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RaZoR LeAf
31st October 2006, 5:06 PM
The RPG Board of Governors decided that last years site for the Winter Ball was far too small a space. It was a difficult choice, picking a new location for the ball, but eventually one was found. A perfect venue with an already fully trained staff, easy access from the parking bay, wheelchair access, and head space to fit in all manner of creatures. Cracking sound system, and a stage large enough to fit an orchestra. The only thing that stood in the way of setting up there was the owner. Who, suffice to say, was not as happy to hear of the change of venue.

"My Club!?" he yelled "You want to host the Ball at my club? I've heard some stupid ideas in my time, but this one is by far the worst."

"Look," the RPG Council representative told him "The fact of the matter is that your club is the best venue we could come up with at such short notice. You've had the invitation yourself, and look at the date on it. October thirty-first. That's today. The day of the ball and no venue. You were going to be in charge anyway, at least you can be in charge of a place you know as well a the back of your hand."

"You RPG people are all the same. Slime the whole bunch of you. Evil, vindictive, vicious.."

"We'll pay you."

"..lovely, kind hearted, beautiful, money giving, super people. Leave it with me I'll sort it out."


The club was big. Nothing massive you understand, but it was big enough to house a family of Gnn'gyrrth demons, which were the size of Indian Elephants, and usually consisted of two mothers, three fathers and eleven children. Per parent. So it was big enough. That's not including the roof area and the stage. The club was a classy place, but for the next month or so it'd been redecorated to match the theme of the ball.

"Halloween. It's one of those holidays I like, if only for the reason I can scare the **** out of children without feeling bad afterwards." Vernogoth said. His assistant Marie turned to him.

"Vernon you do that anyway."

"That's very true Marie. I guess I don't know then. Are you sure this costume is appropriate? A demon dressing up as a demon seems to defeat the object of the Ball."

"Trust me boss, it'll go down like an orphanage on fire."


Vernogoth called in the redecorators, who at such short notice were happy enough to be paid with the knowledge that if they ever asked for more money again they would be murdered over the course of several painful months. They polished the marble floors, marble pillars and made sure the furnishings were clean. The warm red and gold was replaced by sombre grey-green and silver, while a black trim was added around just about everything. Lights were refitted to produce a moonlit effect, and a smoke machine began to pump an eery fog across the floor. The usual cobwebs were hung from every available place, while the bar was stocked up on colourful and exotic foods and drinks from across the known realms. The outside of the club was given an aged look, mostly using spray on mould and replacing some of the brick work with older pieces of stone. Every step of the redo was watched by Vernogoth and his staff, who were quick to point out faults along the way and get them fixed immediately.

Marie handled the music, calling in favours from across the globe, getting bands who owed money, children, blood, sweets and souls to Vernogoth or his rivals. In exchange for playing they'd either be let off their debt, or at the very least what they owed would be cut down. As they set up the stage, a background music system was set up to play spooky sound effects. Above the club, where the roof was found, there would be no music, but the spooky atmosphere would continue, with realistic phantoms floating around. They were real phantoms, hired out of course and being paid well. Since Vernogoth was billing elsewhere there would be no price to small.

"Sir you have a phone call." Marie said, handing him a phone.


"Vernogoth I presume?" The voice sounded like a computer "You have no idea what you are getting yourself into. Take my advice and drop out now."

"Oh for goodness sake, you're that idiot Porygon that hosted the ball last year aren't you? Look, I know how to handle a party, that's why I'm running it this year and not you. You had your chance, now shut up and keep taking your pills."

"Oh you think so do you? Well just you wait until I.."
"Who are you talking to.. I thought I told you not to call him!"
"Get out my head you freak, stop getting in my way"
"Your way? Let me explain something to you, you stupid jumped up Tamagotchi.."

Vernogoth hung up on the argument and went back to work. He took a cocktail glass from the bar, sniffed the blue liquid inside and took a sip. He spat it back out and crushed the glass in his hand.

"Perfect. Lets see, it's mid afternoon. If we open the doors now, it should get busy when the sun sets. Marie, are we sorted for the two months of darkness and full moon?"

"Yes sir, your excellent negotiations with the Brotherhood of Nyte have once again set us up for a perfect set up. Though to be honest, I'll be glad to see the set up for Christmas rather than what we've got going on now."

"Keep yourself free for a dance then Marie."

"Yes sir. I'll go open the doors then."

Vernogoth smiled and grabbed another glass of a green liquid. This one he downed in one go and smiled. His staff were ready, his club was ready. All it needed now was people.

The Doctor
31st October 2006, 5:50 PM
OOC: First post!

BIC: 'Glad I'm wearing leather now,' The young man thought sarcastically, 'It's so damn hot in here it's like I'm in a sailor's chest.' His hair, usually amethyst, was now tucked uncomfortably inside in some weird mage's hat, its appearance like two narrow tubes jutting out on either side ending in two short horns that arced down slightly, gilded with pale violet and a blue gem in the center. Behind it was a wig of long black hair, stapled to the back of the hat. The leather bodypiece was covered with dark-and-purple belts around the arms, legs and chest, the collar connected by a fake metal ring. His pale face bore strange black arrowlike markings under his eyes. Had his face been blue, Aaron Kairyu would have looked like the Dark Magician of Chaos.

Only his staff, the same colour as his hat, was real. Aaron was a sorcerer-in-training and acquired his staff a while ago. Called Relic of Chaos, like Aaron's speciality, inside was a miniature planetary model, moving only slightly faster than the actual Solar System. Depending on what planet was in the middle (and that was when Aaron forced it to), the basic spell would be that element. So if Mars was in the middle, it would be a Fire spell. Jupiter = Thunder, Venus = Wind, Mercury = Ice and Saturn = Chaos. This also did the same thing to his Grand Cross incantation.

He had wanted to cast Mercury the moment he walked in and maybe merged it with Venus; as it was chilly outside as Halloween was, the heat had been turned up and suddenly Aaron hated the leather. The invitation to this came out of the blue; a season-long event that would chronicle Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one fell swoop. Thinking it might be a time to try out some spells and incantations and whatnot, Aaron replied instantly.

Not much was known about the Winter Ball, only that it was given to the best and that the owner of the club he was now standing in was offered big-time bucks to rent it out. A Porygon had run last time, but it disappeared off the face of the earth...so it seemed. Phantoms had been hired to boot, and the whole club was specially themed, with several bands coming to perform (There was some talk of children or blood, Aaron didn't know). So far there wasn't much people, but he needed to keep cool.

Aaron was no novice sorcerer and could create some spells complicated for his level (By some, read '3'). Clicking his fingers and muttering the phrase 'Glacius', an orb of ice appeared in the clicked hand. This was Gubraithan ice, everlasting in other words, and was a must in sheer heat. Clutching it tightly, he felt the cold run through him gladly accepting it. With nothing else to do, he went over to a drink table, poured himself some Coke, and drank deeply. This was gonna be a looong night.

31st October 2006, 6:13 PM

I arrived at a strange mansion from the air and scratched my light blue cheek with my webbed hands. It had been a long journey and I hated to be away from Dastara City. More importantly, I hated to be away from Jenna. I decided to give her a quick call on my cell. Each Starbolt had a cellphone-like communicator.

"This looks like the place." I said after someone at H.Q. picked up.

"Okay, maybe now we can get some answers about why you got the inviation." a female voice belonging to my girlfriend, Jenna replied. "Just be careful okay?"

"Aren't I always?" I retorted.

"Maybe. But, I'll see if I can be there soon." Jenna started to end the conversation. "Ya A'mas ti."

"Ya A'mas ti." I replied as I turned the device off. Ya A'mas ti is Aquan for "I love you."

My name is M'anta J'arrsti. I'm one of three heirs to the throne of Aquarius, a watery world forty light years away from Earth. I was gifted with bio electric powers and flight and using those powers as well as my natural Aquan abilities of telepathy, breathing under water and being three times stronger than peak humans, I became one of the two leaders of the Starbolts. The Starbolts is a group of young metahumans fated to be the next generation of Earth's heroes. And now, I was invited to some holiday party.

I straightened out my green jacket with my family's royal crest on it. My blonde hair was slicked back except for one curl resting on my forehead. Even though I was a prince, I didn't like wearing my royal attire often. That rebellious nature I got from my dad. Gods rest his soul. He was a good and kind leader to my people. We Starbolts couldn't save him from Terra Nova and now Aquarius is under the rule of my mother and my twin brother.

I walked quietly to the door, sensing lifeforms inside with my telepathic powers. I could sense someone or something in there. Maybe he had the answers I seeked. I knocked on the door. Someone had to be home.

After a few minutes the door opened and a strange creature emerged. He looked like some sort of demon. He was also dressed as such.

"Nice costume." He showed me the way inside. "You're the second to arrive."

"I'm...not in costume, yet." I replied. He looked familiar. I've seen demons before. Being a superhero, you get exposed to all kinds of things. "I'm Prince M'anta of Aquarius."

"Nice of you to come by." He smiled a big toothy grin.

I looked around and saw a woman nearby fiddling with a soundsystem. The place was big and it definitely had room to fly around in. Judging from the host, it looked like we were going to be in for a long, long party. I had to keep my guard up. There was no telling what these people were up to.

"Thanks." I replied.

Yeah, this was going to get very interesting.

1st November 2006, 12:02 AM
From the west, a large snakelike creature was squirming toward a mansion, though for squirming it was moving rather smoothly. Or rather, she was moving smoothly, and she was a thirty-foot steel creature called a Steelix, one of a variety of species classified under the name of "Pokémon." Atop the head of the aforementioned Steelix were two humans, a young man and a young woman; and a small pink catlike Pokémon by the name of Mew was floating alongside them.

The teenage boy, Chrom, was dressed in a long black cloak, black boots and black gloves, and had spiky blond hair. The girl to his immediate left, Kaylie, was dressed in a costume that looked as though it was made from the forest itself. The two were talking excitedly about this and that, though they weren't talking about many important topics yet. Mostly, they were saving the important conversation for the ball.

Chrom had attended the annual ball last year, and he had enjoyed it so much that he jumped at the chance to go again. He had taken a while, however, to ask Kaylie to the ball. Although he could talk very comfortably with women during normal conversation, he had always been very shy and often too timid to ask any girl to go anywhere with him on a date. Thankfully, though, he had gotten over himself for once and asked Kaylie. He and she had been good friends for almost a year, ever since they met at the ball last year.

Finally, they arrived at the mansion where the ball would be held. Chrom was amazed at its size. He had heard that the RPG council had been looking for a larger estate to accomidate all the various attending people and creatures attending this year, but this was beyond his imagination. Perhaps he would be abe to allow Titan out of her ball this year... no. He would scout out the building from the inside first, he decided. Even so, he was simply amazed. He patted Titan, the Steelix, on he head to let her know to stop. Tey could walk the rest of the distance, which wasn't far.

Titan lowered her head to the ground, and Chrom climbed off the flat top of her skull. Courteous as he was, he immediately turned around and helped Kaylie off. She was a bit shaken, obviously not being used to riding a Pokémon in a manner such as that.

"I'm sorry if that was uncomfortable," Chrom apologized. "I don't have a proper car right now, so this is the best I could do. But we can walk the rest of the way, now." He smiled slightly at Kaylie and reached into a pocket, pulling out Titan's Pokéball. He tapped the iron snake lightly on the head, and she was consumed by a red light and suched into the device. Chrom returned the Pokéball to his pocket, promising to himself that he would let Titan join the festivities. He turned and offered Kaylie his arm.

"Shall we?"

1st November 2006, 12:40 AM
Lihn stood at the door to the club that would serve as the site of the Winter Ball. She straightened out her long, sky blue hair and folded her ears back nervously. She had never been to this kind of thing. In fact, the whole thought was rather exhilarating, but it made her anxious.

The fox girl's tail was hanging limply from beneath a short white skirt with a rapier stowed in a side loop and her legs were covered in high red boots, so she wasn't cold. She wore a white cape over her folded wings and a short sleeved red top with golden armor on the shoulders and chest area. On her hands were fingerless red gloves with different bracelets on each arm. Her eyes were dyed sapphire by a pair of contacts she had found for this costume.

She was, if not for her wings, tail, ears, whiskers, and claws, Princess Eirika.

Lihn didn't know what business she had coming to the Winter Ball, but it had sounded like something fun to do. She was being very self-conscious, though; no one would care if she was coming. There would be all kinds of people, demons, dragons, half-breeds, etcetera at this party. She didn't need to worry about her oddities.

Maybe it was the costume that concerned her. The poor girl had never worn a skirt this short. Gathering up her courage, Lihn entered the club with her invitation in had, just in case.

Inside was very... Halloween-ish. The colors were those of a dark night, silver and black all over the place. There was fog, cobwebs, and very nice Halloween music. Lihn strode quietly over to the bar and scanned the drinks. She may have only been eighteen, but... in her world, that was the legal drinking age. Of course, that may not work with the people in this world. D*mn.

Nonetheless, the Queobe wasn't about to ask. She just picked up a drink and wandered around the room, waiting for the crowd to arrive.

1st November 2006, 1:07 AM

That came from the rather astonished-looking, big and frightening wolf named Lucied as he padded alongside a teenage of about fifteen years old. The wolf was huge, with seven blood-tipped spikes bursting out from the back of his head. Its size was about one of a tiger’s, and a blood-tipped tufted tail swung behind it. Isn’t Halloween supposed to be the day where we get to have some real fun, young master? The wolf asked, a smirk crossing his face and lighting up his crimson eyes as he did so.

The boy sighed, a hand rising up to ruffle up his –already messed up- flaming red hair. “Shut it, Lucied; besides, Masta’ is there – he’ll be enough… and ‘sides, I did get permission from Madame…” he half-snapped, half-muttered to his wolfen compatriot. The boy was about half-a head taller than most fifteen year olds with a very strong build, shown off by the measly unbuttoned shirt he wore, the sides dropping. The shirt itself was a dark red in color, with loose, ruffled collars of dark maroon. He wore a pair of black jeans, the ends rolled up to reveal his less-appropriate footwear- dark gray beach sandals with maroon straps. He also donned a pair of fingerless, black leather gloves on his hands and a golden ‘L’ charm around his neck. Garnet eyes dulled as the wolf besides his continued to ramble on.

You asked her a day off to attend this… Halloween ball?! He almost shrieked, and here I thought you were going to scare some people!

Lucifer Leonheart sighed yet again. It came as a total surprise for him when the letter from the… RPG council came, inviting him for this ball. Of course, the boy only saw this as a chance to get out of work… and away from the ‘institution’ that was the Hellsing Organization. A party without Integra’s snapping, Alucard’s constantly annoying remarks, and so on and so forth. But then again…

-and then we should go and scare the lady next door, and also take some treats from the children and-


That action only resulted in a wolf’s snicker and several stares from the others inside or outside the place. Lucifer sweatdropped, grinning sheepishly (and inadvertly showing off his fangs while at it).

“Eh… Happy Halloween?”

Knightblazer ;262;

1st November 2006, 1:58 AM
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And fwee, Oblivion’s here! Nice intro, by the way, and it certainly makes traveling easier.

Kaylie held on tightly to the rock snake as it sped along, teeth clenched as the pieces of dark blue material from her costume flew out behind her, somehow not getting tangled up in her long blond hair. Her earth-brown clothing was being whipped about, but she knew that it wasn’t about to fly off her body and expose her.

Mew on the other hand, seemed to me having a ball. She was holding on to one of the spikes protruding from the Steelix’s head with her two paws, the rest of her body just in the air, flapping like a flag. ‘WHEEEEEEE!’ she cried in glee, but could only be heard in the minds’ of the present creatures, but was purring “MEEEEEEW!” with her voice, sounding light and carefree, making Kaylie smile despite her slight fear of falling off the huge creature, appropriately-named ‘Titan’.

Finally, the club building loomed into view, and Chrom patted the snake on her head. At the movement, she slowed down and, once at a complete stop, lowered her head, catching Kaylie off guard, and not for the first time tonight. Chrom got off with relative ease, quickly giving Kaylie a hand to help her get off. Blushing slightly, she allowed him to help her down, getting off shakily. Some ride!

Chrom was quick to apologize for the bumpy ride, causing Kaylie to blush futher. She hadn’t minded at all, and despite her fear, had found it fresh and invigorating. Mew giggled, coming to float beside Kaylie after thanking Titan for the lovely ride. ‘He really is quite the charmer.’ Mew told Kaylie privately, eyes bright as she glanced at the young man. Kaylie shot Mew a quizzical look, but before she could utter a word, Chrom had finished returning Titan to her Pokéball and had turned to Kaylie.

“Shall we?” He asked, offered her his arm. Kaylie could almost feel Mew giggling behind her. “Yes, we shall.” The young girl replied, placing her arm in his and together, the two walked the rest of the way to the Winter Ball.

As they walked together, they passed by a few other guests. Upon seeing a boy younger even than she with a wolf at his side, she inedvertedly huddled a bit closer to her ‘date’, nervous around all these new people. She couldn’t help but remember last year’s Ball, though, and how she had spend a great deal of it practically hiding in a corner. If it hadn’t been for Mew starting a conversation with a half Mew, half human girl named Lady Myuu and her double-minded dragon friend CD, not to mention Chrom being bold enough to go up to her, Kaylie probably wouldn’t have even considered going back.

And now it was her chance to start again. She had told herself before the Ball that she would try harder to make new friends this time, but she would probably reply on Chrom and Mew to start introductions. Shy from birth, shy for life.

Chrom glanced at Kaylie as if to ask her as if she was all right. In reply, she smiled, squeezing his arm gently, letting him know that she was fine, just a bit nervous.

Mew of course, as usual, was already flying about, inspecting the other guests curiously, but still keeping her distance. Kaylie smiled at the Legendary- always so outgoing! Why she, of all people was Mew’s chosen human, she would never understand…

“We’re here,” Kaylie suddenly found herself saying quietly as they arrived at the door, which creaked open to reveal what must usual be a nice, stylish club that could probably house Groudon, but was now filled with the usual – but still scary – Halloween decorations. But no zombie staff members this time. She even saw a dance floor, but wasn’t sure if this was to her delight or horror.

‘And so begins the Winter Ball…’ Mew announced grandly, arms open and tail swinging excitedly, the materials of her costume swishing from a wind that seemed to come from the pink cat herself.

1st November 2006, 2:14 AM
OC: All conversations between my good self (nicknamed Ona) and my evil self (nicknamed Rho) are in my head. No one can hear them and I'm not speaking aloud when I talk to Rho, unless stated otherwise.

I stood outside the doors and looked around curiously at the various people and creatures waiting to get into the Winter Ball. Everyone was dressed rather casually in a fashionable sort of way. I took out the invitation to the Ball I had received and read it again for the shimillionth time.

"I can't believe I'm actually going," I thought to myself.
"Yeah Ona, I can't believe you're going either," said my other self in my head.
I glared at my other, eviler self and thought to her, "See, I'm getting better Rho."
"Whatever Ona, you're still a weak loser to me," said Rho.
"....." I sighed and walked through the doors.

The place was huge. Even bigger than I had expected. It was full of the Halloween colors with various candies and chocolates in bowls and drinks being served all around. The music was loud and there were already many people.
"Wow.... Pretty nice," said Rho.
"Yeah," I thought.

I headed over to a nearby table and grabbed an orange-ish fizzing drink I assumed was Orange soda. I leaned against the table and began to watch the other guests. I then noticed a man beside me who was holding a staff and looked sort of like a magician.

"You should say something," said Rho.
"I don't know. He looks sort of deep in thought," I replied.
".....You're useless. I get no fun at all in this state." Rho sulked in my head for a little while. ".........There's still some hope for it to be an exciting night," commented Rho. ...She was being nicer than usual, and it was seriously worrying me.
"Well, it will definitely be an interesting night," I thought to her as I took another sip of my drink.

1st November 2006, 2:44 AM

"Kaori'd have a field day in here." I thought to myself.

Kaori was the Starbolts' resident anime fan. She would have loved to see these creatures people on Earth called Pokemon. Was this place some kind of multi reality nexus point? I wasn't sure but I had to keep myself on my toes. There was a strange creature with telepathic powers like my own and several other new people here. Suffice to say it was an odd collection.

It was time to slip into my uniform. No one noticed as I ran to the nearest empty room and undid my regular clothes to reveal my green armor with earth manta ray symbol, gold belt, boots and braces. Now I had to top it off with my helmet. It was a frayed helmet with large white goggle-like lenses. It was my dad's armor and it was an honor to wear it.

My regular clothes were under the armor and I flew out into the banquet hall and landing next to the young woman who had just arrived. She had a strange pink creature following her. I hope I didn't startle her.

"Sorry if I startled you or your animal." I smiled. "Name's M'anta. Any idea what's with these creatures people have?"

1st November 2006, 4:11 AM
Kaylie yelped in surprise when a man wearing green leotards seemed to appear from nowhere, landing right in front of the poor teenager who was already nervous as it was.

