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ruka rukario
25th October 2006, 9:44 PM
Welcome to Ruka's Sprite Thread!
All other sprites are posted within the thread. take a look!

These are my first sprites.

right now, a revamp and many more!.

http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/6934/untitledyq4.png (http://imageshack.us)


http://img287.imageshack.us/img287/8392/azuskitrilpd6.png (http://imageshack.us)

Will start on coloring pokemon like other pokemon. I love to do those.

If you would like to use one of my sprites, please ask in this thread or pm me. Give credit!

I am taking suggestions (no requests though)!

ruka rukario
25th October 2006, 10:17 PM
New pokemon recolors

http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/4596/pokerecolorde8.png (http://imageshack.us)

25th October 2006, 10:41 PM
I like the way you did the green on Shiftry, very nice.

*coughcough[take a look at my thread there are some new sprites]coughcough*

25th October 2006, 10:45 PM
The revamp isn't bad at all, outline and shading could use a tad bit of work.

25th October 2006, 10:46 PM
i think u did. good. the nidoking looks very nice. good job :)

ruka rukario
25th October 2006, 11:04 PM
yes, the shading on the nidoking would have taken forever so i did it real quick.

Thank you all! Now I present Megatr!

http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/4981/pokerecolor2fp6.png (http://imageshack.us)

25th October 2006, 11:11 PM
The recolours look awesome. They're pretty good overall, but just wait till the more harsh critics come.

ruka rukario
26th October 2006, 4:55 AM
thanks a lot parasectdude. Will start on plenty more tomorrow. maybe a taste?

First fusion ever. Lickirril
http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/7356/lickirrilmh0.png (http://imageshack.us)

EDIT:fixed a part of the white stomach
http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/4448/lickirrilkm4.png (http://imageshack.us)


white stomach was scratch
ears were scratch/trace but not copy + paste
tail was modified (had to lengthen the tail or else it would touch his butt lol)

26th October 2006, 5:53 AM
The Nidoking revamp looks official, maybe a little working on the shading would be good. The recolours are good, but then again, they're recolours. And the Lickirril's tail looks... I DUNNO WHY... misplaced to me. Maybe you could try to scratch the tail? I dunno. o_O And there kinda is no shading on the ear that is the lightest, then again is there supposed to be?

Keep up the good work, your work is not too shabby. I like it. ^_^

26th October 2006, 1:43 PM
The recolours are great, I like the colours. The revamp is really good as well, maybe a little bit more shading.
Keep up the great work!

ruka rukario
26th October 2006, 8:55 PM
Blazikengirl, i compared the shading to marril for it's ears and it's the same.

will start on myabe a fusion or recolor. or both!

Aqua's Dolphin
26th October 2006, 9:09 PM
The likirill tail looks slightly weird, like it has a corner pixel, but good work!

ruka rukario
26th October 2006, 9:38 PM
well like i said, it was modified. I'm not the best at scratch stuff.

i give you grumpario!
http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/4761/grumparioyz6.png (http://imageshack.us)

EDIT: took thingys off his hands
http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/1589/grumparioha9.png (http://imageshack.us)

ruka rukario
26th October 2006, 10:30 PM
http://img287.imageshack.us/img287/8392/azuskitrilpd6.png (http://imageshack.us)

come on guys!

i am now taking suggestions, as long as i can do it!

ruka rukario
27th October 2006, 12:10 AM
hello? does anyone see this ^^?

27th October 2006, 4:15 AM
Yeah, I see your sprites. I know it's hard to be patient, but try not to post asking people to review, mkay? Try posting in a variety of forums more often, so more people see that you have a sprite thread, maybe. That's what I'm trying to do with my shop.

ANYway, to actually get somewhere with this, I like your sprites a lot. Especially Grumpario and Azuskitril. (Did I spell that right? O_o)
I also agree with Aqua's Dolphin; the tail on Lickiril looks strange. But I just think it looks a little too thick in the scratched areas. Dunno.

I also enjoy recoloring Pokemon to look like other Pokemon. It's the easiest kind of spriting. :p The Shiftry you did looks really neat.

...you take suggestions? Cool. Maybe some sort of Houndour or Arcanine mix/recolor/fusion, to give you some more variety (fire-types). Just a thought.

EDIT: [Offtopicness] Hmm, I just noticed you have the same birthday I do. That's kinda weird. (I mean actually talking to the person who has the same birhday, not the fact that the person has the birthday.)

ruka rukario
27th October 2006, 4:41 AM
Sept 12? im 14

anyways, i will get to the houndour arcanine mix/recolor/fusion asap tomorrow.

i was just trying to keep the thread alive and i try to post in other forums, i just have nothing to post XD

For everyone wondering about lickril's tail:
I copy and pasted a section of marril's tail and put it with the original tail to make it go farther out, therefore making it look very odd (probably should have scratched it (would have been pretty easy)).

