)

The with the unshaded blue dog, I think it will look a whole lot better when shaded, although the left ear (our left, its right) looks a little squished to me.

The scratches are good, the 1st one is weird looking, but not too bad. The Blastoises cannon looks as though they are coming from weird angles. They're good though, overall.

29th October 2006, 11:31 AM
I don't like the icon with the 2 mini wolves.

29th October 2006, 12:16 PM
Ah, a great piece is in the making! That fox's outline is amazing and the shadings are detailed, too! I think the wing might look abit too long, though.

29th October 2006, 12:21 PM
Neither do I like the one you need help on.

21st November 2006, 9:29 PM
Hah, I beat the "Don't post if it's been inactive for over a month" rule by a few days :D Anyway, some new things.

http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/1617/kjtq1.png Big, but I kind of like it. 18 colours, ref used.
http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/658/ghfys4.gif Id like to know, does everything here look okay?
http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/4532/l1sk8.gifhttp://img159.imageshack.us/img159/5541/l2cl2.gifhttp://img113.imageshack.us/img113/8139/l3no1.gifhttp://img63.imageshack.us/img63/610/l4ae5.gifhttp://img63.imageshack.us/img63/435/l5it1.gifhttp://img159.imageshack.us/img159/1319/l6eo2.gif Mrh...

Oh, and I'll take a request too, if anyone wanted one.

pokeboy sarab
22nd November 2006, 4:27 PM
well i think charmander's forehead is too big

22nd November 2006, 4:48 PM
The snow scene is pretty, but it's kinda small to see. I can tell that one is putting a hat on the snowman, but as for the one or two on the left, I can't tell. ^^

You aren't allowed to take requests from others in this forum. =/ I asked, and even if YOU allow it, it's just not allowed. Sorry... >_>

22nd November 2006, 5:43 PM
Oh man, ur really good at scratching! I like ur Blastoise. I think Spinarak is pretty slim xD Ur fake's outlines is weird, but still, u r better than me xD