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30th October 2006, 3:31 PM
Please help me with my current deck.
Im currently running a Aggron deck with swampert as support (which may change in due time)
I use a few cards to stall such as the fossils to bide time and i use starmie or swamperts to charge my hand or bench.
I have several variations of most cards such as the lairon mudkip and marshtomp,these are the ones in at the moment

23 pokemon:
3x Aron (CG)
1x Lairon (HP)
2X Lairon (CG)
1x Aggron (LM)
1x Aggron ex (CG)
1x Aggron ex(S.storm)-will change aggron (LM Or CG) When i get another

2x Mudkip (CG)
1x Mudkip (Promo pack 4 with super hypno wave) <i got several spare
2x Marshtomp (CG)
1x Marshtomp (R/S)
1x Swampert (R/S)
1x Swampert (CG)

1x Staryu (Rapid spin)
1x Staryu (DS)
1x Starmie delta (metal nav) (DS)
1x Holons castform (HP)
1x Holons magneton (DS) (will be another castfrom eventually)
1x Skarmory (DS) <-usual starter i can put another in

22 Trainer:
1x Holon lass
1x Wallys training
1x Pok'e nav
1x Rare candy
1x Mysterious fossil <- i have 3 spare
2x Root fossil
2x Prof Birch (may take out i usually have too big a hand)
2x TV Reporter
3x Warp point
2x Celios network
2x Holons researcher
1x Life herb
1x Cessation crystal
1x Holons circle

15 Energy:
4x metal
3x react
2x double rainbow
4x water
2x Fighting

As i said , im waiting for another of the newer aggrons i find the metal suge one rather bad.I have a delta rayquaza which is water but it depends on when/if i get holon energy cards:
Also if anoyone could answer these 2 questions thanks
1.Do holons castform etc count as holon energy cards?
2.my freind has the other delta starmie (swift) if he attacks with swift does it ignore metal energy, and does it ignore effects of steel wing?

Any help is wanted - thanks