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Cain Nightroad
20th October 2006, 12:42 AM
Hi! Welcome to my thread. I can make different kinds of sprites...
You are free to use them, as long as I am credited.

Fossils (These are horrible)


Enjoy, and please post comments.

20th October 2006, 12:45 AM
well these really aren't that good, sorry -_-'
you totally disreguarded shading on them, and left their outlines on the fossils. look at some tutorials to effectively execute your sprites.

keep trying


Cain Nightroad
20th October 2006, 1:06 AM
Well, I never have been good at art...-_-
New Entei Recoloring added. Do you think the recolorings are OK?

20th October 2006, 1:35 AM
Yeah, you're going to need to take the outlines off of the fossils. Also, the recolors could definately be better. Oh, and as a tip, don't use Paint's default colors like you did in the recolors. I suggest some tutorials. Practice makes perfect remember. Good luck.

20th October 2006, 3:02 AM
...Okies, to start off, try reading the tutorials in the Sticky. It helps.

The Fossils are, simply put, not good. You have to use more than two shades of the color you want to use- one for every shade. You didn't even follow the shading, so it looks pretty messed up. It doesn't help that you have colors from the original sprite still there, which makes it even worse. >> A Fossil will be ENTIRELY grey, with no leftover uncolored pixels. >>

The recolors are also quite bad. You used the bright, ugly colors the program came with, didn't you? >> Well, avoid doing that. And avoid killing the shading- follow it and mimic it, just with different colors. And that doesn't mean having yellow suddenly give way to red.

Also, when working with sprites, MAGNIFY them, don't enlarge them. Keep them at the normal size. All you have to do is zoom on the picture. This was they don't look so good. >>

Just...read tutorials, practice, look at other sprites and all that.


20th October 2006, 3:12 AM
I agree w/ u.... they do suck. They are WAY too big 4 a sprite.