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25th October 2006, 7:49 AM
Is there anyone else reading this manga?
I actually wasn't that interested in the beginning, but after a couple more chapters it kind of drew me in.

Its author is Kishimoto Seishi, the brother of Kishimoto Masashi(Naruto). So, you will see some similarities in the artwork and even some in the story, since they were both apparently inspired by the same things.

Its set in a fantasy/kind of sci-fish place, with the basic, background is that at the peak of various civilizations, a being known as Satan came and destroyed everything. Centuries(?) later, the only thing that really remains from that time are O-parts-various tools/weapons with different effects.

In any case the story begins when Ruby Crescent and Jio Freed meet up. Ruby is a teenage, treasure hunter wanting to follow in her missing father's footsteps. While Jio is a young boy that only believes in money and himself due to strange events that happen around him. To this end, his goal is conquering the world. Being chased by some gang, Ruby decides to hire Jio, but he leaves as soon as shes out of money. He ends up helping her, though, when shes attacked by the gang leader who calls himself Satan. During the fight, something seems to take over Jio(and 666 marks appear) and calling himself Satan, easily defeats the other guy. A little after that, the two decide to travel togeter.

Of course, a couple other characters end up joining up and on top of that Ruby and Jio soon run into both the government STEA and the criminal organization Zenom.

And if you really can't find it, apparently it will soon be released in America under the title: O-Parts Hunter.

That Scary Clefairy
25th October 2006, 8:34 AM
at least the story is better than naruto. Let's hope he doesn't follow his brother's footpath in to relm of hell.

19th November 2006, 9:29 AM
Hmm, so theres not a lot of people following this series.

In any case I've mostly caught up to the recent chapters. The series is currently in Part 2(4 year time-skip).
I'd say that just about every significant character has reappeared and seem to be the same or better. I think that Ball has actually become pretty cool.

And for a question:
Were there any demons already sealed within the Reverse Kabbalah before Lucifuge, I can't really remember?

5th December 2006, 4:20 AM
I think it is a pretty good story, I only read a little bit of it though.