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Sceptile Master
21st October 2006, 6:24 PM
Hi I'm not really new (look at my join date) and I'm not sure if you all know me (RyoXD knows me pretty good I guess) so if you don't know me hello everyone!!;026; ;049; ;136; ;107; PS Sorry if this is spam. PSS I made this kind of thread when I was new but most of the people who posted there answerd a question I was asking.

21st October 2006, 9:08 PM
'sup. Welcome to the forums :) Read the rules and stuffs, and have a good time :)

Btw, it should be PPS, not PSS. xD

21st October 2006, 9:20 PM
Hi "newbie" if you would like a trainer card pm me!

Sceptile Master
22nd October 2006, 12:34 AM
Hi "newbie" if you would like a trainer card pm me! Well hello to you too!!
;347; ;222; ;107;

22nd October 2006, 1:03 AM
Hi and welcome to the forums.

Don't overuse the smilies.

Cain Nightroad
22nd October 2006, 2:24 AM
Hi! Follow the rules, and have fun! ^_^ PM me if you need any help.