“Sorry if I startled you or your animal,” he said from behind a big yellow helmet with white goggle eyes that reminded Kaylie of a Flygon. She stared at him for a moment with no idea what he was talking about, but still a bit freaked out. He looked like he should be some great, feared beast, but he came across to Kaylie as looking a bit ridiculous- a nerd in a superhero costume? But then that didn’t explain the flying. Of course, like last year, anyone, from dragon to half human, half Pokémon could attend, so…

“Name's M'anta,” the person who’s name was M’anta continued. Not exactly a human name, nor one a nerd would easily come up with. “Any idea what's with these creatures people have?” he added.

It took Kaylie a second to realize what the man meant. He seemed to be studying Mew carefully, who in turn cocked her head from her position floating in the air at shoulder height.

“What? You…you mean Pokémon? You don’t know what Pokémon are?” She asked, dumbfounded.

Kaylie turned to look at Mew, wondering if she had heard right, but the Legendary didn’t seem to be paying attention. ‘Odd.’ Mew said aloud in her telepathic speech, saying “Mew?” quietly using her voice at the same time, seemingly lost in her own world of thought. Mew changed position and flew over to the M'anta person, floating right in front of him like she usually did with strangers. But her gaze seemed fixed on him, bright blue eyes locked on the Flygon goggles as if studying an ancient text filled with many meanings.

Mew then flew around the stranger, circling him slowly from head to toe, but when she got too close to the ground she immediately pulled up and, doing a little loop in the air, landed on Kaylie’s shoulder.

‘How very, very odd.’ Mew added with a bubbly laugh. The teen found this much less amusing and squirmed in her costume, blinking, eyes heavy with makeup. Chrom turned to see what was going on, and Kaylie immediately blushed. She didn’t like this situation, and would much prefer to go over and talk to someone else right now. Yet she was still somewhat curious as to what this man’s story was…plus she probably wouldn’t be given the option of sticking around or not, anyways. Maw was interesting, so it looked like they’d be staying.

1st November 2006, 5:26 AM
The boy heaved a huge sigh of relief as he took a sip from the glass of Bloody Mary in his hand. Luckily not many people had noticed Lucifer’s sudden burst, leaving him quite free to slide into the club and grab the glass of wine he was sipping now. Reaching behind, the vampire grabbed a bowl of prawn crackers from a random spot on the table and began munching on it. Meanwhile, his wolfen familiar was grumbling rather loudly for the young boy.

…and it’s so boring! Nothing but dance, food and party? UNGH! I’d rather bite their throats now and eat em’ up! Yeah… that’ll teach em, and I’ll-

“I told you to shut up, Lucied,” growled the vampire from the corner of his mouth, crimson eyes flashing in annoyance. The wolf grumbled mentally before lying onto the ground again, sulking. Sighing again, Lucifer drank up the rest of his wine and went to the corner for a gracious refill and searched for some eggs to eat. The boy was always head over heels for eggs. A small, delighted squeal came from him as he spotted the whit and yellow protein chalked item. As the boy digged into his ever-favorite food item, the wolf softly trailed out to the entrance, when he spotted a superhero-looking guy, another guy and a girl. The wolf’s eyes widened when he saw the pink kitty floating about the trio.

KITTY! Roared Lucied mentally in excitment as he leaped towards the cat. It was then when Lucifer turned and exclaimed out, “NO!” and raced towards his familiar.

Knightblazer ;262;

1st November 2006, 5:30 AM
OOC: Yikes. Only gone for two hours and I already have two posts to catch up with. Just keep going, I'll catch up.

Kaylie took Chrom by the arm and replied, "we shall." Chrom smiled, for one because he enjoyed being around Kaylie and for another because apparently she didn't mind riding a Steelix for that much distance very much. He liked that, though she was shy, Kaylie wasn't afraid to try new things or bear them f she didn't like them. But then Chrom stopped these thoughts, remembering that there was a Pokémon in the immediate vicinity that could very well read his mind and relay thoughts to Kaylie. So, moving on, he took the time to look around on his way to the party.

Chrom quite enjoyed seeing all the people and things that showed up to the Winter Ball. Last year, he had viewed such things in a single October hour that he didn't know even existed, then was surprised to find out that they weren't in costumes at all. Even now, he was viewing many foreign Pokémon, a water-based creature (alien?), a boy and his wolf (at which sight Kaylie moved closer), and a fox-human hybrid with wings. The Ball always attracted many beings from different worlds, universes and even dimensions. It was a chance for people whose planes of existence would never otherwise cross to get all together and have a good time, regardless of appearance or nature.

When Kaylie moved closer to Chrom, he looked over to see if Kaylie was alright. She smiled, a bit red, and she squeezed his arm gently. He saw that she was fine, just nervous, so he went back to his observations to see what new types of life forms he could spot, though that wasn't the only reason. He was also trying to hide the fact that, as much as Kaylie was blushing, Chrom was equally red. He had only been close to one other girl in his life (who was long-gone by now) and so felt really awkward going to a party with a girl as he had not done in years.

In regards to the time the Ball would last, that was another thing about how the festivities ran that made it very unique. Somehow, it only seemed to encompass a few hours and yet, at the same time, last the whole Winter season. Chrom had just assumed that it was part of the atmosphere, though he was almost certain that he had spent three whole months in the crowded mansion last year. Though this year, he could already see from the property gates that there would be more than enough room this time.

As the couple approached the door, they both saw what looked like it was likely a club up until recently, but was now decorated into a spooky mansion, complete with cobwebs, phantoms that could very well be real and hired and (to both his surprise and dismay) a dance floor. Chrom was alright at choreographed dancing, but slow dancing had never been a forte of his, nor did he think that it would ever be.

"We're here," Kaylie said quietly. He nodded and walked with her into the mass of the Ball, which although it was sparsely populated was already in the swing of things. They hadn't gotten more than twenty feet from the entrance, however, before the blue alien from earlier, now in what seemed to be a green-and-gold superhero costume, jumped down from somewhere above, startling both the teens. He was built large and intimidating, but his beaten and torn costume and bruised helmet with an out-of-proportion eyepiece made him look like something from a comic convention. Chrom thought that the boy might be nice, though, and stepped forward to greet him before he was bypassed for the girl dressed in a bush.

Chrom left them to talk, not wanting to interrupt, though he felt that the boy was ignoring quite a bit. He pulled out two red-and-white pokéballs let out Titan and Vector, his Steelix and Metang, respectably. Chrom gave them the run-down on the Ball and what their restrictions were. Titan was told because she had never yet seen the ball, and Vector because he would need reminding after his reckless behavior the year previous. Chrom let them know just to be respectable, but to have fun, and let them loose for the party. He turned around to see Kaylie squirming in her costume (which made him feel uneasy) and Mew floating around the anthro-Golduck-like boy's head, both examining and teasing him in the cute little way he knew that the legendary Pokémon would.

Chrom laughed to himself, though Kaylie seemed embarrassed, and he immediately made a mental note that such a thing was inappropriate for future situations like this. As for Kaylie... by now, Kaylie was bright red. Obviously, she was very startled by this boy, and, knowing her, more than likely confused. Chrom became a little frustrated at this and looked at the boy and the Mew, still staring at each other. Chrom saw that the blue one didn't have a clue about the Pokémon world at all, so Chrom explained, still trying to keep his manners.

"Ah, you've met with Mew," Chrom said, talking to the boy, who was still locked in a staring contest with the pink one. "She's a Pokémon, one of many species that live in the regions we do. They're very powerful, but most of them are very tame and get along well with humans and one another. As for me, I'm Chrom." He hoped that he had given a sufficient explanation, though he had only briefly touched on a few aspects.

1st November 2006, 6:11 AM

Pokemon? The creatures Kaori like are real here? I didn't think it was a good idea to shatter this young girl's world and tell her those creatures in my world are in a game and tv show. Had to play along.

"Yeah." I smiled. "Pokemon. Right. I got you."

The pink creature circled me. I felt it's telepathic presence. It seemed sentient, capable of making its own thoughts and ideas. But, if it did that, why would it be subserviant to humans if it can think and feel like humans? Then this guy named Chrom explained things to me while his friend just stood and waited,

"I can sense your thoughts, Mew." I spoke telepathically to the creature. "You're a strong telepath to be sure. I sense you are curious about me. Please feel free to ask."

I turned my attention to Chrom. I wasn't sure what to make of the Pokemon version of Earth. It was better left to anime fans on Earth to understand. Perhaps even write stories about. (OOC: Little zing to Fanfic Writers)

"Nice to meet you, Chrom." I responded. "I think I understand things a little better. Pokemon seem like fascinating lifeforms. But you see..."

Now I had to explain myself to these two. I looked human but I wasn't. The world where I come from, things are very, very different.

"I'm not from Earth." I started to explain. "I'm from a planet several light years away called Aquarius. I've come to Earth to help humanity. Kaylie, Chrom, I sense your confusion. You have nothing to fear from me."

The two exhanged a look. Their thoughts were pretty open to me. They weren't sure about me being an alien and I had a feeling if I told someone on their world, I'd end up on some operating table.

"I'm a member of one of Earth's teams of heroes sworn to protect it from any threats." I explained. "I lead a team known as the Starbolts and I was no older than you both when I first started out-trained by the best the planet had to offer. The armor you see me in, is no meer costume."

I removed my helmet after the mew poked at it a couple times. She liked seeing her reflection in it for some reason. Carefully, I placed it under my arms. I could tell the two were studying my face. They probably never saw an alien before. I had to keep things simple.

"My armor was my Dad's." I explained. "He ruled my people as king and sadly he died. I've worn this armor as a sign of respect and now it is for his memory. My race is called Aquan. I can breathe underwater and I am telepathic. Apart from that, I can shoot electricity and fly."

Yeah. That kept things simple. I wasn't going to get into how exactly I got my powers. That story was confusing. With any luck, some of the others could arrive. Jenna did say something about possibly coming. I had to wait and see.

Sonozaki Maya
1st November 2006, 6:49 AM
Sylpherius was decked out in rather outlandish gear, resembling a set of pale purple pajamas, complete with nighty hat. It was rather poofy, and the hat had a rather large seal shaped like a crescent moon. His hair was unusually long, and was dark purple. Hidden inside Sylpherius' set of night wear was his personal weapon, his katana Hinokahime. In actuality, he was holding a fake book titled the Necronomicon, which had a black cover with an oddly scary spine binding it together. Sylpherius' height made it a hindrance to him being a replica of a witch by the name of Patchouli Knowledge, who had slight case of anaemia and a severe case of asthma. Sylpherius had none of those conditions. The invitation was embedded within the fake book, which Sylpherius could whip out at any moment's notice. Sylpherius appeared to be hovering, when in fact he was merely walking - due to his wear, it covered his feet and made it look like he was hovering - along the way to the venue of the event. The person he was supposed to be imitating was a master of magic, though Sylpherius would rather take the chance to use his blade than opt for magical means. Sylpherius had been walking to the Winter Ball for some time now, balancing studying sorcery along with training with his use of the blade time and time again beforehand. He had heard about the Ball from some of his friends. Sylpherius felt a feeling of bravery for committing the act of crossdressing, but in any case, no one would be able to tell the difference unless Sylpherius announced it or told it himself. It was a very mentally distraught method of thinking for him, but Sylpherius honestly didn't really care. When he arrived at the entrance, he was amazed at the utter size of the mansion. He had heard the stories. Perhaps this experience would serve to improve Sylpherius' social life, when he had shut himself from the rest of society after suffering from an event causing depression. Sylpherius sighed to himself.
The venue had been redecorated to suit the theme, which was Halloween. Halloween... Sylpherius thought to himself. The good ol' days. he continued and took some steps forward. The floor was marble. Sylpherius sighed, went to a near secluded area and leaned against the wall, taking a flip through the fake copy of the Necronomicon, which actually had some content in it, though as nonsensical as it may have been.

1st November 2006, 7:38 AM
OOC: Once I learn it’s not all about me! …Myself and I…
I already have three characters trying to get to Kaylie. Ah, Matt Dusk, do you have any songs I can’t relate to?

Anyways, let’s sort this out…

Kaylie couldn’t help but feel a bit ridiculous. Chrom, bless his soul, took over explaining things to this M’atna guy. Of course, in exchange she received enough information to make a person faint. But of course, despite the sudden dizziness that came over her, Kaylie knew that other people from other world attended this world, and she shouldn’t be so surprised…but this was certainly something.

“My armor was my Dad's. He ruled my people as king and sadly he died. I've worn this armor as a sign of respect and now it is for his memory. My race is called Aquan. I can breathe underwater and I am telepathic. Apart from that, I can shoot electricity and fly.” Still, he sounded like some kind of superhero a little kid would dream up. One with enough powers to lift a truck that had sunk underwater and was filled with panicking people and a bomb. That was certainly a lot of power for one man. Heck, none of the Legendaries even had so many powers! Granted, Mew had amazing telepathic powers that were rivaled only by her clone, and she had the powers of Transform, and she could use any possible attack. But she didn’t run around saving the world, and she had used those powers to create all the other creatures inhabiting the Earth.

Kaylie suddenly looked back up at the…Aquan before her. “Wait…your dad…ruled…as king?” Both Mew and Chrom turned to stare at the teen. “Doesn’t that make you…a prince?” she asked, dumbfounded. She had no idea- were alien cultures anything like human ones? Did sons still become heirs?

Sensing her human partner’s unsettled thought, Mew was quick to speak up, getting off from Kaylie’s shoulder to float once again, in front of the M’anta person. ‘I too, can sense your thoughts. You seem to think that all Pokémon merely submit to humans’ commands, do you not?’ Mew said, quickly changing the subject to something Kaylie knew, and, not even waiting for a reply - and Kaylie didn’t think this man had replied telepathically – she continued. ‘Pokémon and humans live together in peace and harmony. It isn’t always this way, for at some points in time there have been horrible feuds between humans and Pokémon. But we have together reached an understanding, or an agreement, you might say.

‘Pokémon wish to become stronger creatures, but on their own, they can not live and grow to their fullest potential. Humans need companions and friends, not always human ones. Humans and Pokémon bond very easily, but often, to test their bonds, the Pokémon will battle, relying on the humans for instructions because humans have the quick-thinking minds required for battling different opponents. Still, some humans do this for glory and fame, but for many, their friendships are much more important than anything else.

‘If you wish to know how I know these things, well,’ Mew smiled, noticing that Kaylie seemed to untense.

“It’s because Mew is a Legendary Pokémon. She witnessed the birth of the Earth, and she is known as the Mother of the world. She, along with many others, are the gods of the Earth, its protectors, its guardians.”

Mew nodded, gazing at both humans with a love she had for all living creatures. She still managed to look adorable, while her true power seemed to emanate off her, and everyone in the room could feel it.

“So you see-” Kaylie began, but was suddenly cut off when a voice cut through the air, “NOOOOOOOO!”

Everyone immediately turned to see what the commotion was, and they were all faced with the large figured of a wolf, sprinting right for them, tongue lolling and teeth gleaming.

Before anyone could even react, the creature leaped straight at Mew, catching her off guard and sending her sprawling to the ground under its huge body from which large spikes exploded unnaturally. It growled menacingly, saliva dripping from its huge maw as it stared Mew down hungrily.

The Legendary was quick to recover, however. ‘Bad doggie!’ She yelled telepathically, somewhat peeved. More from reflex than anything else, Mew sent a wave of psychic energy at the overgrown wolf, blasting it off of her to land near the feet of a boy who looked even younger than the teens. After getting over this shock, Kaylie realized that these were the boy and wolf she had seen earlier.

Kaylie was unsteady on her feet, shaken from one ordeal after another. She began to loose her balance, her knees starting to buckle. This was soooo not going well…

1st November 2006, 8:22 AM
Lucifer winced as he saw the familiar slamming hard to the floor, skidding only to end lying inches near his feet. Slapping a hand to his face, the boy sighed as he pulled it down, a finger caressing over his scar as he did so. Muttering several colorful words under his breath, the young-looking Median grabbed Lucied and helped the wolf get onto his feet.

That… hurt… was all that the red and black wolf managed to say.

The Nosferatu rolled his eyes in annoyance. “That’s why I said not to chase floating cats around, idiot,” he boy hissed to his familiar as a response. With only an audible groan as a response, Lucied steadied his steps and hung his head low as the boy walked up towards the three. There were indeed two boys and one girl, although one of them was dressed in a strange get-up.

The non-human was dressed in some weird superhero costume that Lucifer couldn’t really lay a finger on. The other two were obviously human – the boy could just sense the fresh blood flowing through them. The human male was dressed in a long black cloak, black boots and black gloves, and had spiky blond hair. The girl had fair skin, wore a dress which Lucifer could almost swear came from the forest outside and had long blonde hair (which distinctly reminded him of Integra).

Lucifer grinned sheepishly, his pearly white fangs flashing as he did. “Uh… sorry ‘bout Lucied,” he started as an apology, “he gets kinda…” he paused for an awkward cough before continuing, “excited around cats… to put it mildly…” Pausing for a moment, the vampire then grinned once again, rising out a hand for a handshake as he introduced himself.

“Oh. I forgot to introduce myself. Name’s Lucifer. Lucifer Leonheart.”

Knightblazer ;262;

1st November 2006, 2:19 PM
OOC: M'anta doesn't think the creature's susbserviant. Just sentient.


I glared at the demon that charged at us. Any closer and I would have pushed Kaylie and Chrom out of the way and showered the maniac with enough electricity to fry a fully grown elephant. I did sense it coming and I was about to get them out of the way when the creature landed nearby.

I helped the red and white demon to his feet, thinking of something to say. He did manage to create a scene. People were looking at him, Kaylie, Chrom and me.

"Bet that really did hurt, buddy." I remarked. "Just be careful. Another inch and I would have instinctively turned you into a nice flashing neon sign. This isn't a threat."

"I just like cats..."he responded.

"Yeah, bet you do." I laughed. "Next time, go to an animal shelter or pet store. I'm sure you can buy a hairless cat that looks JUST like Mew here."

I turned my attention to Mew. Mew was a God? To each their own I suppose. Who was I to judge some other peoples' religious beliefs. We Aquans have our own Gods and Goddesses. I did sense this being had a tremendous amount of power. It was contained in such a small body. God size didn't matter though. The Native Americans of Earth worshipped animal spirits. Were these people similar in that regard?

"Well, Mew." I said telepathically. "It's an honor to stand in your presence."

Now, I had to respond to Kaylie's question. She had asked if I was a prince. That was true.

"Before we were so interrupted, Kaylie, I was going to say that yes I am a prince." I remarked. "Though, I don't desire the crown. I merely serve it. My brother Shrall is ruling the planet with my mother. I have an other sister who like me is also a Starbolt."

I sensed Kaylie getting uneasy on her feet. She was about to faint and I had to do something quick. Right before she was about to fall, I quickly caught her. Seemed lik all this was a bit too much for her. But, I didn't even go into that much detail. Oh well, there was time to worry about that later.

"Chrom is she always like this?" I asked.

"Not really." He shrugged. "She just had a lot of your info to take in."

"Demon-boy over here did startle her good." I checked her pulse. It was steady. She just needed to lay down.

I picked her up and motioned for him to follow me to the nearest couch. I saw a large red one across the room and placed her on it. Slowly, she began to stir. The mew followed us and appeared curious about what I was going to do. I wasn't going to harm her. I'm not a vigilante who killed the wicked for sport. Some so called heroes do that. Not me.

"You know, Kaylie if we're going to be friends we can't have you fainting every five minutes." I sensed her slowly reviving. Her eyes quickly opened.

1st November 2006, 4:47 PM
"Be afraid. Death has come for thee." The demon turned to see a hooded humanoid guy standing there. The scythe was ready for a swoop. Behind the mask, Ketten grinned like a madman. He loved this costume. "Invitation?" the demon asked and Ketten lost his grin. He then pulled out the small card that he had got. "Right," the demon said and returned the card. "Hope you enjoy yourself, mr. Keisathlen."

Inside, Ketten swished peacefully between the other guests, who were slowly filling the room. One and another got a real fright from seeing him, but it never lasted long. He sighed once he had arrived at the bar. Maybe he had to find a better costume next year. He jumped up on a barstool and got the attention of the bartender. "The Reaper Man honours you with his presence. Give him a large gin and tonic," he tried, but again the bartender just smiled and appeared later with the drink. He seriously should have thought up a better costume.

Yami Ryu
1st November 2006, 5:25 PM
"Why did I have to come again?" A mewtwo-ish creature whined as he followed after someone somwhat shorter and in a dress- said someone was learning not much in a dress outside of walking as she had to keep a good grip on the skirt least it drag.

"Because no one else would." She said as if it was the most simplest thing in the world to understand. "And before you start, shut up Shinigami, or I'll eat you."

"Ooooh," Shini said, nearly having it dead on, but it still had a mocking tone. Which was shone as he tried to say, "Someone's tou-" he didn't get to speak any more as Ryai shoved her sceptar into his mouth, effectively silencing him for the moment. Leaving the Mewtwo behind as he struggled to get the item out of his mouth, Ryai had already finished getting to the doors, flashed her invitation and went inside. Swearing, if a bit muffled, he charged after, just able to snap out, around the sceptar, something sounding like, 'I'm with her!'.

