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28th October 2006, 2:52 AM
For those of you who don't know, a REVAMP is an old sprite taken from an old game and made to look new.

I learned how to do this via dragonfree (http://www.dragonflycave.com/recoloring.aspx)'s spriting guide.

if any are transparent please notify me:
My Very First one: Sneasel

My very second one: Noctowl

My Very Third one: Yellow Alakazam

My Fourth one: Gold Version Houndoom

My Very Fifth one: Gold Scyther

My Very Sixth one: Gold Togepi

My Very Seventh one: Grimer

My very ninth one: Rapidash

My Very tenth one: Quagsire

Holiday Specials:
Gold Murkrow - Halloween

Ones Made on request at other forums:
Blue Version Squirtle devamp:
Blue Mewtwo Revamp:

Edit: 10-31-06: Murkrows ugly wing fixed.
Edit: 10-30-06: Sneasels feather/ear thing's outline changed, won't look different til you clear your temp internet files.
EDIT: 10-29-06: New versions of sprites. outlines on alakazam's spoons fixed and sneasel's eye fixed.

ruka rukario
28th October 2006, 3:01 AM
shading is very good! try to do ones from red or yellow.

28th October 2006, 3:15 AM
I was thinking of doing those first, but they seem harder to revamp. but it's worth a try. that'll be my next one

Yellow Version Alakazam Revamp!

28th October 2006, 7:25 AM
They all look pretty flat imo. Add more highlights.

Also, edit the outlines where needed. Just reshading makes the Pokemon isn't all that you do when revamping, esecially when using sprites from GRBY.

ΑпGЗ ♠
28th October 2006, 7:44 AM
The shading isn't very R/S/E/FR/LG/D/P like.

28th October 2006, 1:53 PM
Whoah, these are quite good. Just edit Sneasel's eyes and the outline of Alakazam's spoons.

29th October 2006, 8:03 AM
I just now realised i forgot to do alakazam's spoons. I've known about sneasel's eye for a while now just never fixed it. it does look pretty big. aand the pupil's too small.

The shading isn't very R/S/E/FR/LG/D/P like.
I took the shading and colored/adjusted them. For example, alakazam and sneasel have quite a bit of pure black spots on them. I have to color those parts myself.

Thanks all you guys for critiquing on my sprites. im a gonna start another soon.

29th October 2006, 11:00 AM
May I suggest you do Grimer. That things pretty damn hard to sprite with.

29th October 2006, 4:12 PM
Some good sprites as far as I can see the outlines are good. Good shading as well, maybe shade in Alakazams head a litlle more. Well done, Keep up the great work!

30th October 2006, 7:50 AM
I have another:
everytime i post here i hope im not reviving a dead thread.

I have two more to be revealed, and i will post the next day.
example: Houndoom goes up today (its past one am here, but lets say i posted it 10/29/06), when i get back from school (10/30) i will post the next secret one, on the 31st i will post the next secret one. Then Grimer will come after that.
I think you'll like he next one.

30th October 2006, 8:44 AM
The new one's a bit blotchy.

31st October 2006, 12:52 AM
ok before you criticize, know this: THIS ONE WAS VERY HARD TO DO


31st October 2006, 7:57 AM
nice nice but you can do better

31st October 2006, 8:57 AM
Try to extreme devamp.

31st October 2006, 12:14 PM
good! very very good! your revmmaps are great

31st October 2006, 10:07 PM
nice nice but you can do better

How? Please edgamacate me with on the ways of revamping.

Try to extreme devamp.

Thanks but devaping isn't really my thing.

Edit: I forgot it was Halloween, so i am going to put up a different revamp. It's a secret to everyone! I will put up the one originally scheduled for today up Nov. 2nd

Yami Ryu
31st October 2006, 10:09 PM
I have another:

That's not a revamp, that's a recolor a revamp is more than just coloring in with official colors, you update the shading and everything else, to make it look official, or hell, even overshade a sprite. All those sprites are basically recolors.

31st October 2006, 10:31 PM
I do have to do a bit of reshading. The ones with a lot of pure black spots i had to reshade. notice the little etch on houndooms tail (the arrowy part) I made a mistake there but i like it. Its not a total revamp, but the pure black spot or pure white spots or pure anything spots on sprites i often heve to do myself.
Thanks i never thought of that before.
Oh and before if forget, i will release the halloween sprite simultaneously with the sprite for toady. I have to sprite the halloween one so bear with me.
EDIT: Halloween Special: Gold Murkrow!
And today's....
Yes I know i do a lot of golds, but i like the gold version sprites the best.

Edit: AGAIN:
Uggh... how did I Miss THAT! look at murkrows wing... ugly. i'll have to fix that...
Edit: AGAIN: AGAIN: (come on people post)
And Yami Ryu if you thought Houndoom was just a recoler, you're gonna flip when you see GRIMER! It looks almost no different than the original sprite.

