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19th October 2006, 7:43 AM
Hi all,I just joined Serebii a few days ago, and I finally found the time to say hi!
Maura Cob is a name Ive used in my pokemon fanfictions, so I decided to go with that for a username, although you can call me Patty or Pat if you prefer that :).

I've been a pokemon fan from fourteen all the way up to now (I'm nearing 24), with ups and downs, and the new pokemon games Diamond and Pearl have recently reignited the spark. I doubt I'll be able to actually buy them anytime soon (argh! the money! the money!), but it is incredibly fun to draw the pokemon and fantasize about them anyway ;).

I have several websites. Or rather, one website and two dA accounts, but the most interesting for you guys is probably my http://mauracob.deviantart.com/ dA account, as it contains pokemon drawings and plushies. And if you're interested in my other websites... they're posted in my dA journal :).


19th October 2006, 2:53 PM

19th October 2006, 5:44 PM
hello pm me if you want to be friends.

19th October 2006, 11:57 PM
Hi hi!
Wecome to the forums!
Make sure to read the rules and have lots of fun!

20th October 2006, 12:00 AM
Wow nice to meet you. PM me if you want to be friends

20th October 2006, 12:11 AM
Hello I've been here for about 2 weeks and wondered if you wanted to be friends

20th October 2006, 12:13 AM
hey welcome to the forums pm me to be frends