Ryai seemed to be ignoring Shini as he came up behind her, and finally pulled the sceptar out of his mouth and offered it back to Ryai.. after drying it unknowingly to her on a trailing edge of her dress. She shot him a look while making sure he hadn't ate any of it before accepting it back and looked around with a small sigh. "Think I'll head to the bar."

Shini trailed after, "And get drunk and end up in a ditch?" His answer was an 'oh do shut the hell up now.'

Zephyr Flare
1st November 2006, 9:03 PM
Karu Locketre:

From what he had heard, the previous year was an utter disaster of an affair. Two beings came, the purple one and a Dragon beast. Given how reclusive the Dragon had now become, Karu did innocently wonder what may have happened.

Then savage muffins claiming to be fighting for the empire the night before the ball attacked Chikarma! Hopefully he should be allowed to come if he ever gets away from those fluffy little morsels, being what he is, he would still be inclusive for the invite...

Unless the jaffa cakes attack as well.

So here he was, sitting on the roof with his wings on full, watching the odd commotions of coming guests from a giant steel beast, wolves and others. For Karu, it was fascinating just watching all the different multitude of beings but alas, there is no way he can sit as he is for days on end before having to go in sometime…

Better late than never I suppose?

Adjusting the odd contraptions he is wearing, belts supposedly, he quickly makes himself scarce from being friendly with the birds to being welcomed by a guard’s men, or at least he can assume. You can tell he doesn’t get out much can’t you?

‘Invitation, if you please’ the Demon enquired, holding out a hand in a hurry up gesture.

Frowning slightly, Karu quickly produces the card before being allowed through.

‘Enjoy your visit, Mr Locketre.’

Blinking a moment, looking a tad sided with baffled; Karu dips his head a slight before the Noctria darts into the room before being promptly baffled by the sheer size of where he just walked into.

Judgign from the way his ears are tuned, wings swiftly redisguised and the tail flickers, he could be standing here some time.

OOC: I don’t let him out much :) Feel free to bump into him or say hi.

1st November 2006, 10:27 PM
"Heh...what a strange world." A young teenager stated calmly. "I've been to some pretty effed up places, but none of them had quite as colorful of a population as this one."

A fifteen year old male stood in a rather nonchalant fashion outside of the large building in which the Winter Ball was scheduled to take place. Though surrounded by creatures vastly different to himself in a physical sense, however, he remained ever-tranquil. It was as if he had become accustomed to conversing with such life forms as these. Yet that seemed highly unlikely, as judging by his outward appearance alone he was merely an ordinary human being. He bore with him no Pokeballs, no physical abnormalities, no high tech weaponry...it seemed to be a wonder he was even invited to the Ball. But whatever the case, his deep brown eyes, though concealed by golden contact lenses, showed no emotion other than total serenity as he approached the front doors, his long crimson jacket blowing gently in the breeze.

The creatures who had already inside the Ball looked no more normal than those currently arriving. One would assume that Kyuuen would blend in quite nicely with the others, yet he seemed to stick out. Even those who looked to be normal humans were accompanied by what appeared to be peaceful monsters by the name of "Pokemon." Never-the-less, he continued his brief trek through the building in search of someone- or something- to converse with. Or at the very least something with which he could occupy himself. However his efforts seemed to be null and void, as his first few minutes within the Winter Ball could have been considered to be quite uneventful.

...Man I could use some Heartless to thrash right about now... He thought.

He flipped the blonde hair of his wig out of his eyes so that he might get a better look at his surroundings, though it quickly fell back into place within mere seconds. This certainly had been a change of pace from what he had been accustomed to. No fighting…everyone was merely conversing with one another. Everyone except for Kyuuen, it seemed, as he was still getting used to the environment. While he much preferred the way of peace, he did long for a good exhibition match. He hated to admit it, but he sort of wished Leon or Cloud had been invited as well. BUT, it couldn’t be helped, and he knew very well that he could very easily enjoy himself if he would just get off his lazy *** and talk to someone. And so, as he got up to introduce himself to someone…


Kyuuen turned his head toward the source of the noise. It came from what appeared to be a large wolf who was rushing toward one of those “Pokemon” accompanying several humans who had come to the ball. Things had looked somewhat bad for the pink little feline creature as it was crushed under the overgrown wolf’s body. Kyuuen swiftly took his left hand out of his jacket’s pocket so that he might summon his Keyblade and settle things his favorite way. But before his mighty weapon could so much as materialize in his grip, the situation had already ended itself. Surprisingly, the feline- which Kyuuen had assumed to be a weak and defenseless creature- had blasted the wolf with a powerful wave of what appeared to be psychic energy.

Wow. Kyuuen thought simply. I could use more opponents like that Mew.

Shrugging, Kyuuen decided that the source of the chaos would probably be his best bet should he wish to find for himself someone to converse with. And so, the boy- obviously clothed as Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist- began his short journey toward the rather interesting group ahead of him. However, he was very indiscreet in doing this, so that none of those within the group had noticed him. Until, that is…

“Hi.” He said in a tone both kind hearted and nonchalant, approaching the rather nervous female from behind.

Truly he did not appear to fit in with everyone else…but he knew very well that he did.

1st November 2006, 11:31 PM

I saw it and I couldn't believe it. A kid who couldn't have been any older than fifteen. He didn't seem like a pokemon trainer like Kaylie was. I turned to Kaylie and she was being tended to by Chrom. She was going to be all right. I decided to let her be in the care of Chrom. Maybe he had a thing for her. I wasn't about to pry into his thoughts. As far as I could tell, she needed to get a stomach of iron if she was going to last. If any surprise made her faint or uneasy, she'd need to learn how to relax.

"Will she be okay?" Chrom asked as I stood up.

"Yeah." I replied. "Just get her some water or something."

My attention was to the boy dressed as yet another Anime character. I made a mental note to not call Kaori. I could hear the squeals from Dastara City now. I walked over to him in the hopes of introducing myself. I sensed a noble heart in his mind and he reminded me of someone. I wasn't sure but I had the feeling I met him before.

"Hello." I spoke to the youth. "Some party, huh?"

"Yeah. But, it seems like you and are one of the few without strange creatures with us." he responded.

"Can't be helped." I shrugged. "Demons all over the place causing trouble. Story of my life to be honest with you.

"I can relate to that." He responded. "By the way, what's your name? Mine's Kyuenn."

"I'm M'anta." I responded as I heard a ring in my pocket My cellphone was going off. "Just a sec."

I put my phone to my ear. It was Jenna. She was coming over after tracing my location thanks to a friend of ours' invention. This atmosphere was getting a little noisy. I decided to head outside so I could hear things better.

"Okay, I'm outside, What's up?" I asked.

"Well, I'm coming by in a few." Jenna responded. "What's going on?"

"Well, I stopped this girl from fainting after I toldf her about me." I started. "She asked. Gods. You better get here quick. Some of these people are just...odd."

2nd November 2006, 12:05 AM
A bone chilling wind whipped through my hair as I wound my fingers through my mare's wind tossed mane, attempting to warm my half frozen fingers. Frail sunlight twinkled off the closed store fronts as we cantered through the winding streets, iron clad hooves clattering on the cobbled road.

Just around the next corner...

I eased my hold on the rein a little as we thundered down a final road, nearing the corner, which, I hoped, would turn us out in front of the club where the current winter ball was being hosted. The fabled ball was being held once again, and I was lucky enough this time to merit an invitation. After great deliberation I'd decided to ride there, not wanting to add to my parents already high workload. Unfortunately, the weather had turned just after I'd left...

A small cough attracted my attention and I glanced down worriedly. My horse was quickly tiring, unsurprising after a full day riding with few breaks. I was all too aware of the small tired wheezes of my mount as she continued on at my urging. Glancing at the teadily nearing corner, I pulled up the reins a little, slowing her canter into a smooth trot.

"Nearly there, Bashel." I whispered, patting her neck before once more burying my hands in her mane. “Just a little bit further…”

We clattered around the corner and I allowed her to subside into a walk, a smile tugging at the sides of my lips. The mansion-style club stood before me in all of its weather beaten glory, light spilling through the cracks of the huge, closed, double doors. I relaxed in my seat, satisfied. I wasn’t too late, then. Dragging my eyes away from the club, I began scanning the surrounding area for a place to house my horse. There had to be a stable somewhere, hadn’t there?

OOC: If horses aren’t allowed, I’ll rewrite the post. XD

Lady Myuu
2nd November 2006, 12:08 AM
The pink haired rather oddly dressed hybrid slowly made her way for the ball. She was stopped by the person she had to show her invintation too, after scrounging around in her purse she finally pulled the wrinkled paper out and showed it. Finally being allowed in, Myuu entered the large room and blinked.

Some people had all ready arrived, she thought she knew some while others were just a nice blank to her. Moving to the side of the room quickly, she headed for the bar to get a drink, well cherry 7 up actually.

Myuu was rather afraid it would turn out like last year. But for now everything seemed alright and she would just mind her own business this time. Well unless she saw an old friend. Maybe Ryai was here... if that was her name, she kept changing it on Myuu.

"I should have brought a companion." she mumbled, "Wish Sendeni could have come..." reaching the bar the girl got a drink and well, was surprised when a wolf came rushing past, nearly stepping on her tail. "Eek wolf... ooh fuzzy, Ryai is probably here then."

Sonozaki Maya
2nd November 2006, 1:40 AM
Sylpherius eventually started to contain his giggles from reading the fake book. He felt thirsty, and caught sight of the bar nearby. He liked to drown his troubles by visiting the nearest bar. This being a party, there were obviously going to be drinks. New concoctions for him to try. He slowly walked to the bar, squeezing past the other people without interrupting them. Once he had reached the bar, he sat down, ended up slamming the thick fake Necronomicon on the counter and requested for one of their most exotic cocktails. The bartender questioned Sylpherius about his age, but he was old enough (22). Apparently the cocktail was called Sire of the Moon. Sylpherius had no idea what was inside it, but he surmised it would be relevant to his interests. He took a sip and felt lots of different flavours sink into his tongue. He thought it wasn't bad. Hey, this is pretty good. he mused. He was reading it whilst taking sips of his cocktail.

2nd November 2006, 2:12 AM

After I finished my call, I walked back into the main hall to see that more people were arriving. Jenna would be here soon and maybe some things about this place would make sense. I looked across the room and saw Kaylie being tended to by Chrom. Those teo obviously liked each other and it warmed my heart to see myself and Jenna in them. We were like that ten years ago and now we're even stronger than ever.

The kid with the funky hairstyle, Kyuenn saw me and came back to talk to me. I figured he had no one else here to talk to. I might as well talk to him. I wasn't totally sure about talking to Kaylie and Chrom. Though, I did make a note to see if she was okay later. Sure her boyfriend could take care of things but, I figured I'd let them come to me.

"So, what was all that about?" Kyuenn asked.

"Well, my girlfriend's on her way." I started. "She had to take care of some things at the base but will be along soon."

I really hoped this kid didn't get woozy from me telling basic information.

"Cool." Kyuenn looked around. He seemed very out of place.

"I should go out front and wait for her." I replied. "She'll be following the tracking device in my armor. So, where exactly are you from anyway?"

"Oh yanno...around." He smiled. "I try not to stay in one place for too long."

I guessed he liked to keep secrets. That was fine by me. We all had some.

"Well, don't freak out or anthing but I'm from another planet." I started. "My grilfriend and I are two of many people sworn to protect Earth as heroes."

I awaited his response. I wasn't sure how he'd take it. Telling people about this was a lot easier on my Earth than it was here. I still needed to talk to the host about why I was invited and what my purpose in this place was. Because, right now I managed to make one girl faint and her boyfriend a little annoyed. Who knows what else was coming.

Yami Ryu
2nd November 2006, 2:30 AM
Ryai ignored the other people at the bar as she took a seat, and Shini followed suit, sitting a bit akwardly, but managing to non-the-less as he dragged a bowl of preztles over to himself and started munching. Ryai was just looking at the list of drinks, unsure as to what she should get, when Shini spoke up. "Two vodka/soda's, make mine a sprite, diet, and her's a cola, not diet."

The bartender shot them a look, and Ryai got the picture, pulling an ID card out from somewhere and flashed it, and then motioned to Shini, "He's older than me, and we're not driving, so pass the drinks over."

This knowledge seemed to appease the bartender, atleast the age did, and got the drinks together and passed one to each before heading to another costumer. Ryai eyed her drink warily a moment, and glanced to Shini, and he made a motion with his hand, "Go on, drink up."

Ryai still looked wary a moment before picking the glass up, and knocking it all down in a single gulp. For a moment nothing happened as she went to set the glass down. Then Ryai's eyes grew wide, she wrapped her hands around her throat and wheezed, coughed and sputtered. It felt like her throat was on fire!

It took a full minute for the effect to fade, and Ryai continued to wheeze a bit. "What.. the hell?" she gasped out, and Shini laughed and slapped her on the shoulder once. "The better it is, the worse it feels." glancing to him with anger/annoyance in her eyes, Ryai noticed Shini's glass was empty, but he didn't sound as bad as she did, infact he didn't sound any different. "How.."

Shini grinned as he waved to the bartender to get his attention with a shout of "Another round!" then looked back to Ryai, "I heal quick, remember? And thanks to a certain pervert we both know, I've gained an immunity of sorts to acohol."

"... hate." Ryai said with all the loathing she could muster as two more glasses were set down as the empty ones were taken away.

2nd November 2006, 2:52 AM
OOC: Ah, fudge. I leave for little more than a day and I have so much to catch up with. I need to pay more attention....

Oh, boy.

Chrom had given this boy a brief explanation of Pokémon and their role in the world, and he got the entire back story of a superhero. His powers, his family, the whole biography, almost as though it was a simple thing that he could (and did) tell to everyone. He even passively told about his father's death, as though it was a simple fact of life. I could almost feel that Kaylie was growing more and more uneasy by the second. Who knows, maybe hanging out with a Metang and, occasionally, Mew was beginning to rub off on me. Either way, the leaves rustling as she continually stepped and shifted her weight gave it away.

During his speech, Mew almost subconsciously told me the boy's name, M'anta. Oddly enough, the boy was telling me all about his past as a hero, and yet he forgot to tell me what to call him by. Luckily, the pair didn't have to listen to the whole thing, as a wolf barking something that sounded like "KITTY!" at the top of its lungs had interrupted via pouncing on the psychic legend, rolling over it once before stopping with her pinned to the ground. Kaylie looked on in apparent horror, as did Chrom, until Mew reminded everyone that Pokémon of any stature are NOT to be angered or messed with in any way.

Just as quickly as she had been caught off-guard, Mew summoned up a strong psychic pulse, throwing the canine through the air in a beautiful arc, causing the creature to land fifteen feet away at his owner's feet. Said owner, who at least looked like a demon-boy, helped his wolf up before approaching the group and apologizing deeply for the instincts of his animal. He introduced himself as Lucifer Leonheart, and gave the first impression that he was nowhere near dishonorable at all. M'anta, however, replied by telling Lucied (the wolf) in a matter-of-fact sort of way that it was very close to being electrified by him and ought to stick with chew toys.

Chrom gave an apologetic look to Lucifer, but was unsure if Lucifer had seen it at all. M'anta then finished up what little was left of his story, which finally brought Kaylie to the breaking point, where she couldn't take anymore. She swooned, light-headed, before the self-claimed hero took this as his cue and, with lightning reflexes, caught the girl before she fell anywere or Chrom could move.

"Chrom, is she always like this?" M'anta asked. Chrom saw this as a trick question. He could either lie to a seemingly cocky alien that could likely rip him apart in under three seconds or give away her insecurities, which as a friend he really didn't want to do in front of the boy, whom he had perceived that Kaylie wasn't that fond of, either. So he gritted his teeth to himself, shrugged and gave off a half-sure answer that Kaylie had likely fainted because of everything happening so fast. It was a half-truth, but M'anta seemed to believe this and brought her over to a couch, where he made a joke about Kaylie's weak-kneedness. As the blue man backed away a bit, Chrom stepped in and checked her forehead. At his touch, Kaylie came back around, and Chrom was glad that she didn't feel that bad.

Of course, she would be medically fine, there was to be no doubt about that. Kaylie had suffered from a minor nervous breakdown, however, most of which was caused by a severe lack of thought of others. She had just stuffed the background of a super-powered alien prince into her memory along with her everlasting partner being struck down by a wolf, and she easily got very tense and soft-nerved in situations like parties to begin with. She was going to need to stay on the couch for a while before going anywhere.

"Yeah," M'anta said to the air, as if he had thought he heard Chrom say something, even though he hadn't. "Just get her some water or something." Chrom shook his head slightly, out of the alien's view, and headed for the nearest drink table. Right now, he would comply with the hero, as not to get on his nerves. He poured two glasses of water and brought them both back to where Kaylie was. Chrom offered her a drink, which she took, and patted her reassuringly on the arm. She would be fine, she just needed to rest a bit before she went anywhere. Chrom started to kneel down and stay with her, but then he looked up to find M'anta, instead finding an absence of M'anta. At least he wouldn't complicate things for a moment.

2nd November 2006, 2:59 AM
Foxy crossed her arms and tapped her foot. Her date, Rumore, was late. She waited at the door way, already having showed her invite.

"Where in the world is he?!" She managed not to scream it but said it loud enough that someone going into the ball gave her a odd look. After about another twenty minutes of waiting for Rumore she went inside. Her tail swung around wildly, on account she was more annoyed then ever, her ears were also folded back. She stood by the bar and played around with little puffs of fire.

She looked around, nothing interesting was happening. She sighed and said "Why did I ever agree to come?". More people arived, some having creatures with them. The scared Foxy a bit because some of them looked like dogs. She continued to play around with the small puffs of fire for a long time...

The Pokemon Master
2nd November 2006, 3:11 AM
OOC: Lot of catching up to do...
I glared at the building through my visor. The invitation I had received, to attend this 'Ball,' was suspicious to no end in and of itself. I had, of course, assumed that there would be others attending, but in the past hour I had witnessed various fantastic creatures and people (if they could be called that) strolling into the place, each carrying a letter that appeared all too similar to my own. Who could have the power to bring us together... I wondered. An idle thought. I quickly banished it. My concentration could leave no room for flights of fancy.

I stood in the shadows across the street for several minutes more before finally deciding my mind. At the very least, I could enter and measure up the competition. If there was no suitable challenge, I would be denied my main interest, and would logically need to pursue another. Perhaps someone might attempt to befriend me. My lips curved upwards in a cruel smile. How entertaining that might prove to be.

Gauntleted hand brushing against my sheathed sword, I strode across the empty street and pulled the door open. I was soon greeted by a demonic creature, who asked for my invitation in a no-nonsense voice. Gripping my sword's hilt in my right hand as I extended my empty left, the air shimmered slightly before my letter materialized in my grasp. Seemingly satisfied, the demon stood aside, allowing me to enter. This creature seems quite powerful... and, possibly, it is the entity responsible for this gathering. It seems to be in charge, at least. This may prove to be interesting after all...

As I stepped into the room, I scanned it quickly for a shadowed corner, and finding it, stepped into it before turning to survey the rest of the room, and its occupants. The group that captured my attention first was a motley assortment, a girl accompanied by what I recognized as Mew, a pale-looking human and a wolfish creature, a tall, armor-suited blue creature, and a fifteen-year-old boy. Apparently, they had just been a part of a small crisis and were sorting it out, as the girl, at least, was recovering from unconsciousness. Perhaps the results of this commotion will allow me to determine a worthy opponent... some of them seem quite confident in their abilities. Deciding to keep a watchful eye on the gathering for the time being, I folded my armored arms across my breastplate and waited.

2nd November 2006, 3:30 AM
A creature closely resembling the Legendary Suicune, casually walking toward a gigantic building that looked large enough to fit a full-grown Wailord in it. Making it to the large door some illumination fell on her show her full colors. Dark sickly violet fur and blood red mane that had a frazzle appearance. Atop her head large horn curl back toward her thick three tails. This was the one and only Rathune, known as the tainted Suicune and her polar-opposite. Rathune merely stared at the door with her rose red eyes as if it would telepathic know she was there by merely glaring at.

"Maybe we should knock..." calmly spoke a golden-eyed Linoone looking creature much smaller in stature who blend so well with his dark brown fur that was much more dominate than the tan markings. He was muscular to make up his shortness. As he looked up the red rimming around his eyes and his jagged teeth become visible. Not really waiting any longer for a respond he scratches the entrance with his blade-like nails. This little creature is Strike, a tainted version of a Linoone and possible the only friend of Rathune.

"I have no I idea why the heck I even came here..." the dark canine spoke as she impatiently waited for whoever to door the door, "All there is going to be when I get inside is a bunch of goody goodies let's rid the world of those who aren't pure!" She growled she had been confronted so many time by people and pokemon who wanted her dead just because she isn't pure. The only reason she probably came is so she could get a break for it all.