1st November 2006, 11:57 PM
Today's Revamp is... GRIMER
ok more of a recolor. it looks almost no different from the old sprites.

2nd November 2006, 12:10 AM
Sweet revamps! did u enter them in the Jhoto revamp sticky?

3rd November 2006, 4:26 AM
A few of them i did, i know for sure they're using my noctowl, i sent in houndoom but i dunno if they have it yet.

3rd November 2006, 4:46 AM
your good the only thing I see is mabe that your shading could use just a little work (I'm not saying I could do better) other than that its all good.

3rd November 2006, 5:22 AM
I like the togepi and alakazam ones.

3rd November 2006, 5:57 AM
I like the sneasel!

Yami Ryu
3rd November 2006, 12:59 PM
.... don't patronise me. YOU DID NOT LISTEN.



4th November 2006, 2:40 AM
Thanks, i shall edit grimer and see how much better i can do.
(don't make the thread a flamewar)
New version of Grimer...

presenting... SILVER RAPIDASH
PLEASE Yami Ryu, tell me if any other problems wth grtimer, or any other ones pop up.
Oh and about the old colors still on grimer, Im not the most observant person so i missed those and/or thought I changed them already.

Yami Ryu
4th November 2006, 3:17 AM

You left most of the old shading with the improved Grimer. You left all of the old shading on the first. You left all of the OLD shading on the Rapidash and added new. YOU WANT TO REVAMP YOU HAVE TO DO MOST OF THE SHADING FROM SCRATCH.



On the left are the normal and inverted sprite of the official RSE Meganium sprite. On the left is the Crystal. As you can see the crystal animation screen none, if any, of the old shading left.

Your revamps are poor recolors. They are poor reshadings. You are not listening, you are not trying. You think slopping on a new coat of paint will turn a shack into a mansion, because you don't want to work for it.

And if I was flaming you, I'd tell you to give up spriting now as you do not want to listen or try to get better.

4th November 2006, 4:00 AM
I never accused you of flaming.....
And now im not sure what to say............
Well all that matters is that I like them.
So they're recolors, happy? If were more immature I would report that last post.

Ill just go drop a toaster in my bathtub now.

4th November 2006, 4:18 AM
You didn't follow Dragonfree's guide at all. o_o;

When revamping, DO NOT recolor the shading and outlines. I makes the sprite look lacking and not revamped.

My suggestion is to first make all the outlines black on the revamp. Next, get rid of all the color and shading. Then make your own shading from scratch and shade the outlines properly.

Your devamp is lacking what it needs to actually be called a devamp. The mouth is completly straight and ugly. All you did was just recolor. Maybe add a bit a highlights. If you go to my thread, you will see on my DP Nidorina devamp, that I used custom shading and my own outlines.

Try to follow some of these tips when de/revamping. It'll help you make one great sprite. (Hopefully.)

4th November 2006, 4:31 AM
I fell in love with your mewtwo devamp, IMO mewtwo back then from RED/BLUE was the best sprite from pokemon EVER

4th November 2006, 4:36 AM
You didn't follow Dragonfree's guide at all. o_o;
I really just skimmed it.. I shouldn't have called these revamps.

My suggestion is to first make all the outlines black on the revamp.

I've been doing that since my third sprite

Next, get rid of all the color and shading.
I'm trying that with the sprite im doing now.

Your devamp is lacking what it needs to actually be called a devamp.
I wasn't really trying on that one, I was not expecting to do a devamp.

Then make your own shading from scratch and shade the outlines properly.
I don't really understand how I was doing it wrong... care to explain?

If you go to my thread
Link to thread?

The reason my sprites were really just recolors was.. well I was afraid I would ruin the outline of the sprite. Hopefully this next one will be better.......

Ok, this should be a 100% REVAMP

4th November 2006, 5:50 AM
Don't listen to them too much, if you like them, then theyre great!

However DO read dragonite's guide,

Mabe I'll take up de/revamping too! This thread is inspiering lol.

ΑпGЗ ♠
4th November 2006, 6:46 AM
The feet should most likely have some black outline on the fat covering it and the outlines on your right and down. The dark blue skin thing should be thicker on the tail. I don't think you should use that much dithering, as Quagsire's skin is supposed to be slippery and smooth.

Why is the flipper white, anyway?

4th November 2006, 7:19 AM
Is hithering the ""dotted"" joining/mixing of two colors? In that case youre right.

4th November 2006, 2:58 PM
Very nice, I like the devamps. You should make many more sprites. (Eye Candy!)

4th November 2006, 3:24 PM
I don't really understand how I was doing it wrong... care to explain?

Judging your new revamp, it looks much better than all the others. You did exactly what I said. The outlines were shaded properly. The only problem I have is all the dithering. Don't use it too much in one area.

Link to thread?