If you notice on grupario, his tail too far low XD. thought everyone would see that, guess i was wrong!

and on azuskitril, it kinda looks like it's jumping off its...thingy (did that on purpose to make it extra cute!)

ruka rukario
27th October 2006, 10:33 PM
This has to be my very best yet!

I did quite a lot of scratching like the cuffs, the shading for the reversed arcanine tail (and more), and all those dang stripes XD

I give you, Arcadoom.
http://img45.imageshack.us/img45/2645/arcdoomwl6.png (http://imageshack.us)

27th October 2006, 11:01 PM
Arcadoom looks like it's dying. =o It's a great fusion, it just looks like it's starving. You're also missing his other horn, which would show from this angle.

27th October 2006, 11:06 PM
Ooh, wow, Arcadoom. It's awesome for having as much scratching as you say it does. The horn looks a little off, but I never did like Houndoom's horns very much. That's the only thing that bugs me. It looks off, maybe because there's no yellow-tan fur in front of it on the head, just behind it. Perhaps just add a tuft or two in front? But then that'd interfere with the eye...

Also, the main body looks a little too...orange. Maybe add a black stripe or two around the front leg and somewhere on the back, out of the way of Houndoom's...whatever those are on the back.

Aand, if I'm correct, this should *finally* boot me up to Thunder Trainer. *presses "Submit"*

EDIT: Yah, it did.

PART OF EDIT: jakepwnsjoo: How would the other horn show? Isn't the mane/fur in the way? I'm just curious. And now that it's been mentioned, it does look a little thin. When you compare it to the Arcanine sprite, at least.

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 12:58 AM
yah, you couldn't really show it compared to houndoom's horns and yah, he is skinny and orange lol.

The one thing i don't like is that his nose/mouth look way too 2d. Really bugged me.

Thanks guys, may have 2 more tonite. Any suggestions?

28th October 2006, 1:06 AM
Dun dun dun! I really like your sprites. Arcadoom is very nice. Grumpario= hilariousness. Keep it up!

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 1:33 AM
You don't have a suggestion? aww man.

28th October 2006, 1:42 AM
PART OF EDIT: jakepwnsjoo: How would the other horn show? Isn't the mane/fur in the way? I'm just curious. And now that it's been mentioned, it does look a little thin. When you compare it to the Arcanine sprite, at least.

Meh, I guess not. I don't know about the horn... it'd probably look better without it all together. Maybe Arcanine's ears?

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 2:24 AM
well, you are right, it did look weird and if i kept arcanine's ears, imo it would be too arcanine-ish.

28th October 2006, 4:07 AM
Wow, I mean, WOW! Your Arcadoom sprite... zomg... zomg... -faints- ITS SO AWESOME! It looks like a skinny orange ebil wolf i like that! ^_^

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 5:28 AM
OMG! thank you very much! my very first fainting observer! yay! It has to be my best, am i right?

you have a suggestion mb?

28th October 2006, 3:47 PM
Well, they're different, work on the shading of the mixes.

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 5:04 PM
Could you explain more clearly where i should work on?

28th October 2006, 5:47 PM
Could you explain more clearly where i should work on?
In some bits of mixes you've only done 2 layers of shading, make it 3, please.

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 9:31 PM
hmmm either your seeing things or there is something wrong with your computer because i know each of them had at least 3, if not 4. So idk. A suggestion mb?

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 11:32 PM
ok, new revamp, and recolors.

http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/8905/misdreavousvo5.gif (http://imageshack.us)

Did i do better on the revamp?

ermm, i saved it as the wrong file, so sorry!

oh gawd, this is terrible, forgot to recolor the eyes and necklace too!

29th October 2006, 12:39 AM
Look at azuskitril's tail and Lickarill's torso.

ruka rukario
29th October 2006, 1:08 AM
Look at azuskitril's tail and Lickarill's torso.

well, if you notice, the shading on the ball thingy is because azuskitril is above it, therefore casting a shadow on the ball thingy.

Lickrill's torso is shaded the same as the lickitung evo.


29th October 2006, 11:32 AM
Yes, A grimer/Muk scratch mix.

ruka rukario
30th October 2006, 6:46 PM
suggestions are where you suggest things i CAN DO! have you seen me post a scratch yet? no because i cannot do them. Thank you.

30th October 2006, 6:58 PM
You are quite good as a spriter!

Pochama with pikachus colours
A Illumese with Scarmory's colours
A mix of Wailmer and Jigglypuff - wailmer base...

Happy now?