"I'm sure we will be able to find something to entertain us..." Strike tried to find something that could make things little less painful it should be. They stood their even longer the could hear something hit the ground and hard and then their was laughing and talking. The Suicune annoyingly began to grind her teeth. The small Linoone once again scratched on the door.

"That is IT!!! I'm not waiting out here all night, it's time to break down the door!" She roared and began to start charging at the door. Strike grabbed on to her trying to stop from being kicked out of the Halloween Party before she even got inside. The door slowly creaked opened and demon creatures stood there. "It took you long enough to open the stupid door." She stormed inside knocking the demon to the side and kept on going. Strike lifted the invitation and handed to the doorman before sprint off after Rathune.

Rathune looked around the party there were many humanoid creatures walking about chatting away their lives. There were fake cobwebs and music that didn't to her in the least made it feel remotely scary Halloween fun. It was more frightening for her to merely walk through a park because everyone just hated her so.

"This party is more like a convention for half'-human creature..." Rathune rudely talked, she spotted a Mew floating over near of group of mostly humans looking things. "A Mew... it a official this is exactly what I thought it would be..."

"Rathune... just give the party a chance... you never know..." The wise words of reason from Strike come out. Rathune sighed, immigrating to a corner and laid down, though her eyes were clearly concentrated on the Mew, one of the Legendary like Suicune who she hated.

Sonozaki Maya
2nd November 2006, 8:56 AM
Sylpherius thanked the bartender for the cocktail and got up, taking the Necronomicon with him. Just before he closed the covers, he thought he could hear a voice. Sylpherius shook the thought away and found that the katana concealed beneath his garments/costume was beginning to annoy him, so Sylpherius decided to just lug it around. Sylpherius clipped it to the waist part of his purple pajamas and someone caught his sight. It was in a rather secluded corner of the area, rather dark, surveying the area as if he were looking for someone... or something. He looked rather strong, it would be a worthy adversary if Sylpherius were to engage combat. But that would be foolish, especially in this attire. Sylpherius was thinking about that fellow. He sighed, and went to the wall nearest to him, reading through the Necronomicon from where he last stopped, keeping a close eye on that watcher.

Zephyr Flare
2nd November 2006, 9:44 AM
Karu Locketre:

For him, the whole fiasco seems a bit wierd, of course the few he knew prior to coming and less so now the "helper" was being savagely attacked by Total Eclipse Jaffa Cakes, it was feeling a tad on the quiet affair.

Choosing to move more out of the way, Karu ends up leaving where he had been standing near the doorway for walking a bit further in ever mindful for his tail being trodden on.

Loud noises, banter everywhere, booze yet still managing to be quieter than back home....

Shaking his head a slight, Karu decides to go investigate the table of fooood.

2nd November 2006, 5:43 PM
Spotting a wooden building to the right of the club, I directed Bashel towards it. It looked promising so far, it being a large, rectangular building with straw strewn across the entrance. I nodded. If it wasn't a stable, it at least bore the promise of shelter. Leaning down, I rested my hand on my horse’s chest. It was a little warm, but steadily cooling. Good.

As we drew nearer, I pulled her to a halt, sliding off and leading her the rest of the way. She was worn out, and I was fine walking from here. No use in making her lame for the sake of a few extra seconds that I would've had to spend healing her leg anyway. Besides, she's worked hard. She deserve a rest.

Nearing the door, I peeked inside, smiling when I saw that my assumption was correct. Rows of closed of stalls spanned the entire room, each including filled hay racks and water troughs. I nodded approvingly. They were well prepared.

I opened the doors further and led Bashel in, wrinkling my nose a little at the strong smell of horse manure that infiltrated every single stable in existance. Pausing, I turned, reaching into a saddle pack for the horse treats I had stored there earlier. I was fishing one of them out of my bag when a stable hand approached.

"Will you be staying long, sir?" He asked, reaching for the reins. I nodded, handing them over and thanking him. He smiled in reply and tugged Bashel away.

I waited to make sure she was stabled properly before walking out of the building. The afternoon sunshine beamed cheerily down on the world, as if bidding me a final goodbye as I exited the stable. I looked down, grimacing at the sight of my clothes. They were absolutely covered in horse hair, my trousers especially. I sighed. It couldn't be helped. Reached back, I slipped off my backpack, kneeling briefly to remove a lint brush.

At least I didn't get mud on my back.

Sprucing myself up, I gave myself a final check before finally heading towards the club. A few others had arrived whilst I'd taken care of Bashel, and were currently heading up the couple of steps that led to the front doors of the ball. Reaching into my breast pocket and drawing out the slightly creased letter, I walked leisurely across the road and to the entrance. A demon lounged to the left of the door, but its alert and searching eyes belied its carefree attitude. I raised my eyebrows at this. Interesting choice of a door keeper. I showed it the letter, stepping past it into the main ballroom. I smiled.

It was time for the fun to begin...

Mimori Kiryu
2nd November 2006, 6:18 PM
OoC: God I hate school. x_X


"Damn it!!" A young girl hurried to get her white costume boots on, knowing that she was already late and that the Ball had probably already started. "If I had known that Maiki wasn't going to wake me up from my nap...." She stood up, fixing her wig in the mirror.

Kyuren Thomas looked at her reflexion and sighed. She did resemble Winry Rockbell, her favorite character in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, but because of Kyuren's sometimes, inability to smile, she felt almost as if that it would've been better just to go as herself. Then again, no one really needed to know that she had an alter power. Not to mention one with a real big attitude problem...

She ran over, grabbing her bag and purse, walking out of her front door. Across the street, she saw humans, creatures and miscellaneous other things walking into where the Ball was taking place. Almost convient for her, considering that Kyuren was never early for anything. She was usually late because she didn't want to get some where and then have to wait for something to happen. It just didn't work for her style.

By this time, Kyuren had walked over to the entrance and went inside. There weren't that many people...but, there were, to say the least, enough people to make Kyuren unsure if she should've come. She trotted over to a table, sitting down and looking around. She began to wonder if the whole night they would to nothing but sit and converse their lives.

Seemed boring.

E-102 Gamma
2nd November 2006, 8:21 PM
OOC: If you needed an invitation from RaZoR LeAf, just say so, and I'll delete the post.

Emily Walker (E-102 Gamma)

Will you hurry up? A Metang asked, as Emily slowly came out, in the suit that resembled E-102 Gamma. Instead of the low, monsterous voice that the real Gamma had, the girl inside the suit complained.

"Look, it takes a long time to get the Gamma-Zero suit prepared, why do you think it takes me a while to start travelling, Cosmic?" The Metang, supposedly called Cosmic called, for he was already out of the door.

We're already late, if you don't hurry up, it'll be Christmas by the time we get there! Inside the large replica of E-102 Gamma, a girl wearing a black vest and black shorts, got herself into position, and began working at the controls. Outside, the suit began working it's legs, and the robot began to move, closing the door behind her, Emily made her way towards the ball. There were already some guests there, Emily was already compressed inside the suit, and opened up the helmet for some fresh air, a rush of chilly air came flusing into the suit, as Emily poked her head out for a look, there were some guests, but, there were enough to creep Emily, so she got back in, as Cosmic began to find a place for both of them to sit at.

The Pokemon Master
3rd November 2006, 1:36 AM
A small grin curved my lips before I flattened my face again. Not that anyone could see it through my helmet, but I considered it a personal lapse. Two changes in facial expression in a short period of time. Next thing I knew, I would be dancing and turning cartwheels for other people’s entertainment.

Still, the violet-haired watcher at the bar amused me. He likely did not even suspect that I knew of his observation, but I had seen his eyes lingering on me. There had been a look of consideration in those hazel eyes, one that I had long ago learned to be the look of one who was sizing up a potential opponent. I wondered why. Unless he was dressed differently than normal, he was no fighter, even given the sword he carried. And no warrior, of any kind, should be so unprepared for battle as to not be appropriately dressed. Even beyond that, his attire was ridiculous (not to mention the large book he held). The lavender nightdress and nightcap seemed completely out of place (on a male especially), even in a place with so many odd sights to see.

Whatever book he had in hand, I seemed to be occupying his mind rather than his reading material. Though he did not appear to be doing anything other than reading to the casual observer, he was watching me at the same time. Perhaps he would eventually think to approach and challenge me, if he ever found a more suitable outfit.

Meanwhile, I scanned the more recent additions to this… party. A creature resembling a scarlet Suicune, accompanied by a runt Linoone, had barreled into the room before settling into a corner and glaring at Mew. A finely dressed young man (with looks that I supposed women may have found good-looking) had strolled into the room after them, and was looking around expectantly. For what, I could only imagine. Another newcomer, a young, fairly short woman dressed up in a more normal suit than some of the other attendees, was sitting at a table near me, an expression of boredom on her face. The most recent arrivals had been a girl in some kind of robot suit accompanied by a Metang. None, with the possible exception of the miscolored Suicune, looked like anything even remotely resembling a possible challenge, or even a light warm-up exercise. I sighed mentally. Apart from the Legendary Pokémon in attendance and possibly one or two others, this… Ball… would likely only end by depriving me of time to keep myself at my full potential.

Still, I didn’t move a muscle. The situation across the room had still not resolved, and that pale youth was still watching me over the pages of his book. Not to mention the other various beings in the room. It was possible that I might even gain a relatively useful experience from my time here. Although I was becoming less sure of that as the time dragged on.

Sonozaki Maya
3rd November 2006, 1:59 AM
Sylpherius cursed to himself as he realized that it was useless. He resumed to reading his book, this time scanning the entire area. He hadn't really paid much attention to his surroundings. Well, he was going to do so now. He had ignored the armoured fellow, as he didn't want to make himself look any more silly than he already did (seeing as this was a costume). He stared intently at the other people in the room, all whilst reading at the pointless, inane content of this absolutely fake Necronomicon, and ended up seeing various people. Pokemon. Others too. The attendees who really caught Sylpherius' eye was a girl in a robotic suit and her Metang, something resembling Suicune and the motley crew of people who had been conversing about their cultures or whatever they were talking about. Sylpherius really didn't care. But in the end, he was going to feel disappointed, especially since he had barely anything to do.

3rd November 2006, 4:03 AM
OOC: E-102 Gamma you don't need him to invite you but you do need to post a sign-up in the sign-up thread and you're accepted unless he says so otherwise. It shouldn't be to hard to find it sticky in the sign-up thread.


Rathune's eyes quickly swift to a guy the suddenly moved to a wall close to her. As she narrow her eyes suspiciously at the violet haired, pale human. He seem to be so deeply into a book in his hand. A normal creature would assume that he was just changing scenery. As for her she was on the paranoid side. She act as if uninterested and began once again to glare the pink floating feline. Strike got up on his paws his bright eyes scan the area. He then turned to violet furred Suicune.

"Rathune..." Strike spoke in whisper voice, "I'm going to scout the area... I'll be right back." With that the small Linoone strolled across the floor in a normal matter. Crossing path with someone wearing a suit of armor. He scan the black metal that cover his whole body and the two sheathes as his side. He continued walking eventually making over to the food table. Jumping top of it,he suddenly seemed to be interested in the food and drinks that were scatter on the table.

The tainted Suicune still feeling uneasy by the man sitting about a yard away. She began to stare at him keeping her head pointed towards Mew. She saw the hazel eyes look at her before returning the papers of the book. Trying her best to just forget what she saw she tried her best to concentrate on something else. She stopped to stare the a person stand as still like a tree on a quiet night. Because of the helmet covering the human, well she assumed face she couldn't define gender. Once more she looked back the one reading the book and this time their eyes met and the canine went on the defensive until she could confirm what the human was up to. She wasn't the three strike you out kind, first time it's a warning and second things become more direct.

"What do you want!" Rathune barked, knowing she probably getting all worked up over nothing but living in the wild where many despise you can cause one to do that. She decide to try to tell the man in a calmly manner to stop eyeballing. "If you don't stop taking glances at me I'm going to get physical, got that human!" She tried and failed, and to add to her threat in a way she began to show her large pointed teeth.

Yami Ryu
3rd November 2006, 4:36 AM
Ryai it seemed, had a low tolerance for acohol, as barely another glass later, she was passed out with her face in a bowl of pretzels. Shinigami sighed and flicked one out of her hair, "Can't take you anywhere, can I?" He said before scooping her up, deciding now was a good time to leave. As he turned to leave, he walked a bit, though made a big le-way past a large Suicine with a mutter of 'Excuse me deranged mutt, coming through,' not really waiting for a reply as he was a 'clone' on a mission.

The next person he was about to go past, did make him blink, and mutter, "You know, green leotards are so out this season... and if you were going for the whole goblin king look, I think you should try black, a wig, and a sock stuffed into your pants." and with that Shini shifted Ryai and headed for the door, already getting a bad vibe about the newest comers; the 'mutt' and some of the other party goers.

3rd November 2006, 5:21 AM
"What did you say to me" She turned the creature that passed her. It was a white and blue cat that she knew was Mewtwo. Rathune clench her teeth even tighter and release an aggressive growl. "If have something to say to me say to my face you overgrown fat cat!" She shout as the cat he guided a strange black winged humanoid creature with reddish gold horns. She had completely forgotten about the guy that looking at her as her anger began to reach its peak.

He continued for the door ignoring her and only infuriating her more. She blood-stained nails scraped the floor. Her eyes seem to glow. An unnatural wind beings to blow inside the building. This wind was once able to taint most that come intact with it but it was reduce to a breeze of pure wind. The deep scarlet tattered locks to the side of her head. She lowered her head and the twisted horns aim towards the Mewtwo.

"I REFUSE TO LET YOU IGNORE ME!!!" Rathune's voice become nearly distorted and monstrous. The air become more powerful and the sound of paper and clothes flapping in the wind filled the area. Everybody attention turn to her but all she could think about is the that she had been insulted by one she hasn't even made eye-contact with.

Yami Ryu
3rd November 2006, 5:57 AM
"Neh?" Shini went, half distracted in keeping Ryai's dress from showing to much from the strange and sudden breeze that popped up. Then he noticed the shouting, and glanced over his shoulder slightly with a sigh. "What, did I get your species wrong? Are you a kitty instead?" and Shini shifted a bit, "or just attention deprived?" He really didn't seem hurt by the 'fat cat' comment.

"I advise you to, as the term is, 'Chill Out', I'm not all I seem kitty, and I'm not interested in breaking rules or playing with you." Shini made a face as the drunken Ryai mumbled something, even if it sounded like nonsense. "As you see my friend is drunk," and Shini turned away from Rathune again, "Come on Ryai, lets go and get some coffee into you so you can be such a little morning person all the sooner," easy to tell he was being sarcastic about the last part.

Lady Myuu
3rd November 2006, 6:09 AM
Myuu had not really been enjoying herself that much, that and she was getting sugar high off cherry 7 up. Not really sure how that was possible. She sat bored at the bar as she nibbled on some chips, not looking around as no one had interacted with her at all.

Thats when she heard it, the loud booming noise of someone's angry vioce. Turning her head the pink eared woman paused as she saw the strange suicune like creature yelling at a rather cute looking Mewtwo. "Meh none of my business..." As Myuu started to turn away she paused and looked back.

"...Yams? er... Ryai?" she gasped in surprise at the daze state of the girl. Jumping to her feet and declaring that Yams must have been drugged by something not very nice, the mew hybrid began to march over in a huff before well just as she neared Rathune tripped on her dress and well... fell against the rather hissy fitty sucuine taint.

The Pokemon Master
3rd November 2006, 11:00 AM
Now this may become interesting... I thought. A seemingly random series of blunders, triggered by an odd, blue, not-quite Mewtwo bumping aside the on-edge scarlet Suicune, might end up providing some useful knowledge of some of these creatures' talents in battle. Unless, of course, the demon manager put a stop to it. The invitation hadn't seemed very eager for violence of any kind at this Ball. Quite the opposite, in fact. Still, the situation was already giving me a wealth of information about these people and Pokémon.

I spared a glance for the runt Linoone that had observed me momentarily earlier. He was at the bar now, and apparently trying to immerse himself (and occasionally literally doing so) in the food and drinks. Perhaps I had unnerved him slightly. The Suicune had stared at me momentarily as well, but her attention continually shifted back to the pale, violet-haired youth in the lavender nightclothes. I could practically feel the tension building within the Pokémon, so that when it finally burst out in words, I wasn't even surprised. And then the blue Mewtwo-ish creature, carrying a strange girl with a long, spiked tail, two large, black-blue wings (not to mention the reddish horns), and dressed almost in a royal manner, finally managed to distract the Suicune. Unfortunately for him, the Pokémon seemed to take great offense at this, and began shouting. I noticed a slight shiver passing among the other occupants of the room, ruffling the hair of those who had any, and assumed that the Suicune had summoned up a wind, whatever good that might do it. And when the Mewtwo stopped to give it a few parting shots (during which time I got a clear look at the girl it was carrying and realized that she was drunk), I just watched as the furnace of the Pokémon's temper was stoked still further. Very soon after that, a woman with almost Mew-like ears and tail came marching across the floor before ruining the impression and tripping on her dress. Not only that, but she failed to catch herself and fell directly into the Suicune, who at this point looked almost ready to explode.

Even if laughing without reason was forbidden to me (a limitation imposed and obeyed by myself), I had to work not to. Which was in itself a first since a great many years in the past. But throughout it all, I watched the room, particularly the situation near the Suicune, never moving, never making a sound. I had all the patience and time in the world.

3rd November 2006, 5:15 PM
Noticing the fight brewing in the center of the hall, I casually stepped away, heading past the raging, over-sized dog in the direction of the bar. As much fun as those involved looked like they were having, I was not getting involved without a good reason. I had spent while trying to get here, and I could use a good old shandy...

An odd flicker of light drew my eyes to a shadowy corner, where an armored knight cooly surveyed the action. I raised my eyebrows at his attire. Wasn't he going to get hot in such a suit? If he wasn't already. Shrugging, I caught the eye of the barman and slid into a seat.

"A dry martini, if you would."

He nodded, reaching under the bar for a sparkling glass. I turned my head slightly while I waited, keeping half an eye on the preceedings behind me.

...I must admit, the humanoid cat interested me. It was just so... odd. I watched as it glared down the outraged creature before it, simply ignoring the chilling wind that whipped through its white and blue fur. The dog-like beasy was crouched low, its blood red mane and tails whipping out in its anger. I sized the two of them up, noting the dogs glistening claws. If it came to a battle of physical strength, surely the cat would lose. But there was something about the confident way he held himself that made me doubt the outcome, there was something more in those cold, violet eyes...

They made for an interesting battle.

E-102 Gamma
3rd November 2006, 8:52 PM
Emily (E-102 Gamma)

Emily sighed, and clamboured out of the hot suit, unable to take anymore of the heat, she sighed, and sat down at a table, where Cosmic was muttering to himself. Emily decided to talk first.

"I can't take so much heat inside that suit..." She sighed, as Cosmic continued muttering to himself, Emily noticed a Linoone, snagging some of the food that was avalable, then, Emily noticed another guy, ina knight's armour, she muttered.

"Well, at least SOMEONE may have the difficulties I have with the suit..." Emily decided to get back in, and try to meet some of the guests. She clamboured back into the large replica, and closed the helmet. Emily decided to try and make a conversation with the Linoone, so, she marched over, and using the attached microphone on the control unit, Emily started the conversation.

"Um... hi!" She decided not to try and scare the guests, after what happened last year, she WOULDN'T try that again.

3rd November 2006, 10:28 PM
OOC: sorry this took so long, was just a bit busy. And I didn't know how to react to all the Bunnying which is still not alright, what whatever, it's fixed. Kaylie doesn't like M'anta. The end.

‘Kaylie…?’ Mew asked, tilting her head as she saw her partner loosing balance after that one last bit of information. The human was blinking rapidly, and Mew could practically feel her losing it. Oh dear…well, at least Chrom is here incase anything happ- but Mew’s thought were interrupted when Kaylie’s knees buckled and the girl began to sway from dizziness. But before Kaylie could fall even an inch, the alien had made a move and caught her in one swift movement. It seemed that the alien's cold, foreign touch was the last thing she could handle, and Kaylie fainted.

Aaaaaand Kaylie is down for the count. Mew thought to herself as her human partner fainted. After a quick poke at her mind, Kaylie's last thoughts had been ‘He’s a prince? And his brother and mother rule together...isn’t that called ‘incest’ or something?’ Beautiful. Juuuuust beautiful.

Mew turned her attention away from Kaylie’s now blank mind and back to the situation at hand. It was actually quite comical, really- the alien in green was holding the body of poor Kaylie, who, even in her unconscious state, was stiff in his arms, as if repulsed by his scaly skin. Chrom was standing just a wee bit off to the side, staring at M’anta uselessly and looking like somewhat of an idiot.