Here. (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=160826)

The reason my sprites were really just recolors was.. well I was afraid I would ruin the outline of the sprite. Hopefully this next one will be better.......

Well, its alright if you mess up on the outline. If it doesn't look okay, you can always go back to paint and open the file up again and edit.

Ok, this should be a 100% REVAMP

Like I said before, this is much better. The mouth should be shaded, though.

Is hithering the ""dotted"" joining/mixing of two colors?

Actually, if you read the Tutorial, it is checkered shading used on bigger areas of sprites to make it look better.

6th November 2006, 12:56 AM
Thanks for all your help guys. I haven't been doing so much revamps lately because ive been doing other things.

9th November 2006, 11:41 PM
New revamp today!
Silver Typhlosion.

Oh si! Rejoice a hermanos

edit: OH CRAP! I just noticed i saved it and the next one as jpegs. I can fix it (no really i can) so just wait.

10th November 2006, 12:48 AM
theyre awesome! but mewtwos leg outline looks a bit messed up...

10th November 2006, 1:25 AM
Ok, SILVEr Typhlosion....

Yami Ryu
10th November 2006, 1:29 AM
Ok, SILVEr Typhlosion....

... you abused dithering. And you left the flames the same as they were for the silver sprite. That's one of the worst revamps you've done. The Quagsire is better. But not by much. Go back and read that guide. READ IT.

10th November 2006, 2:53 AM
OK, i like the dithering, if you have a problem with it, well I don't care.

I think you've formed a bias against me. I'll wait for a few more abusive posts before I report you (if at all)

Ohh, lookie-lookie what i found on dragonfree's guide under revamps!

The Rules of Revamping
Thou shalt not make Dots.
Thou shalt edit the outlines and shade them.
Thou shalt edit and add shading where it seems appropriate.
Thou shalt mimic thy Advance sprite closely, and closely shalt thou mimic thy Advance sprite.

Looks to me that half of these "Recolors" could be called revamps! And if I remember correctly...


This is the first time i've ever revamped a sprite, and i was wondering if you could tell me how well I did for a first timer.
I used your website to help me.
Honestly, it's good. o.o Although it's not transparentized quite right...
^^Pms between me and dragonfree himself. lol, that was back in the days when i was having the "transparent" problem!

10th November 2006, 3:12 AM
The flames aren't very advanced. And the dithering kills it. You also didn't make the outline very advanced. o_o

10th November 2006, 3:55 AM
Read my last post -_-

Hows is the outline bad? and im afraid of screwing up the flames.

Yami Ryu
10th November 2006, 4:09 AM


WITHOUT THE ABUSED DITHERING IT STARTS TO LOOK MORE ADVANCED and holy crap you dithered the dark aera of the back? First you wouldn try and shade, now you over abuse dithering instead of shading, jezzie chrizzie, who cares if Dragonfree claims whatever sprite you showed her was good, it could even be not your own.

ALSO Thou shalt mimic thy Advance sprite closely, and closely shalt thou mimic thy Advance sprite.. Right. Under. What. You. Bolded. And dithering is eye soreific, when you abuse it like you did.

Edit the flames. Cut the dithering by half. And maybe you'll start to get better.

And afraid to mess the flames up? DID YOU NOT SEE MY MEGA EXAMPLE? ARE YOU BLIND? You use the ADVANCED SPRITE AS A TUT/EXAMPLE AND GO HITHERBLITHER. You make a mistake oh well. Atleast. You. Tried.

ΑпGЗ ♠
10th November 2006, 4:30 AM
If you are afraid of messing up something, save the image, then make the edit. If it looks bad, close the window, don't save, open the image and edit it again.

10th November 2006, 5:02 AM
Now why didn't i think of that?
I do the dithering
1. to wither add fur effects or
2. to add shine.

How is that "eye soreific?"

who cares if Dragonfree claims whatever sprite you showed her was good, it could even be not your own.

How dare you accuse and/or imply I stole these sprites! If my revamps/recolors are so bad, why would I have a transparency problem as a beginner, and why would I have such "bad" revamps/recolors

Seriously, just GO AWAY, you're turning my thread into a flamewar, and I never wanted that.

ΑпGЗ ♠
10th November 2006, 5:14 AM
The shine was good, as that was how it was supposed to be used. I don't understand what you mean about the fur effect. Too much dithering makes everything look like it's a fish net. Sometimes the shading should be changed because of the different pose and lightsource, but the only thing you really needed to change about the shading compared to the RS sprite was add more light shadeing to the arm on your left, which you already did.

10th November 2006, 5:16 AM
dang, i hate flamewars.
steelix revamp please.

Umi Mizuno
10th November 2006, 5:26 AM
I'll just close this, if you're going to get so argumentive about a revamp like this, at least take it in private so we don't have to see a huge flamewar over nothing. And since when was this a request thread people? Hmm? >>