Of course, it was really the alien who was the idiot. Mew mentally attacked herself. I knew I should have done something! Oh dear, this M’anta has just stolen Chrom’s thunder…how very rude! Mr. Mindreading fish should have been able to tell that it’s not his place to help those who already have someone to ‘rescue’ them. This ruins everything…what if Chrom gets jealous, or thinks Kaylie likes this guy? Oh dear oh dear oh dear… Mew couldn’t help but worry, but was careful not to let M’anta get into her thoughts. This wasn’t a hard task, since the Legendary’s psychic powers were far stronger than those of the Aquan.

“Chrom, is she always like this?” M’anta asked, turned to Kaylie’s friend, as if he had completely forgotten about the god Pokémon’s presence. There goes the ‘it’s an honor to stand in your presence’ remark. If he was so honored, he wouldn’t be so rude! Hrm, as Mother I love all life, but I never created these Aquan people. Still, this M’anta is a living breathing creature, and I know he means no harm. Hah, but despite his rather nonexistent perception of emotion, he is quite funny.

“Not really- she just had a lot of your info to take in.” Chrom said with a shrug, bringing Mew back to the situation at hand. Right, Kaylie unconscious, M’anta hovering over her and Chrom looking out of place with the hero and damsel. Beautiful.

Both males seemed somewhat concerned, but Mew could tell that to M’anta, Kaylie was just another defenseless victim, while Chrom actually cared about her well-being, which was easy to tell when he asked if she would be alright.

“Yeah, just get her some water or something.” Oh yes, a complete lack of emotional understanding. If he was such a wise hero, he’d know that nobody got hurt from just fainting.

Of course, immediately after this M’anta’s attention turned elsewhere, leaving Chrom to lean over Kaylie and check her forehead. Typical superhero moving on from one thing to another. As Kaylie’s eyes opened at her friend’s gentle touch, Mew smiled to herself, glad to see that despite being somewhat confused, Kaylie was fine and more importantly, seemed to react very well to her friend’s actions.

With the knowledge that Kaylie looked fine, Chrom went over to the nearest drink table to grab two cups of water as insturcted. Mew continued to watch Kaylie stir, but watched M’anta converse with some other boy in the corner of her eye. In the middle of his conversation he received a call of sorts on some sort of cell phone, and without even excusing himself, he left. Mew huffed, somewhat peeved, causing a slight wind to rustle the pieces of fabric on both her and Kaylie’s costumes. Just like she thought- he didn’t even care about those around him, as long as they were safe.

With the water in hand, Chrom returned to Kaylie, patting her reassuringly, as if to see ‘the big bad alien is gone’. Kaylie smiled, blushing slightly as she took a cup and drank deeply. Then remembering that M’anta was amphibious, her eyes widened and she looked sick. She put the cup back on the floor, still half filled with water and turned to look up at her friend.

“Thanks,” she blurted awkwardly, blinking rapidly and trying to keep away a blush. “I really…I just didn’t like him. And he told his entire life story as if it were some kind of huge joke that he tells everyone.” Kaylie shook her head. “Sounds a bit stupid, but there was something about that whole straightforward, get-up-and-go-rescue-everyone attitude that made me feel sick. Maybe…because I’m expected to help save the world with twenty other people and Pokémon I don’t know…but it just…really got to me…” At this point, the girl was practically speaking nonsense, saying whatever she was thinking and getting all nervous because of a pulse of adrenaline flowing through her. Mew sighed and calmed the girl down using her telepathic powers, trying to lower the remaining panic and sense of overload Kaylie was thinking. The girl stopped talking, eyes drooping and lay back down on the couch.

‘She really…just needs a few minutes to calm down.’ Mew explained gently, looking up with bright blue eyes at up the only boy who seemed to care for Kaylie’s well-being. ‘She’ll be fine.’

It was then Mew noticed the demon boy standing closeby, looking awkward and out of place with his companion, the wolf, standing next to him.

Mew flew off of the couch to float right in front of the two and addressed them. ‘And I too am fine, thank you for your concern. But perhaps next time a closer eye should be kept on your Familiar, yes? Mew said with a touch of sarcasm. But then she laughed.

‘Truly, I am perfectly fine and unharmed, Luckily for your wolf friend, I knew he meant no harm, and even if Mr. Noble Mindreading Fish had made a motion to do something, I would have stopped him. But for shame! You gave my human friend quite a fright!’ Mew giggled, looking back at Kaylie. ‘But no need to place too much blame on yourselves. She is well, and in the end it was the alien that was the last thing she could take.’

3rd November 2006, 11:31 PM

It was getting late. I looked at my watch and then at the moon and the stars. The stars here didn't quite match the ones back home. I wondered which one Aquarius was around from this part of the planet. Times like this I wish I had my friends around.

I sensed things were slightly heating up inside. It wasn't really my concern. I could already sense Kaylie awakening and there wasn't a need to rush in and see to her. That Chrom guy seemed more than capable of it. There a bit of a scuffle between some of the guests.

I heard the distant hum of a green hovercar arriving up the driveway. The occupant beeped the horn when she entered the estate and I waved knowing that the driver was none other than Jenna, my girlfriend. She parked the car nearby and she soon stepped out of the vehicle.

She was weating her dark blue and gold uniform with the gold belt and the Starbolts logo on her chest. Her blonde hair was tied back and her blue eyes glistened in the moonlight as she walked up to the place. She looked behind me and saw several people coming and going. I could tell she was just as confused as I was.

"Hey, M'anta." Jenna hugged me. It felt good to hold her. Our telepathic bond was strongest when we were together.

"Jenna, I'm beginning to doubt my place here." I motioned to house. "Seems like eeryone has a pokemon in there."

"Well, it can't be that bad." Jenna patted my shoulder and took my hand. "Come on, let's get inside before we freeze."

"You?" I laughed. "Freeze?"

She had the ability to generate fire as well as control wind and heal people with a touch. It's hard to believe she's ever cold. She laughed at my comment and we were back toward the door.

"I should tell you, the people inside aren't used to superheroes." I started. "Managed to freak out a girl after her friend asked about my origin."

Jenna felt my dolphin-like skin on my cheek. She really liked how smooth it was. "Guess she has a lot to learn. But, I wouldn't worry about it."

"Yeah, I know." I opened the door. "So, what now?"

"Now, we check this place out and see if we can try to have a good time here." Jenna shut the door behind her.

I could see Kaylie, Chrom and mew on the other side of the room. I decided to keep my distance from them for now. Slowly, the two of us walked up to the bar. The bartender, a surly looking man, stood in front of us and polished a couple glasses.

"What'll it be?" he asked.

"Rum and coke for me." I ordered.

"And I'll have a black russian." Jenna ordered.

"Black russian?" I looked at Jenna.

"Marcus said I needed to expand my horizons." she laughed in the cutest way possible. "Besides, it looks like we're in it for the long haul."

She had a point. She usually does. The bartender gave us the drinks and I started to raise my glass.

"Well, here's to a nice stay here." I clinked her glass.

"View from here's terrific, blue." Jenna smirked as she leaned in to kiss me.

We kissed right at the bar. I finally had a reason for sticking around this place. Jenna meant a lot to me and for her to be here meant that I could have someone to talk to. She was everything to me and I was glad she was here.

4th November 2006, 12:17 AM
OOC: Sorry, this is my first post, I was grounded. Sorry if it's not good.......

IC: Miriam

Miriam was sitting by the refreshments. No one had noticed her and that's the way she liked it. She was drinking Root Beer and was sitting in one of those foldable chairs.

"Hi," she said to someone coming to the punch bowl.

The person hadn't heard her quiet, shy voice though and went back to the dance floor.

Miriam sat there, watching people dance together. She felt empty inside. She knew that not everybody were in pairs, but watching those who were made her stomach churn. She had once had a boyfriend, but once Miriam asked him out, he had hated her.

Why are guys like that? she wondered.

Miriam decided to walk outside and talk to her pokemon using the only power she had.

So many people have awsome powers, and I can only talk to and heal pokemon...... she thought miserably.

She walked outside and let out Aqua and Ember.

"It's about time," said Ember yawning. "I was starting to think you found a date, but that's unlikely."

"Oh, thanks," said Miriam.

"Why don't you find someone to dance with?" asked Aqua.

"I don't ask people, I wait until I'm asked," Miriam said.

Miriam, Ember, and Aqua layed on the grass looking and the stars and spoke to each other. Miriam was glad that this place was so big since there weren't many people outside.

Sonozaki Maya
4th November 2006, 4:23 AM
Sylpherius had noticed someone walk out of the venue. He had sensed some sort of... no, a variety of loneliness within her. Sylpherius also took note that she was able to communicate with Pokemon. That would make interesting conversation, Sylpherius had thought to himself. He also wanted to be away from the hustle and bustle of the inside and go outside, see nature's call. He was also alone in a way too, like a wallflower in a proper ballroom party. Sylpherius sighed and went outside the same way the girl did, and saw her with her Pokemon. Sylpherius decided not to give her a scare, but felt the need to say something. "So," Sylpherius said in a soft, timid voice. "You feelin' okay?" he asked.

4th November 2006, 4:48 AM
Kaylie turned a quarter-shade redder at Chrom's touch, but took a sip of the liquid regardless of the tint on her face. However, as soon as she had drank, both of them remembered that M'anta was a creature of water. Chrom was about ready to hit himself physically on the head for it, but Kaylie was quicker. The red on her face turning to a slight green spoke for itself. They both retired their glasses to the floor, and she sat up and turned to him uneasily.

“Thanks,” Kaylie said, not nearly as smooth as usual. Chrom didn't claim to be a mind reader like Mew, but he knew that with most people, starting to talk in this manner usually lead to fury, ranting or both. “I really…I just didn’t like him," she continued. "And he told his entire life story as if it were some kind of huge joke that he tells everyone.” She shook her head. “Sounds a bit stupid, but there was something about that whole straightforward, get-up-and-go-rescue-everyone attitude that made me feel sick."

By this point, Kaylie was beginning to sound very angry. "Maybe…because I’m expected to help save the world with twenty other people and Pokémon I don’t know…but it just…really got to me…” Nothing beyond this point was comprehensible, just a fury of mad jabbering and frustration toward M'anta. Mew evidently had managed to mentally soothe her, as she began to slow down to a mutter, then a stop. Tired and with her fists still clenched in rage, Kaylie lay back down on the couch. Chrom lay his hand on her shoulder again, and Mew floated in at his side, the Pokémon's sapphire eyes showing compassion for her friend.

She really…just needs a few minutes to calm down. Mew explained to him in a calm mental voice. She’ll be fine. Of course, Chrom knew Kaylie well enough that this was not a surprise to him at all, and he thought back to himself, I know she will. Mew more than likely didn't hear his last thought, though, as she was already occupying herself with the demon boy and his wolf. Chrom turned back to Kaylie, who was still fuming on the couch.

"Actually, to be truly honest, I didn't like him much either," Chrom said with as level a voice as he could muster. "Someone's life story isn't one that someone just hands out like a bake sale flyer. Both you and I have things that are better left unsaid, especially with you having that job ahead of you like you said and me being a future gym leader." Chrom stopped for a second, taking a deep breath. "He didn't seem to be all that perceptive, either. I mean, he completely ignored me until I stood next to him and talked directly to him." He shrugged. "But can we forget about that for a while? We'll need to keep our heads, and if I keep talking about him like this I just might pick a fight and get us both kicked out. Anyway..."

Chrom stood up and grabbed both the cups of water. "I'm going to get us something more... suitable to drink. Can you stay here for a second?" He meant this rhetoricaly and gave Kaylie a smile that said that he wouldn't be long before heading back to the punch bowl.

"I'm not going anywhere," Kaylie said as she left. Chrom could almost swear he heard a faint "thanks" from Kaylie, making him turn a slight red shade. He had left before Kaylie could see, though, and dumped the plastic cups in a nearby trash bin. Hopefully he could get away from hearing about M'anta for a while.

OOC: In regards to recent offenses (see Psychic's last post for more info), I shall be the only one controlling my character. Bunnyers will have to go back and work around me if need be on Chromly matters.

4th November 2006, 5:27 AM
OOC: I haven't really mentioned much, but Lucifer's actually a vampire, so beware! (Right, he hates eathign from live humans anyway, so relax)

Lucifer heaved a huge sigh of relief when the kitten (or called Mew, he believed) told him that the girl (Kaylie, he recalled her name was) was all right. The Mew is really quite optimistic, despite everything that happened, the boy mused to himself as he smiled back, this time not wanting to show my fangs and alarm anyone further. Lucied had been enough cause of distraction. The boy looked as the Chrom guy got up towards the punch bowl. Cautiously, Lucifer walked towards the girl, who was lying on the couch.

“Err… sorry for everything again,” I apologized, “Lucied gets a little reactive around cats, to put it mildly… well, I didn’t introduce myself well just now. I’m Lucifer Leonheart. You’re Kaylie, I presume?” I asked the question with a slight smile, still not wanting to alarm her with my fangs. As Lucied would have quoted…

Humans are fragile creatures after all.

…shut it, Lucied. You’ve scared the poor girl bad enough with your fiasco. Don’t force me to do something melodramatic around here. Its already bad enough I’m the only dead guy ‘round here.

I told you should have not come here.

Can’t a teenager get to a party in like, ONCE EVERY FIFTY YEARS?! He mentally screamed at the wolf, so loud he was quite sure that the telepathic Mew would be able to pick it up. Gritting his teeth, he added mentally to his familiar, we’ll talk later, Lucied. For now… just shut up.

The familiar didn’t respond, but grinned towards his master while the median rolled his eyes. This was going to be a looooooonnnnnnnnnnng night…

Knightblazer ;262;

4th November 2006, 7:03 AM
Lihn had been bored, but now her attention had been grabbed by some sort of deranged wolf with violet fur and a red mane that was yelling at other partygoers. This did not look good, not at all... She knew that this could only end in chaos.

Especially when, as she was approaching the group, a pink cat person (!) tripped up and almost fell on the angry creature.

"Whoops!" Lihn said, flicking a furry sky blue wing with navy blue membranes between the falling hybrid and wolf, though she was careful not to hit anyone else. She was lucky (extremely) to have made it in time to break her fall. "Hey, are you alright? I can't imagine that fall going over well..." The Queobe said, helping the cat girl - actually a Mew hybrid - right herself.

"And what are you yelling about? You should calm down... um, whatever-your-name-is." Lihn said, looking blankly at the wolfish creature that was really a tainted Suicune. Oh, I do hope I didn't rile her up more...

4th November 2006, 8:05 AM
Strike found interest in the thin, light yellow, crispy flakes. He hadn't see anything like it and every time he attempted to pick on up it crumpled in his claw. After five times of the same result he just knocked over the entire bowl and began to eat off the nice clothed table. The flakes salty touch tickle his taste buds. Then the person in a bright red robot with a yellow head began to communicate with him. He on a normal situation might of just ignore her (he assume it was a her by the voice) but he did come to this party to meet new people, see a new side things, and also to get a break for the tainted hunters.

"Hello..." he spoke quite clearly there was bit of silence between them, "My name is Strike...um... What do you call these?" The Linoone pointed towards the golden ovals scattered of the table surface; he was sure that a human would know the name of the crunch flakes.

She began to say something but his attention was taken by the unusual breeze indoor and quite a familiar on for him. Without even being able to see what was going he know that it was Rathune and by the sound of her voice she was furious.

"Oh man... sorry got to go" He leapt off the table and sprinted outward toward the crowd of people who had gather. He began to squeeze his small body through the jungle of long legs of the crowd. It seem once again being tiny has helped him.

"Chill out, I'll show you chill out" The tainted Suicune temper had boiled over with those strings of insults. A blue light dance the edge of her muzzle. It increase in brightness as the began to power-up and she began to aim her attack. Just as she began to fire someone bumped into and completely threw off her entire attack. The glow beam hit and an inch away for the door went in a diagonal up the wall. Thick ice form in the route the beam hit and it let out a glittering blue glow. "Who dare interrupt my attack!"

Rathune turned to the one that had collide with her as enrage as ever. She looked at the human with her pink cat ear and long pink tail. Two features of a Mew. The Mew hybrid had pick the worst time to come and stumble into her. So did whoever after that knocked her in the head. A human-fox with wings came to help the cat. Her devil eyes had a most intimidating glare.

"You two won't be interfering with me anymore." She to began to crouch down toward them to dig her fangs deep into the hybrids arms. Though more than likely the hybrids probably would have done something to stop her they didn't get the chance as small brown pokemon intercepted the attack. It of course was Strike.

"Okay Rathune... you need to take a deep breath and relax..." he suggested to the way beyond infuriated canine. "I know I wasn't here but I think you're going little overboard... We didn't come here to kill people, we can do that anytime. We're here to relax and possibly have some fun..." It seemed that some of his words had soothe her a bit though it certainly hadn't cooled her anger.

"Curse you Strike... why did you have to get in my way. You think that you would learn by now to not get in my way." Rathune growled was still very ticked but much calmer and think quite clearly. She knew that he was right she really dislike when he was right and she was wrong. "Fine, I'll stop if everyone would just leave the heck alone!" The indoor gale came to an end and Rathune stomped off they all moved of her way. The Linoone watch her going somewhere up stairs but knew it would be best to let her cool down before making contact. He turned to the two hybrid.

"Be careful next time... especially when she get mad... she actually being extremely kind today..... normally she would have fire an powerful shadow ball that would have been million times more painful than excruciating pain." That was their words of advice for one that knows the tainted canine better than anyone else.

Yami Ryu
4th November 2006, 8:15 AM
Shinigami stared down at the runt Linoone, he hadn't all been impressed by the attack. Nor the Suicune, or anything else for the matter. "Listen, shiny shrimp," Shini said flatly, it was clear he had had enough, but mostly from stupidity and rule breakers. "Just because I look like a pokemon, doesn't mean I am a pokemon, and I have had to deal with ripped off limbs, stabbings, shootings, and more stuff, much more painfull than a mere attack from an upset animal." and Shini snorted and muttered, "And she should be greatfull princess here wasn't awake. I doubt she'd be able to have taken on a giant dragon... so maybe you should keep your friend on a short leash instead of acting like a little side kick making it seem I am the villian."

Turning his attention from the Linoone, "Oi, Myuu, you watch where you step. I'm not your keeper, can't really protect you if you mess up again," and with a slight wave to Myuu and the one that had helped her (which wasn't easy as he had his arms full), he turned and moved off.

Zephyr Flare
4th November 2006, 10:35 AM
Keeping mine short, no reason to have them longer for myself currently.

Karu Locketre:

Karu shook his head slightly munching another preztel inwardly wondering why just about everybody seemed convinced to start breaking out in scraps and go on a power trip.

After all, he is the only Noctria there not to mention non-human and none of thos Pokemon things either, maybe they need those to contact each other maybe? It certainly felt like it on top of having to strut around while the owner appeared occupied.

Shaking his head again, Karu moves his tail out the way and munches another pretzel wodnering how it mnages to twist it's self so deliously while ignoring the potential bannable "fireworks" in the room.

The Pokemon Master
4th November 2006, 3:42 PM
I snorted softly. There really wasn’t very much to be gained simply by watching these people and creatures. No new guests had arrived and actually stayed in the room, and I was beginning to wonder if this ‘Ball’ would ever fulfill its named purpose. According to what I my vocabulary, a Ball was meant to be a formal party, and usually included dancing. Yet the massive stage in the adjacent area had gone completely unnoticed by any of the partygoers. I silently conducted an inner debate on whether or not to conduct a practice session in the open, clear area for several minutes. Both sides of the mental argument brought up some good points. The argument against doing such a thing used the fact that it would showcase my talents and limits to the rest of the attendees to great effect. Meanwhile, the argument for doing so countered that it was pointless to simply stand and watch, doing nothing, when I could be honing my skills. The point that began to decide me (that such a demonstration might provoke others to do the same) was brought up by the argument supporting practice, and when it followed with the proposition that I did not even have to demonstrate the full range of my abilities, I was decided.

I had already noticed an excellent surround sound setup around the dance floor, and now I would be searching for the control room of the system. Luckily, even this did not require me to move at all, as my corner of the room was positioned almost opposite the dance floor, with an obligingly open view of the entire thing. It did not take long to discover the tinted windows presiding the area within the far wall, and the cunningly disguised steps to it were found soon after. Good… as soon as some appropriate music is set, I shall begin. I wonder what selection they have arranged for us…

Uncrossing my arms and allowing my left to hang loosely at my side while grasping my sword hilt firmly in my right hand, I strode smoothly across the room, skirting the situation near the middle (involving the enraged scarlet Suicune, which had loosed an Ice Beam at the ceiling), and continuing on the area of floor around the stage, walking as directly towards the stairs as was possible without stepping onto the dance floor. Briefly, I wondered how the current attendees would react to my dance, and had to struggle to keep a smile from creeping onto my face again.

4th November 2006, 8:40 PM
Strike glanced at the giant cat. He could see now why Rathune was so enrage. "I'm sorry I wasn't even talking to you maybe if you just leave people and creatures be so many anger emotion wouldn't be release and pointed towards you." He barked back at the Mewtwo looking creature. "I believe that I didn't say anything about you being a pokemon and I too have experienced, the terrible pain every creature that humans tried to change, tried to make better felt. Have you even felt the pain of you body forcefully being change? The pain of a bone snapping and cutting straight through your flesh in multiple places, or as muscle began to grow out of control and tearing your skin or feeling your teeth sprout from your mouth slicing through your gums, cutting through it?! The humans that working on me didn't care if I lived or died I was just an experiment. Away from them in the outside world all those pain you suffer I did too from humans that blame me for something that their own kind did! Out of all the injuring and the pain inflicting upon my body the last thing I wanted is to feel the from those that Rathune got truly angrily. The agony of their limbs exploding at the mere power of her attack that made contact."

The Linoone eyes and his voice filled with fury, this creature had bought him back to a place where the pokemon never wanted to revisit. Strike turned away from the cat, taking a few breaths himself before lose his mind to rage.

"I don't know who this princess is but I can tell you size isn't everything... You can call me whatever you want, shrimp, a sidekick... It doesn't bother me it only make me think that your only real weapon is insulting. I rather not stand here all day and mush words with you, that you only will only tried to throw back in futile attempt to make you feel like you're so clever and cool." The tainted pokemon had settled down after letting out his anger, he didn't wait for a response, he didn't even want one. He ambled into the crowd, though it was still irritated tiny bit but it didn't show in his relax walking.

OOC: Hey Yami Ryu, wasn't it your character and someone else that was battling it out at the last Winter Ball? Maybe their should be arena for though who want to fight or maybe a Character Battle Tournament.

Yami Ryu
5th November 2006, 12:56 AM
ooc: Innerflame .. just be happy Shini didn't/doesn't like to fight and likes following rules, cause he can't feel any pain by normal means and can't really die by normal means ... meaning yes he is a 'god mod' character to an extent. Meaning attacks by pokemon would just make him go wut? oh, look, I'm missing an arm *regrows* and I hadn't really gone there for a fight or joined this for one either :/

Shinigami couldn't help but guffaw at what the shrimp Linoone said, evidently it hadn't understood him when he had listed off gunshots and missing limbs. Shaking his head slightly at the stupidity of creatures these days, he tossed it up to them having their souls intact, before giving one last chuckle and just said, "What fools these mortals be, eh 'princess'?" and was gone, out the door and haf left.

ooc again: >> anyways yeah I left

5th November 2006, 1:01 AM
OOC: Wow, lot of posting here ^_^ Sorry, this is REALLY short!

Miriam looked at the guy who had walked up to her.

"Yeah, I'm okay, just, um....... talking with my pokemon......." said Miriam.

Miriam was wondering why anyone would want to talk to her. It made her embarassed, nervouse, and a bit happy all at the same time.

"Hello! Why don't you introduce us Miss I'm a Lonely Girl with nothing to talk about!" whispered Ember.

"Yeah!" whispered Aqua. "Don't forget us just because some guy came an spoke to you!"

"Oh! Um, this Ninetail's name is Ember, she's my best friend and companion, and my Blastoise's name is Aqua, she was my very first pokemon." Miriam told Sylpherius. "So, what are you doing out here?

Sonozaki Maya
5th November 2006, 1:22 AM
Sylpherius was kind of clueless that she didn't really give her own name, but it was rather understandable. He could sense the nervous situation she was in. He could tell quite well. In any case, he was holding the Necronomicon a lot more tightly know, and took a look at the Blastoise - Aqua - and the Ninetales - Ember - before finally spouting something. "Oh... I'm just bored," he said. "Come to think of it, I haven't done anything much since I came here..." and sat on the grass, against the wall, and then started to look at the cover of the Necronomicon. "You've introduced your Pokemon, but not yourself... oddly enough."

Ew short but I can't help it, can't write much...

Mimori Kiryu
5th November 2006, 4:10 AM
OoC: I really don't know what to post.


Kyuren twidled her fingers, looking around at the other people, demons and and odd other creatures. She really stuck out like a sore thumb, but she guessed that it didn't matter or she'd be getting picked on by those respective people. Standing up slowly, she walked over to get her some punch. It was poured by a cute boy who didn't even give her much thought.

She sighed in an almost melocholy tone.

'I guess I should've gotten a date before I came...' She turned around and looked to a nearby corner and did a double take. 'No way...'

Someone was dressed as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist! Kyuren almost lost her balance. She hadn't seen anyone else dressed up as an anime character yet, so seeing someone that may understand her fandom of FMA really cheered her up. But...she knew she couldn't simply walk over to them and just say 'Hello, I'm Kyuren, another anime freak like you!'.

She mentally smacked herself. Kyuren was sure now that she was going crazy. The girl got more punch and sat back down with her bag. 'I hope something happens soon. It's boring here.' Kyuren thought, looking back down at her hands.

5th November 2006, 4:19 AM
OOC: Let Scar's char help.

I sat at the bar with Jenna enjoying my drink and the company. The atmosphere around here was a little tense with all the creatures around here doing their activities. Me, I was content to sit down with Jenna. Someone did mention something about a dance floor. It would be nice though to dance with Jenna. A pity they didn’t have any of my sister Aquita’s songs on file.

“Really noisy here isn’t it?” Jenna sipped her drink.

“Yeah, I know.” I responded as I put my drink down. “There’s a lot of strange creatures here. Too confusing to read their thoughts. I dunno if I should even try.”

“But, what about that kid over there?” Jenna raised her glass to Kyuenn who stood looking out the window. “He’s dressed as Edward Elric. Kaori’d love to see this kid.”

“I guess.” I shrugged. “I’m not up to date on anime. Still, I wonder why he’s looking out the window like that.”

I wasn’t about to pry into his thoughts. He just stood there looking out the window at the world. If I were to hazard a guess, he was probably thinking about his own home. Suffice to say, with the unfriendly vibe I’ve been getting in this place, I could definitely relate. I missed Aquarius a lot sometimes.

“Maybe we should invite him over here.” Jenna suggested after placing her glass down. “It couldn’t hurt.”

“Yeah, you’re ri-“ I started to say.

The bartender, who appeared to be a clumsy, older man, was carrying a heavy barrel of food and he bumped a super heavy stone pillar at the end of the bar causing it to tip a little. If it fell, it’d definitely hurt someone in here. Insead of trying to fix it, the man leaned it forward. Quickly I rushed to the pillar and tried to level it off. The bartender wasn't playing with a full deck.

“Jenna, keep everyone clear!” I called to her and she nodded in response. Jenna could conceivably use her fire powers in her. But, with so much alcohol around, the bar would go up in smoke.

Jenna had the ability to shoot fire, control wind and heal with a touch. As for me, I placed my arms on the pillar and tried to push it back into a groove. As an Aquan, I was three times stronger than a peak athlete human. Still, the thing was heavy and my body began to spark with electricity. Slowly the sparks flew and the bartender backed away dumbfounded.

“Clumsy….”I muttered at the man. He should have known this thing was loose.

“M’anta!” Jenna called. “You can’t hold that thing forever!”

"AAAGH!" I thought I felt my shoulder snap.

She had a point. My body was sparking with electricity like crazy. Sparks flew at the glasses behind the bar and shattered them and soon afterwards sparks hit the ceiling and caused several light fixtures to explode. In reaction to that, Jenna blew several of the pieces into the back wall. My muscles began to tense as sweat appeared on my brow. I couldn’t let this thing hurt people.

“Someone…want…to…get..off…their…butts?!” I growled to no one in particular. I couldn’t hold it forever.

Mimori Kiryu
5th November 2006, 4:29 AM
Kyuren looked over suddenly at a a pillar that she knew was about to fall over. Suddenly, some random person jumped under the pillar, catching it and stopping it from landing on anyone. She breathed a sigh of relief. Guess there were some powerful people here.

But then, he started sparking and Kyuren could see he was getting tired and his muscles were being strained to the point of no return...

She stood up and ran over to him. "Hey, I'll help! Just stand still a minute..." Kyuren concentrated deeply in her mind and the pillar was quickly broken down. Next to Kyuren appeared a small kitten like tiger with black, yellow and white stripes.

"Aww...you summon me now and there's nothing to do?" a voice that sounded like a young boy's called out from the creature.

"Yeah, I did to help this guy, so shush." Kyuren said, turning to him. "Hey, you okay?" She blushed at helping him and bowed in respect.

5th November 2006, 4:51 AM

"Fine..." I got up. "At least I think I am. Thanks."

Jenna sensed the pain I as in just by how I was wincing in agony. Yes, I was strong but I wasn't superstrong like someone else on the team. I still needed to do something or else someone would have been flattened for sure. Least this person didn't seem intimidated by my powers.

Kyuuenn even came over to see what was wrong. I was impressed by the pair of them.

"Aww man..." Kyuenn grunted in annoyance.

"Hold still, amasa."(love) Jenna placed her hand right where the shoulder hurt.

Jenna used her healing ability on my shoulder and suddenly it felt like new. I never understood how she could heal people. She got the power during our last adventure. It was strange to say the least. But, nothing was ever normal for us.

"Thank you, amasa." I hugged her and looked at our new friends.

Kyuuenn sighed a breath of relief while he scowled at the bartender.

"You were going to help me too weren't you?" I asked Kyuuenn.

The boy nodded solemnly. I could sense he was glad that I was alright. Now, I had to thank the girl. I really hoped she didn't freak out.

"And thank you for doing whatever you did." I chuckled. "Jenna, how did ahe do this?"

"As far as I can tell, she's got serious telekinetic powers." Jenna looked at the girl. "Pretty powerful kids here, M'anta. And at a young age too."

"Reminds me of us when we were their age." I looked from Kyuenn and the new girl whose name seemed very similar to the boy.

Jenna and I were sixteen when we started saving the world on a regular basis and fighting all kinds of people, aliens and monsters. It wasn't easy being a superhero but then again whoever said it was, was trying to sell something. I placed my arm around Jenna began to talk.

"Well, allow us to introduce ourselves." Jenna bowed as a sign of respect. "My name's Jenna Dastara and this is M'anta J'arrsti."

This certainly was off to a good start. I only hoped nothing else happened here.

Mimori Kiryu
5th November 2006, 5:00 AM
OoC: By the way, Scar's character's name is spelled Kyuuen. Thought I'd tell you. ^^;


Kyuren smiled. "Nice to meet you both. I'm glad I could be of some help. And I really admire your healing powers. It's amazing." She nodded to Jenna. "And yeah, my powers are telekinetic, when said by someone as nice as yourself. I don't usually fit in with other people because of my powers..." Kyuren then realized that she was rambling. "Sorry..." She stratched her head. "I ramble on a lot sometimes..."

Kyuren glanced at the boy, taking notice of the blade. She had heard of the keyblade and she knew that it was a blade that was a part of a person's soul at birth. He was powerful.

She wiped the thought from her mind. "So what did you guys do when you were our age?"

Lady Myuu
5th November 2006, 5:11 AM
ooc: Sorry if my character's thoughts are blunt :P she's had bad impressions so far of people.

Myuu just kind of stood back and watched everything. SHe was so confused as to what was going on, first off she wasn't impressed by any of the guest members. Most seemed ready to pick a fight while others were just being plain silly.

And about to break the rules.

The hybrid grumbled as Shini made off with her only friend. Course Ryai did not seem in any condition to speak too and that was what really bugged Myuu. The woman moved aside to let Rathune pass and once she was sure no one was really paying attention to her anymore she moved back to the bar and just started watching.


What the heck was that blue dude doing? ... Showing off?

Myuu realized why she hated these balls, it was all ready turning into last year. The mew hybird ran a hand over her hair and her pink ears folded back. She wasn't sure if she should just laugh or leave.

Once things seemed to calm down, she decided to take a few things into her own hands. She would think after last year someone would have like... security around here? Or at least have a leash law for things like that big butt wolf and nutcase suicune.

With a flash of psychic power her eyes glowed and every single mind within the room that was a guest, yes every single one, as while Myuu was anything but a fighter. Her mental abilities were aligned with that of mind tricks and speaking.

'I just like to remind everyone... that violance wont be tolarated and unless you want to get your butt kicked by the host, I suggest everyone stop getting in a hissy fit...'

With that her eyes faded back to the cliche baby blue and the girl turned back to the bar. "... Give me something strong please... like a mountain dew.."

Yeah, Myuu was pulling out the big guns now.

5th November 2006, 5:23 AM
OOC: Guys'd be named Toe-May-toe and Toe-mat-toe and still be confusing. Edited.


Jenna seemed to like the young girl. I had to admit with her and the potential I see in Kyuuen, the world'd be in good hands if there was ever a knock out, drag out fight. She asked about what we did when we were teenagers. This would take some time.

"Well, we were recruited to be the first class of metahuman students of a great man named Stan Whitefox." Jenna began. he spoke highly of the man and considered him an uncle. "He saw that many teenagers were getting strange superpowers. I was the first student and eventually became the leader of a group of young superpowered teens known as the Starbolts."

Jenna looked to me fill in my side of the story. The two teenagers and even the creature at their feet were paying close attention to the story. My side was kind of long. I had to sum it up as quickly as possible.

"I was also on the first team." I explained. "I crashed landed in Jenna's pool shortly before our first mission. I'm from a planet many light years away. My dad, the king, sent me, my brother and sister to Earth ahead of a colony ship because our world was turned into a desert."

"But, don't worry." Jenna looked at the shocked faces. "Aquarius was returned to its prestine beauty. M'anta and I became leaders of the Starbolts and over time..."

I placed my arm around Jenna. She did the same in return. She and I did fall in love soon after the first mission. I would say it was love at first sight. But, I really think it was destiny.

"We grew quite close after facing many perils and here we are." Jenna continued. "So, suffice to say, our teenage years were better spent fighting those who'd do harm to Earth."

"And even Aquarius." I added. "Any questions? What about you to? What can you tell me about yourselves?"

5th November 2006, 5:39 AM
Lihn noticed that she was completely ignored. Fun. But it was normal; she was an easy-to-ignore kind of person. But she was still bored and still needed someone to talk to. So she walked up to the bar where the pink cat girl from before was ordering a drink.

On her way there, she caught a climse of some insanity going on elsewhere in the room. What were they thinking? Lihn just shook her head and appeared behind the Mew.

"Excuse me..." Lihn said meekly, standing behind the Mew hybrid and trying to pull of the "look at me I'm completely harmless and cute" shtick. The Queobe girl then said, "you look bored. Can't blame you." She smiled a little, leaning on the bar and signaling the bartender.

Lihn ordered a soda, took the drink and turned back to the Mew girl. "so... what's your name?" Lihn wasn't too good at talking to people, but it was better than sitting in the corner bored through the whole ball...

5th November 2006, 5:50 AM
"Oh, um...... sorry, my name's Miriam," said Miriam her cheeks burning with embarassment.

"Smooth, don't tell your name!" said Ember. "Wait until I tell the others about how you don't know how to talk!"

"Shut up," said Aqua.

"Make me!" said Ember.

"I will," said Aqua.

"Bite me."

Eeeew! Who'd want to taste you?"

"BE QUIET!!!!!!" yelled Miriam.

Oh crap, Miriam thought. Now I bet he thinks I ment him, great smooth move brainiac! Why are my pokemon so bickersome, now I'm in a real padicament! Great!

"I'm SO sorry!" said Miriam. "It was my pokemon!!! I didn't mean it! Sorry, they were fighting!"

Nice Miriam, he's really going to believe that!!!! thought Miriam angrily to herself.

Sonozaki Maya
5th November 2006, 12:12 PM
Sylpherius shook his head. He clearly sensed Miriam's ability to communicate with Pokemon. "It's alright. It appears that your Pokemon tend to have dysfunctional arguments at the most inopportune times. Again, it's alright. It happens a lot." Sylpherius said in a reassuring way. The last thing he wanted to do was make someone feel upset for something they thought they did even though it was nothing wrong or bad about it. Sylpherius had to admit though, the noises that Aqua and Ember were making were annoying him a lot. It was as if Miriam needed to keep a leash on those two. "Well, you should try and restrain them or something. They don't seem to get along very well."

RaZoR LeAf
5th November 2006, 3:03 PM
¬¬ Bunnying is acceptable as long as nobody goes overboard and portrays a something totally out of character or has them do things out of character. This isn't a proper RPG, just a bit of fun, please stop stressing over minor things and enjoy it.

5th November 2006, 4:24 PM
"Oh, well they do at times, but when they don't agree with something they get a bit snippy." said Miriam. "I usually bring my Dragonair, Drizzle, to calm them down, but we could only bring two pokemonl.

"Oh, thanks!" said Ember. "Your the nicest person EVER, dising your pokemon!"

"Why didn't you bring Drizzle, or even Tang would have been better than her!" said Aqua rdfering to Miriams Tangela.

"Ha! If I were a plant pokemon you wouldn't be here right now!" replyed Ember.

"Well you might have noticed this FOREVER ago, but just to make sure..... I can talk to pokemon, which, well, has been pretty obvious I guess." said Miriam trying to start a conversation. "I can also heal pokemon without going to a pokemon center, which is pretty handy when your in a forest and stuff. So....... what are your powers, or do you have any?

6th November 2006, 1:50 AM
"Nah, no questions. As for me..." Kyuuen sighed, leaning against one of the surviving pillars with his arms crossed quite casually. "I was born in a castle called Hallow Bastion."

Within the confines of his sharp mind, he attained a mental picture of his home world. This image was so very vivid to this date, even after all of the time the boy had spent away from the very dimension from whenst he came. The image of the beautiful castle suspended high above the ground with nothing but magical energy to keep it up, complete with a multitude of intricate designs symbolizing the heart and each of its incomprehensible functions. Surrounding it was a flawless waterfall complete with an infinite supply of crystalline waters spilling over the edges. The liquid fell into the abyss below, never actually touching down upon solid ground; never losing its shape as it faced an eternity of downward motion. For the rest of the world had been devoured by means unknown to almost everyone in existence. The castle was all that remained.

"But I haven't been there in quite a while. Like I said, I hate staying in one place for too long." Kyuuen smiled, glancing over at M'anta and Jenna through his golden contact lenses. “But man, what I wouldn’t give to see the old gang again.”

And then he remembered being swept away from all of that the instant he chose the path of light. The instant he chose the Keyblade. Yet he opted not to harp on such depressing subjects, for it did nothing but weigh him down in the long run. To him, it amounted to mindless rambling, or stressing over trivial details. And so he ended his brief flashback to times long since passed over, returning the present day, wherein he was still in the midst of explaining himself to the extra terrestrial superhero. Taking his focus off of the full moon found just outside the window, Kyuuen shifted the gaze of his now-golden eyes toward M’anta and Jenna.

“But…I’m just a wanderer I guess.” He shrugged.

He then glanced toward the teenage girl who had appeared to be around is age. Only then did he fully come to realize that she was dressed as Winry Rockbell, an Anime character from the very same series as Edward Elric. No less, the one who had been all but confirmed to be his love interest. He had been stunned for a moment upon laying eyes upon her, for he did find her quite attractive. Though before anyone had actually noticed this, he regained composure and focused on her. Ordinarily, introductions were quite easy for Kyuuen, considering he was a very laid back individual. Though this time it was slightly more difficult for him to find the right words. Despite this he eventually decided upon something simplistic.

“Hello, Winry.” He said with a nonchalant smile.

Sonozaki Maya
6th November 2006, 11:02 AM
Sylpherius shrugged. He didn't want to seem overbearing upon Miriam, who appeared to be a pretty nice girl. He did have some abilities but they weren't especially impressive in comparison to the other attendees of the ball. Sylpherius began to speak in a modest tone. He said "I don't have any extraordinary powers. I have some skill with a blade and I can do some basic enchantments and some moderately difficult offensive and supporting incantations but apart from that... I'm just me." he looked down at the ground, thinking why Miriam hadn't commented on his costume yet. It did seem a bit out of place once he really thought about it.

6th November 2006, 2:22 PM
I sighed, looking around. For all the hype in the upcoming months, I must admit, the ball itself was a slight let down. The band stand lay empty, the party-goers keeping to themselves... I accepted the martini from the Bar tender, feeling a wave of pity for the poor fellow as he hurried away to clear away the remains of his bar.

But I couldn't leave. Not after all the effort I put into getting here.

I took a sip, scanning the room. The Cat-thing had left long ago, the dog-like creature it had argued with retreated to a small corner. The armoured fellow had emerged from the shadows, surprisingly, and this blue-alien thing had held up a pillar, but nothing really exciting or new.

Perhaps I sould try and sing?

I dismissed the idea immediately. I was in no mood to make a complete and utter fool of myself infront of a room of strangers.

I sat in silence for a while, watching the dilema of the ball unfold.

...It was a possibility, though.

Mimori Kiryu
6th November 2006, 7:40 PM
As the boy's voice flowed to her ears, Kyuren's face automatically flushed with embarassment. She had never been good around boys before, but for some reason, it was all the more difficult with this boy. Well, it was the least she could do to answer back. "Hi...um, Edward." She smiled. "If you want...you could call me Kyuren. That's my name."

Crossing her arms, she sighed. "Seems like you guys have a more interesting life than me." Her mind traveled back to her homeland of Tokyo, Japan. More closely, the Kanagawa Prefecture. Even though she hadn't been back to her actual home in a long time, the Prefecture, often referred to as the Lost Ground by outsiders, was a rogue place that was never accepted by the Mainland. Almost 30 years ago, an earthquake of massive proportions cut off the Kanagawa Prefecture from the Mainland of Japan. It became a place of refugees, prisoners, criminals and people who survive and their homes were destroyed. Kyuren had been born almost sixteen years after that time. Now, two brave and strong men guarded that area from the Mainland, determined to protect the people who lived there from being percicuted by the Mainland. "I simply lived in the Lost Ground of Tokyo. Being born there, I was born with a power at birth. Put simply, the ability to deform matter and reform it into something else." She looked down to the small tiger like animal at her feet. "This is where this little guy came from. He's my alter. I call him Ryu. His power is electricity."

"YEP! That's ME!!!" Ryu called out, jumping onto Kyuren's head. "I'm her alter, the ultimate alter EVAR!!" He meowed happily before jumping down into her arms.

Kyuren sweatdropped. "It's the only alter that anyone's ever created that can speak...Sometimes I wonder if I'm lucky or unlucky..."

"HEY! I resent that!" Ryu called out, but Kyuren simply smiled, petting the kitten absentmindly.

6th November 2006, 11:11 PM
"Oh! I like the blade. It's so easy to weild! And enchantments is WAY better than JUST talking and healing pokemon. I use a shuriken as my weapon, at least that's what I think it's called. It's like a knife boomerang thing. I'm not that great with weapon history and names and stuff, as long as it's affective and long range I'm okay!" said Miriam just babbling on.

I must be leaving something out, he seems uneasy or thinking, or something.....thought Miriam. Hmmmmmmm, what could I have left out? She looked at his costume.

"Oh, your costume's rather unique," said Miriam. "Sorry I didn't notice it, I'm around weird people all the time at home, not saying your weird or anything, unless you are, I mean, um........."

"Just say something about your own costume idiot!" said Ember. "Then it'll make the conversation go on, although it's not really a conversation since you're doing all the talking!"

"My costume resembles an Umbreon, if you hadn't noticed yet," said Miriam, "but it is hard to tell since it is just a dress, only the pattern is Umbreon......"

"Miriam, you should let him talk you know," said Aqua.

"Sure," whispered Miriam.

Sonozaki Maya
7th November 2006, 12:57 AM
Now that Miriam had pointed it out, it did resemble and Umbreon... slightly... Sylpherius didn't want to comment on it. He was more of the type of person who didn't like being negative about many things. Sylpherius shook his head at Miriam's comment. "It's alright. I'm used to comments like that," he trailed on. He was twiddling with his fingers. "After all, I don't really go out that much. Very rarely." he continued as he started kicking the grass gently in a sort of lonely manner. He didn't have that many friends, and his looks made a lot of hostile looks.

7th November 2006, 11:46 PM
Miriam was blushing and didn't know what to say. She looked over at Ember who was bickering with Aqua about something.

"I'm sorry if my comment offended you in any way. I rarely go out either," said Miriam. "I'm usually at either school, training my many pokemon, or traveling around to towns that are close to my own. I basiclly have a boring life......"

"YAWN!" said Ember sarcatically. "I'm BORED, and I mean that literally!"

Miriam got up from where she was sitting. "I'm not leaving or anything, but my pokemon are getting restless." said Miriam taking out a staff. "As well as using that knife boomerang thing I use a staff for training my pokemon. It folds up so it fits in my pocket, which is VERY convienient!"

Ember got up.

"It might seem cruel," Miriam continued still blushing, "but it's just play. It works on defence and speed. They either dodge or run away while, well I try to hit them...... Not hard of course, but it works on my skills as well, and it works too! For practicing on attack and stuff I have MANY pokemon at home that like battling each other."

Miriam tryed wacking Ember with a fast, but non forceful strike, but Ember quickly dodged it.

"See, they've gotten good at it, and they enjoy it. Sorry if, well that I had to get off, they got restless." said Miriam who was blushing even pinker.

Aqua used a water gun at Ember.

"Hey!" said Ember.

"Ember," said Aqua, "don't ruin their conversation!"

"I was BORED though." said Ember stubornly.

"Um, I'll just sit back down," said Miriam putting back her staff.
"I'm sorry," said Miriam who also started kicking the grass, she felt as if her body tempature had risen about 50 degrees and was still blushing. She missed her 28 other pokemon at home, and missed her friends too.

8th November 2006, 2:47 AM
"Damn.... You're missing out on a lot.... You should really go and talk to someone," said Rho in my mind.
"Everybody seems busy...," I said.
"Ona, what's your point? Just pick a person and talk already."
"Fine. Just to shut you up."

I had long ago finished my orange-colored beverage and had just been leaning casually against the bar. Now, several of the guests had gathered around. Since I wasn't one for large crowds and having my personal space violated, I went off and stood near the stage to view the crowd.

"There sure are a lot of strange creatures here," said Rho.
"I thought you were going to shut up."
"When did I say that? All I said was for you to find someone to talk to."
"I'm looking. I'm looking....."
"...I'm still looking......"
"Dear gawd you've changed. What ever happened to your fearlessness?"
".....You know exactly what happened to it. Now shut up and never bring that subject back up again."
"I didn't bring anything up."

"****.... I didn't mean to say that out loud...," I thought. Everyone was staring at me now. I turned around to make it look like I had been yelling at some random person, but there was no one in the immediate area. "Double ****..... Damn you Rho! Now everyone here is going to think I'm crazy."
"Aren't you?"
"You are. I'm not."
"Would you hurry up and find someone to talk to!?"
"Why do you want me to talk to someone so badly!?"
"...Because I'm bored."
I sighed heavily. "No one's going to want to talk to me now. They all think I'm crazy."
"Right..... Why don't you talk and find out?"
"Unless someone talks to me first, I doubt I will unless there is some sudden emergency."
"We'll see about that...."

Sonozaki Maya
8th November 2006, 11:24 AM
Sylpherius shrugged again. He leaned against the wall and looked at Ember and Aqua. He looked down at the ground, immensely bored. He took out his blade, where the lustre was glowing across the blade, and Sylpherius also took out a moderately sized sharpening block and started to sharpen his blade. He didn't believe what Miriam was doing was cruel, seeing as Sylpherius had spilled bloodshed in the past. "I'm relatively bored as well," Sylpherius said very matter-of-factly. "I wonder what I could do now..." Sylpherius looked up at the sky now, thinking about what he actually could possibly do at this moment. It was quite boring seeing as he had brought no one with him.

8th November 2006, 4:46 PM

I looked up, a smile creeping onto my lips as I located the source of the curse. A pretty little thing, looking not a day over twenty-five, was standing slightly away from the crowd, looking a little more than slightly annoyed with herself as she avoided the confused gazes of those around her. She was alone, dressed in a graceful, midnight black dress with a silver pattern inserted in the weave that seemed to flash at the slightest light. I raised an eyebrow.

Who was she shouting at?

I watched as a frown crinkled her forehead, just visible behind a flowing wave of black-brown curls. Her deep-sea blue eyes were focussed in concentration at the air just above the floor, with something... different flashing in her eyes as her frown deepened. My other eyebrow raised and I slipped off of my seat, intrigued. At the very least, I could use the company.

8th November 2006, 6:41 PM
OOC: Sorry for taking so long to reply. @_@ Just a bit overwhelmed by real life, and there was a good bit to reply to. And Oblivion, if you want Chrom to have already been with the others when the saw M’anta and heard Lady Myuu, just say the word.

“Actually, to be truly honest, I didn't like him much either,” Chrom said in a comforting tone, still sounding a bit disturbed. “Someone's life story isn't one that someone just hands out like a bake sale flyer. Both you and I have things that are better left unsaid, especially with you having that job ahead of you like you said and me being a future gym leader.” Chrom paused for a moment, causing Kaylie to think about the job she had to do by rescuing the world from the Dark Legendaries. And it wasn’t even that simple- they still had to meet up with the other Legendaries and their human partners, and even once they congregate at the Cave of Origin they would still need to plan a course of action. It was just all so big and overwhelming.

“He didn't seem to be all that perceptive, either. I mean, he completely ignored me until I stood next to him and talked directly to him.” Chrom continued with a touch of bitterness, then shrugged. “But can we forget about that for a while? We'll need to keep our heads, and if I keep talking about him like this I just might pick a fight and get us both kicked out.” Kaylie nodded. He spoke the truth, and it was undeniable. Plus she was thankful for not having to think about him. They would enjoy the party their way.

“Anyway, I'm going to get us something more... suitable to drink. Can you stay here for a second?”

“I won’t be going anywhere.” Kaylie said with a laugh as the boy started to get up, the cups of water in hand. “Thank you,” she said quietly as he walked over to some drinks that might get their energy back.

In the meantime, Kaylie glanced over at Mew who was now conversing with the demon boy and his wolf friend. In the corner of her eye she was the M’anta guy coming back inside, but to her own surprise, he wasn’t alone. A woman in a blue and yellow uniform was locked hand-in-hand with him, her hair and eyes matching the uniform to a tee. For a split second, the alien superhero (who was also a prince) glanced over at her, but he barely seemed to care to make sure if she was okay or not, heading straight to the bar as she herself had done the previous year. She was thankful that he was giving her some space, and it wasn’t as if her little episode would cause her huge trauma, but it still would have been somewhat polite if he had checked over. Still, Kaylie wasn’t about to complain, and looked back over to Mew, who had finished her chiding.

The boy smiled disarmingly, and walked over to where Kaylie lay.
“Err… sorry for everything again,” he quickly apologized for his friend’s behavior. “Lucied gets a little reactive around cats, to put it mildly… well, I didn’t introduce myself well just now. I’m Lucifer Leonheart. You’re Kaylie, I presume?”

Somewhat taken aback for the boy, Lucifer’s, straightforwardness, but she appreciated the apology. “Ah, yes, well…yeah. Yeah, I’m Kaylie.” She extended a hand. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lucifer. So then, the thing that attacked Mew…was yours?” she asked, glancing over at Mew. In response, Mew shrugged and smiled, showing that she clearly forgave the boy. Besides, nothing serious had happened, and everyone was fine. Just fine. Then Mew’s eyes suddenly widened in curiousity, and she looked as if she were straining to hear something.

‘Lucifer is yelling at his wolf friend.’ She told Kaylie privately, imforming her of what she had basically heard Lucifer say to Lucied, and giggling to herself.

Before Kaylie could respond to Mew’s information, Lucifer could answer Kaylie’s question or Chrom returned to his friend, there was a sudden commotion at the bar. A large stone pillar was beginning to tip ever so slightly, and because Mr. Superhero was right there and he was soooo noble, he immediately jumped to the rescue, shouting out orders and acting as if the club was about to come toppling down. A few people turned to stare, annoyed by his grunts and his voice cutting into the atmosphere. In the end everything was fine, and the girl in the uniform leaned over onto M’anta, probably to kiss him or something.

‘Well, would you look at that…’ Mew said dully as everyone turned back to what they were doing, except for one girl who was dressed up as an Animé character and was checking to see if everything was okay now.

‘I just like to remind everyone... that violence wont be tolerated and unless you want to get your butt kicked by the host, I suggest everyone stop getting in a hissy fit...’ A telepathic voice suddenly rang out, a voice that was heard by all the guests. A…familiar telepathic voice…

“No way…Lady Myuu?” Kaylie thought to herself out loud, remembering the Mew hybrid that she and the Legendary had run into during that last Ball. “She didn’t…come back…did she?” Kaylie asked Mew, as if forgetting about Lucifer for a moment.

‘It appears that she has, even after what transpired after the events of last year.’ Mew mused, looking around for the source of the message they did not hear with their ears. For a moment, the blue-eyes pair were lost in thought, the memories of the previous year resurfacing to their minds. But it didn’t take long for them to remember this year, and that they were being quite rude to this newcomer.

9th November 2006, 2:58 AM
“Ah, yes, well…yeah. Yeah, I’m Kaylie.” She replied extending a hand. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lucifer. So then, the thing that attacked Mew…was yours?” she asked, glancing over at the feline.

Suddenly, before the boy could reply to her question, A large stone pillar was beginning to tip ever so slightly, and the M’anta guy immediately jumped to the rescue, shouting out orders and acting as if the entire place (posts and all) was about to come toppling down. A few people turned to stare, annoyed by the various grunts and his voice cutting into the (usually joyous) atmosphere. In the end everything was fine, and the girl in the uniform leaned over onto M’anta, probably to kiss him or something. Lucifer scowled. Man, he’s such a jerk.

Lucied grinned devilishly towards his young Master once more. Allow me to rectify the problem, he said while licking his chops.

Crimson eyes dulled as the vampire turned towards his familiar. No, you can’t, Lucied… you know Madame will kill us if ‘we caused any bodily harm towards the guests’, to quote her verbalism.

Another grin. She did not mention mental harm, my Master?

“She didn’t… ho boy, I know where this is leading to,” Lucifer replied absent-mindly at the first part, but then his usually slow mind snapped into motion at the second. NO! You know Madame will still KILL us! She knew we were sensible enough not to cause any trouble, unlike Masta’…

…who will most likely cackle like a madman and be glad that we shoved one pushy ‘superhero’ in his place, finished Lucied with a devious smirk. The boy was caught offhand by his familiar’s statement. Sighing deeply, the boy scratched the back of his neck and nodded. With a final grin, Lucied vanished into thin air. Hoping that Kaylie and Mew didn’t notice, the median turned back to them, where both were starring at a girl dressed as a anime character. Lucifer looked as well, and then quickly knew who she was due to the many thoughts echoing around the room.

They should really know how to keep quiet. I can practically hear their thoughts, he mused to himself with a smirk. But well… that was one of the perks of being a vampire after all.

“Err…” the boy started, in order to gain back Kaylie’s attention, which she did, snapping back towards the boy. With a grin (and showing his fangs again) Lucifer raised a hand to ruffle up his flaming red hair once again. “Unfortunately, yes… you could say that I have the joyous ‘privilege’ of owning this insane, crazy, melodramatic, blood-suck- err, I mean blood loving wolf,” he answered, his voice laced with sarcasm. The median, was, after all, a bit put off after his argument with Lucied. It never helped that you were 66% identical to your sire.

Meanwhile, Lucied had appeared on the physical plane once again, this time somewhere from Mr. M’anta. He was with the girl from before; along with a teen about his Mater’s age (well, when he was turned and his present form, for Lucifer was, in reality, 113 years old). It didn’t take long for the wolf to realize that the boy was a Keyblade wielder. Lucifer did have a small misadventure into the world of Kingdom Hearts at one point of his undead life.

Lucied grinned. Two superheroes, and a Keyblade wielder? This was going to be fun. He would have wanted to chomp down on their necks at that very moment, but his young Master forbade him to, after all. With a depressing sigh, Lucied closed his eyes and with a flash of light, turned into a sliver-furred timber wolf. The wolf yelped joyfully as he sped out of his hiding spot, deliberately bumping into the leg of the female superhero she looked down, surprised at the sudden visitor. With a joyful bark, Lucied gamboled around the legs and fell onto his back, panting at her and giving a very cute look altogether. Lucifer, who was glancing, rolled his eyes as he turned back to Kaylie.

“So, eh… who’s this Lady Myuu person? I’ve erm… heard her name before,” he added hastily, not wanting them to know that he had heard their (and almost the whole of the ball) thoughts. “Mind telling me a bit about that lady?”

Knightblazer ;262;

9th November 2006, 3:24 AM
Kyuuen smiled at the appearance of the rather miniscule creature which had materialized beside Kyuren. The Keyblade Master was quite impressed at this reconstruction of matter itself. Especially taking into consideration that it had been reformed into what appeared to be a living creature, one who possessed its own child-like personality. He never dreamed that such powers existed. Of course, he had witnessed the creation of Heartless before...but they could hardly be considered alive. Whereas this feline creation possessed what was more than likely a free will, developing mind, and its own identity...Heartless were just the opposite; merciless beasts acting solely upon instinct. This "alter" ability very much intrigued Kyuuen, but in all honesty not nearly as much as Kyuren herself. He was about to further the conversation between himself and her, when an unexpected turn of events momentarily caught him off guard.

I just like to remind everyone... that violence wont be tolerated and unless you want to get your butt kicked by the host, I suggest everyone stop getting in a hissy fit...

Kyuuen had been communicated to by similar methods prior to receiving that message. He almost instantaneously recognized it as telepathic communication. Obviously it had come from someone else currently at the ball, though clearly not the one hosting it. He knew this simply due to the fact that it was a distinctly female in origin...whereas the one hosting the ball was...distinctly male and rather demonic in physical appearance. But all of that was beside the point. What was relevant was that Kyuuen's rebellious side was beginning to rear its ugly head again. As well as the fact that an arena- one which was more than usable for pitched combat-just so happened to be located in the immediate area. The boy grinned a confident yet somehow kindhearted grin, directing it primarily toward Kyuren.

"Did you get that telepathic message, too?" Kyuuen asked slyly.

"Yeah. Why?" Kyuren responded with an inquiry of her own.

"Meh...I just feel like p*ssing off whoever sent it." He replied.

Truthfully, that wasn't the only reason for his next course of action. Of course he wasn't about to challenge Kyuren to a sparring match, even though she did seem quite capable of utilizing her Alter in combat. But M'anta and Jenna...two high ranking superheroes who had obviously made quite a name for themselves in their home world...that would be quite an enjoyable battle. What's more, a two-on-one duel would be far more exciting. Leastways in Kyuuen's own considered opinion. He chuckled to himself, shifting a portion of his gaze in M'anta's direction.

"Excuse me, Winry...err…Kyuren. I'll be right back." Kyuuen nodded politely, then approached M'anta. "Hey...whaddaya say to a sparring match? I noticed an arena on my way in. I bet it'd p*ss off the wet blanket who sent that telepathic message."

Ooc: And no, I'm not trying to p*ss off Lady Myuu...Kyuuen is trying to p*ss off Lady Myuu's character.

Lady Myuu
9th November 2006, 3:32 AM
Ooc: She wont get ****** off if they fight where they are suppose to fight XD

Lady Myuu had downed another mountain dew when she felt some eyes on her. Looking around she paused and blinked, "No way." she whispered, "I thought I was the crazy one for coming back."

Pulling herself away from the bar and straightening her dress. The woman made her way over, seeing as her old friend was talking to someone else she didn't want to interrupt but she was very bored.

“So, eh… who’s this Lady Myuu person? I’ve erm… heard her name before,” she heard the one speaking to Kaylie and Mew and someone else she also did not know.

Myuu cleared her throat, "I am." she said simply, "I didn't really mean to seem rude. I just had a bad experince last year due to fighting..." she added before smiling and putting a hand behind her head, "Hey Kaylie, Mew." she said with a nod and a smile, seeming to be having sugar kicking in once more.

9th November 2006, 4:14 AM

The telepathic message was a little unecessary but it got the job done. It reminded me of something I'd do on the battle field. Telepathic orders I always gave. I even talked to Jenna telepathically thanks to our telepathic rapport. Still, I wondered how strong Myuu was in telepathy. Aquans are strong telepaths but it takes years to truly master the Aquan mind. It also takes years to learn how to filter out the noise of other peoples' thoughts.

A wolf also bumped into Jenna. I looked at it for a moment and sensed there was more to the wolf than I thought. Jenna ignored the animal for the most part and I figured I'd do the same. Dissatisfied, it wandered off once again. Though, I had a feeling it wanted something. Something else already garderned my attention.

Kyuuen wanted to challenge me? That was certainly random. I did half want to see what he was capable of. It'd also get me a chance to get away from the negative vibes I'm getting off the people in this room.

"Sure." I placed the helmet back on my head. "But, one thing...Jenna here will be with me watching."

"Fine by me..." Kyuenn shrugged and looked at Jenna. "But, on one condition: let Jenna fight with you."

"Are you sure about that, Kyuenn?" Jenna seemed genuinely shocked that the fifteen year old was going to challenge us. Not even the New Starbolts back home were that daring. Well, except for Dusk. "We don't want to hurt you."

"Trust me on this one..." Kyuenn responded. He seemed rather relaxed. It was as if he knew no harm would come to him.

"Let's just hope we don't destroy the place." I glanced over at the arena. Wood paneling, stands and various equipment were in the way. "Oh that's just kindling, Jenna."

"I'll try to keep the fire localized, amasa." Jenna remarked with a sly grin and created a fireball in her hand and in an instant made it vanish. "You boys ready?"

"Always." Kyuenn responded in the same relacxed tone. Something was up. I wasn't sure what it was but I had a feeling he had something up his sleeve.

"Then let's go." I responded after I took to the air and flew to the arena with the others following close behind on the ground.

The arena was big enough for me to fly and manuever around easily as there was no roof. I circled the place to get a better view of the place. There were plenty of seats for people to watch. I wasn't sure if anyone really wanted to watch us spar. That'd be up to them. I saw Jenna flag me down at the center of the arena that looked like a circle. I nodded and began my descent.

"OKay." My body started to spark with electrcity as I flew closer to the gound. "Ring of fire time!"

Jenna nodded and almost instantly her hands were ablaze with fire and suddenly she surrounded the youth with a circle of fire that was sure to scorch the floor. I flew around awaiting his next move. I really hope we didn't hurt him.

9th November 2006, 4:53 AM
Chrom waded through the sea of humans, bipedial creatures, various animals and some forms of life that he had only seen in games or on television. The variety never ceased to amaze him. As he reached the punch bowl, he was confronted with a table of various non-alcoholic drinks, from bottles of cider to pitchers of soda to various liquids that he had never known to exist, let alone tasted. Confronted by this wide array of drinks, he taste-tested roughly a thimbleful each, a few of which he found to be very pleasing to the taste buds, an assortment of drinks clearly not intended for humans and some that were just plain odd. He picked out a good, strong root beer for himself, then decided on a pleasing, fizzy Coke-like drink in the "diet" section of the table that he expected Kaylie to enjoy. Unfortunately, Chrom didn't make it very far before the floor started shaking, causing the two drinks to spill all over his cloak (which, naturally, absorbed it all).

Looking in the direction of a commotion, he saw the cause of the shock wave: it was M'anta again. Now, he was giving out orders, as if he was the only one with powers around. He was attempting to keep a pillar from falling down and, in standard ignorance, seemed to not comprehend the fact that he was surrounded by beings that had powers near, at or beyond his own. Of course, he could have just tipped the pillar back into its spot, but instead had to make a ruckus over the whole thing. Chrom grunted and ignored, choosing to refill the drinks that he had spilled rather than join in the sea of glares. As much as he wanted to stare and share a feeling of animosity toward the childlike alien, he instead got himself and Kaylie more soda.

I just like to remind everyone... that violence won't be tolerated and unless you want to get your butt kicked by the host, I suggest everyone stop getting in a hissy fit...

The loud, telepathic voice rung its message across the ball. At this sound, everybody left what they were doing in relation to the recent incident with the pillar and went back to their partying. Chrom shook his head, wondering when people would figure out that this was supposed to be a party, for the purpose of unwinding. Regardless, he headed back through the sea of party goers to reach Kaylie, exactly where they had parted.

"Hey, I got you something," Chrom said, handing the plastic cup to Kaylie. He took a sip from his own and looked up to see the demon boy from earlier and a Mew/human hybrid. A bit confused, he started by shaking the hands of each.

"Um, we haven't been introduced," Chrom said uneasily. "My name's Chrom, I'm a... a friend of Kaylie's. I don't think that I know your names, though. What are they?" He didn't usually have problems with introductions, but his unease may have been caused by being in the presence of Mew and hybrid, both of which were giving off powerful psychic auras, somewhat unbalancing him mentally. Either way, he had just introduced himself and was expecting names forthcoming shortly.

Lady Myuu
9th November 2006, 5:34 AM
The mew girl smiled a bit as she shacked the man's hand. "It would take several days and me on a lot of sugar to explain exactly what I am. But you can call me Lady Myuu, well Myuu works, I'm also known as the wet blanket." her hearing was very good. "Anyway, I know Kaylie from last year. It is nice to meet you Chrom."

She seemed to be relaxing a bit more now. "Some party all ready it seems."

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Zephyr Flare
9th November 2006, 9:50 AM
Karu Locketre:

Karu could not help admit that certainly some things had picked up, the weird and wonderful still running around, the hot heads and the telepaths… Yet the overall affair still seemed rather quiet despite, good for him since these pretzels are rather nice.

Flicking his tail a slight as he puts the bowl back down, he does wonder. The host appears to have vanished for the time being and one group seemingly has left which is of course unfortunate. Still, the whole look like a Pokemon, be a Pokemon or have one still seems to be the only cater for speech in here.

Hardly Karu’s fault that Chikarma was attacked by Jaffa Cakes but still, that shot his potential “Pokemon” in the foot, or at least bit him with jelly goodness.

So deciding better than to interrupt a conversation or two, Karu starts heading his way towards the stairs ever so mindful for his tail so it would not get stood on nor his wings yanked.

The Pokemon Master
10th November 2006, 12:13 AM
I passed by the several commotions without granting any more than a single glance. The pillar situation had resolved itself, and it wouldn’t have bothered me much if it hadn’t. It would have merely proven the blue alien’s weakness and bad judgment in placing himself into a situation he could not handle. A loud shout from a young woman in a black-and-silver dress (likely good-looking to most) simply seemed to have drawn most of the eyes in the room towards her (including mine for a moment), but nothing interesting seemed to have happened to her yet. Though the young man I had noticed seemed to have crossed the room to engage her in conversation. What a strange thing romance is…

What did catch my eye, however, was the arena directly opposite the dance floor. A sparring match had apparently been decided upon, and the combatants had quickly left the bar. I noticed that the blue alien was now wearing a helmet of his own and soaring through the air, marking one of the first sensible things I had seen him do, and his female companion was accompanying him to the arena, while the boy walked alongside them. At first, I was slightly amused. The young boy in had probably gotten himself in over his head, and only a painful lesson in humiliation would correct arrogance such as that. But then the amusement faded, as I remembered that the boy had likely insisted on fighting both the aliens at once, and thus probably had a few tricks up his sleeve. Whatever the reasons he had for challenging them, though, it would be a good opportunity to observe their techniques.

They reached the arena as I turned my stride towards it, and by the time I reached it they had begun. The female alien’s hands were apparently on fire, but given both that she appeared to be in no pain and that there was a ring of fire surrounding the boy, I assumed that it was merely a side effect of using her abilities. The male, meanwhile, was hovering slightly to her side (though well over her head) and sparking electricity. Mmm… fire and electricity. And the girl, at least, knows how to use her abilities somewhat.

There were a number of seats around the arena, but sitting down was merely a sign of weakness in the legs, indicating that their owner had not enough endurance to stand instead. I simply stood between the arena and the club proper, watching. This match would very probably prove to be interesting, especially if, as I suspected, the boy had quite the surprise for those two aliens…

10th November 2006, 1:57 AM
OOC: This post is kind of weird because it goes to one of my pokemon.

Miriam was now completely embarassed. This was the reason she HATED being around people, because she knew at some point she'd bore them, and she HATED boring people.

"So, um...... nice blade," said Miriam half looking at the blade and half looking at the sky. "Did someone make it, well I know SOMEONE had to have made it, but, um..... do you know who made it?"
Miriam felt like a complete idiot and was twiddling her shurkin (fianlly remembering the name of it) on her finger.

Ember was curled in a ball watching Miriam and Sylpherius closely. She knew this would happen and then Miriam would start spilling out her idiot emmosions once she ran out of things to say. Ember didn't know why Miriam said her emmotians when not knowing things to talk about, but she supossed it was because when she wasn't talking she was thinking and thinking of memories and stuff. When ever she thought of memories depending on what it was she'd either start crying, blurting stuff out, laughing, or running to the bathroom (she got lots of stomaches when nervous). Ember was surprised Miriam had held up.

"Aqua, I'm surprised how Miriam's managing so long," said Ember.

"I think all the exitment of this place, might've got in her mind, pushing out all her memories or something."

"Teh, exitement, we've been going through, um.... HELLO!!!!!? We've been out here the WHOLE time!"

Aqua smiled. "Well then maybe there's something else flooding her mind."

Miriam had thoughts FLOODING her head.

What should I say? Would should I do? Does he even like me? Is he one of those people that try to get people to say stuff and then start rumors? Was she making a fool of herself?

Miriam was still twirling her shuriken on her finger.

10th November 2006, 10:36 PM
Kyuuen merely grinned with great confidence as the flames were ignited, simply refusing to lose his cool as the white hot inferno surrounded him instantaneously. The winds brought into existence by the swirling blaze caused his crimson jacket to fly upwards, ruffling violently in the intense heat waves. The scorching temperatures stung at his face, drying up his eyes before he had even known what happened. He was surrounded...no matter where he turned he faced the same incredible heat. However, he had endured far more painful assaults on his journey alone. Such an unthreatening warning shot stood virtually no chance of so much as phasing him. M'anta and Jenna had failed to anticipate this...which was their first mistake.

The young warrior casually slid his right hand into the pocket of his long jacket, while his left arm remained held out to his side at a perfect forty-five degree angle. He then swiftly raised his left arm so that it was crossing over his chest, with his left hand being elevated naught but a few inches above his right shoulder. As if on cue, an immense portion of Magical Energy was summoned to the palm of his hand. It glowed a golden color as Kyuuen flung his arm back into its original position. As he did so, he sort of "threw" the Magical Energy so that it took the form of a blade, though it retained the shape of a key as well. Before it could completely materialize, however, Kyuuen leapt into the air showing feats of agility which somehow gave new meaning to the word "superhuman." In mid-air, he performed a complete flip as his Keyblade finally materialized; showing itself to be a magnificent sword with a blade whose color scheme was comparable to that of crystals. Surrounding it was a thin aurora of energy, which served as an indicator of how emotional Kyuuen was at that point in time.

"Pretty impressive, huh?" He asked, directing the question toward neither of his two opponents in particular. “It’s called a Keyblade.”

“Gods…” M’anta said in utter shock, his eyes growing wider underneath his white lenses.

“That is impressive.” Jenna replied. “Looks like we got our work cut out for us.”

“Let’s try not to lose focus though. Remember, Kyuuen, we’ve been doing this a little bit longer than you have. Don’t get cocky.” M’anta stated confidently.

“Oh I doubt that’ll be a problem…” Kyuuen smirked.

At that point the young Keyblade Master sprang into action. He gripped the solid gold handle of his mythical weapon, and prepared to close the gap between him and his ground based adversary, opting to deal with her first before tackling his airborne foe. However, Jenna didn’t intend to make it quite so easy on Kyuuen. In an instant, both of her fists were ignited in bright orange flames, dealing no damage to her flesh. She then threw fireball after fireball at the boy, forcing him to call upon every ounce of his superhuman agility. Using precise timing the likes of which no human swordsman could hope to attain, he swung his sword time and time again as he continued to charge ever forward. With each swipe, another fireball was shattered into miniscule shards of flame. Despite this refusal to decrease his speed, the rather large gap between him and Jenna had simply not yet sealed itself. M’anta chose to take advantage of this, and began firing off bolts of bioelectric energy from his hands. Though while it was certainly more difficult, Kyuuen was still able to utilize his deep reservoir of swordsmanship to reflect the blasts.

And at last he reached his destination. He had gotten within striking distance of Jenna completely unharmed, at which point both the fireballs and the bioelectric blasts came to an abrupt halt. Kyuuen jabbed at his opponent, who reacted swiftly by sidestepping the attempted blow. Kyuuen soon found out that he too had underestimated his adversaries, for he hadn’t anticipated Jenna being versed in martial arts. She then used a powerful kick to sweep Kyuuen off of his feet, having caught him during the split-second he had let his guard down. However, he wasn’t going to fall that easily. He stuck out his free hand, planting it firmly into the ground and performing yet another flip to get himself back on his feet. Though neither hero wasted any time in taking full advantage of Kyuuen’s momentary stalling. M’anta dove in for Kyuuen, his fist crackling with vast amounts of electricity. Jenna, meanwhile, continued firing off blasts of fire.

The Keyblade Master managed to regain focus in time to deflect the fireballs, though M’anta succeeded in landing a melee-based blow on him as he swooped in from above. He slammed his fist into Kyuuen’s stomach, sending a surge of electricity through his very body. He tightened his muscles as he struggled to withstand the powerful attack, somehow remaining on his feet through the technique. As the flow of electricity going to M’anta’s fist was discontinued, he took to the skies once more as Kyuuen jumped back to avoid a punch from Jenna. At that point Kyuuen decided that melee combat alone would get him nowhere.

“AETHER!” He shouted, pointing his free hand palm-out at M’anta.

Instantly his own fist was engulfed in what appeared to be a combination of both sides of the universal spectrum; light and darkness. It was then expelled from his body, slicing the oxygen around it as it traveled upward to reach M’anta. The energy connected with M’anta’s blue skin, actually managing to shoot him out of the skies themselves. He fell to the earth below, but was able to regain flight the second before he hit the ground, levitating mere inches from the soil. Though he wasn’t out of the water yet. Kyuuen was dashing toward him with his sword raised, sending just enough magical energy through it so that his attacks would not be lethal but would still do sufficient damage. He leapt into the air, striking him with his Keyblade and thus driving him into the ground. However, as Kyuuen himself landed, he was blown off of his feet by a fireball from Jenna. Though as he flew through the air, he turned himself around and fired off his own energy beam, which struck Jenna in the stomach and knocked her off of her feet as well.

“Did he just…announce his attack?” M’anta asked, still disgruntled by Kyuuen’s spell as he brought himself to his feet.

‘There goes the element of surprise…” Jenna sighed, also damaged by the boy’s attack.

“Oh don’t worry about that. It’s only the first time I use the spell that I have to announce it.” Kyuuen stated, planting his Keyblade in the ground to bring himself to his feet. “So…whaddaya say we finish this?”

The Doctor
10th November 2006, 10:48 PM
So far, the party was getting lively. It housed an interesting clintel of guests, showing the clamour of whom Vernogoth was keen to invite. One of the guests had a Mew (Aaron had used this, probably out of some sadist pleasure, as target practice), a blue-skinned alien in a strange acid-green suit and goggles (Was there this strange energy coming off him or was it static fused with leather?) and someone named Lady Myuu ('No, doesn't ring a bell').

Naturally, when you've got a dancehall full of people in all kinds of costumes, it's gonna get hot and no matter how many times Glacius was cast, it just wouldn't cut it anymore. Aaron had been in the costume long enough and the hat was starting to give him a headache so, squeezing past a leggy brunette of a waitress, he ran out the doors and into the night.

A blade of white energy no bigger than that of a dagger materialised from the staff's end and carefully Aaron slid it down the front of the costume, cutting loose the straps and letting his red shirt billow in the wind. He threw the hat onto the ground and discarded his long black wig, freeing his amethyst hair. It felt good, rather than like a walking sailor's chest or the estranged cousin of Edward Scissorhands without the scissorhands.

But this was where he was safe. He could be free. Free from conspiracies, organisations, bounty hunters and death threats a-daily. Maybe get some practice for the next sorcery exam. Kazica would be training as well, with her Cyber magic. He might as well start, get some practice...

And the opportunity arrived. For there, at the edge of the water, was a tall figure, draped in a black cloak, his face obscured by the hood. But that wasn't what made Aaron freeze. The figure's left arm was steel and brandishing a katana. Just when he thought he could leave it for a while, it had come for him. The Brotherhood of Ragnarok.

11th November 2006, 12:12 AM

This was going to be a lot more trickier than I thought. The kid had about as much combat experience as Jenna and I did when we started out around his age. It wasn't easy being a teeange superhero. Luckily, she and I had the proper training by the best our world had to offer.

He used aether? There was only one other person I knew who used aether and that was Evan Stryker aka Dusk. I trained with Evan and I wondered if this teen had the same tactics. Jenna had healed herself and I shook my head out of the fog I was in.

"Tell me he didn't..." Jenna glanced upward at me.

"It's like we're facing Evan." I dove at the youth, covering my body in electricity.

Kyuuen quickly jumped out of the way of my charging at him from the air but while he was in mid-air a stream of fire hit the youth, burning the jacket clean off his body and created holes in the shirt. Growling, Kyuenn charged right at Jenna firing a blast of aether not knowing I was right behind him. He did however shoot aether with the other hand at me.

I shook off the effect after being pushed backwards, hitting the chairs on the upper seating area. If we weren't careful, we could destroy the place.

Jenna deflected the blast aimed at her with a pillar of fire as I picked up Kyuenn and flew straight into the air high above the arena. Kyuenn of course was squirming and in the end he elbowed me in the ribs, causing him to fall from the great height. Before I could think to catch him, he slowed his descent by firing aether at the ground.

Once he landed, he ran to Jenna, apparantly started to fight melee style. Quickly, I landed a few feet away from the two knowing what Jenna was capable of. She didn't like people who she didn't know well get that close to her or touching her. It was very uncomfortable for her because it came from being raped by a loser on Earth. By and large she was over it and learned to deal with it. But, there were still some scars there.

"GET...AWAY...FROM...ME!" Jenna caused fire to surround her body

"Jenna!" I stepped in between to the two with my arms outstretched. "He isn't Rick. He isn't Baxter."

"...what was that?" Kyuenn asked quietly as Jenna's flames died down.

Oh boy. I really didn't want to have to get into details about Baxter. He was the man who killed my father and raped Jenna when they were in high school together. Jenna was probably sketchy about the kid and why he wanted to spar. When he made a grab for her she snapped.

"M'anta?" Jenna weakly asked. "Oh, God. Kyuuen! I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, I'm fine." Kyuuen seemed confused and looked at me. "Just..confused. Can we continue the match?"

"Yeah." Jenna nodded. "Just try not to touch me."

"No problem. I'll just have to find another way to kick your asses." Kyuuen smirked.

"You sure about this?" I looked at Jenna, whose eyes blazed a bit. She was thinking of how she lost control so easily.

"I love you, M'anta, but I'm a big girl." Jenna casually replied. "I'm tougher than a lot of people give me credit for."

"Good. For a second there I thought you were backing down in the middle of a fight." Kyuuen remarked.

I couldn't help but smirk. My best friend, my amasa was one hundred and ten percent. Once again, I flew into the air.

"Okay, Jenna." I called. "Let's end this."

Jenna nodded as her hands quickly became enveloped in orange flames. Jenna's normally a strong, compassionate leader. I felt being around too many strangers seemed to irk her a bit. We began to spar again and he started off by firing aether, which we both dodged.

I landed back on the ground and qucikly, Jenna and I raised our hands palm out at the youth to prepare for a combination attack. Just as we were about to fire, Kyuenn raised his keyblade to deflect the blasts. We fired and as predicted he dflected the blasts and performed a series of backflips.

Once he was on his feet, he aimed the sword at the two of us and we had already started to prepare another attack. He was almost to the wall at this point. We closed in. There wasn't anywhere he could go unless he suddenly sprouted wings and flew.

"Evenly matched, I think." my hands crackled.

"I agree." Jenna shook her head agreeing with my assessement. "We could continue for hours."

"I think we've reached a draw, Kyuenn." I sighed. "At this close range, we could seriously hurt even you."

"Very well." Kyuenn sheathed his sword as we lowered our hands. "You two really fought well."

"I'm just sorry you had to see me do that." Jenna held herself and spoke softly.

"But..." I placed my arm around her and held her chin up. "We can move past that."

I looked at the stands. There was someone watching the whole time. I didn't even sense him. It was if he blocked my telepathy. I only sensed the three of us in here. We were too busy sparring to notice him.

"Looks like we got company." I motioned to the man watching us.

Sonozaki Maya
11th November 2006, 3:12 AM
Sylpherius looked up and began to answer Miriam. "I forged it along with a friend. That friend of mine passed away... More like murdered, actually... I sought my revenge, and until now, I haven't found the killer... unless..." he stared more intently at the sky, and he saw a little speck up there. Sylpherius cursed to himself as he leapt to the side as a large knife was thrown from apparently nowhere. It was then that there was a large blur quickly descending down at the ground. Sylpherius gasped in his mind when he realized who it was. It was the person who had killed one of his only friends in a fit of rage. Sylpherius laughed as he flipped back and went into his battle stance, staring at the mystery assassin. "It's time for you to die." the assassin and Sylpherius sneered at each other.

11th November 2006, 3:41 AM
Miriam basicly screamed, not because of fear, but the surprise of something jumping out at her. She felt sad about Sylpherius, and found it quite odd the person he had just talked about just came out of the sky. Miriam pulled out her shuriken, waiting to see what'd happen. She was kind of waiting to see if Sylpherius wanted help, or if he wanted to fight it out alone.

"So, can we have introductions before anyone gets killed?" asked Miriam trying to brighten the moment like she always used to do at home. When with friends her only goal was to make them happy and laugh. Miriam loved laughter and hated suspensful moments.

Crap Miriam, draw attention to yourself wy don't you. Now you'll be killed right away!

Ember & Aqua
Ember and Aqua were in fighting stance, well Ember was anyway. Aqua was in a smarter defence stance to see what happened.

"Who's the retard that broke up are quietness?" asked Aqua.

"Someone who obviously is angry, and wants to kill Miriam's boyfriend....."

"He's not her boyfriend yet," put in Aqua.

"....... whatever. Anyway here's the exitement I've been waiting for, maybe I'll get some training in!" Ember exclaimed. She could feel the flame inside her growing, and was ready to take on anything. She thought her trainer was smart to pull out her long range weapon so she wouldn't need to get to close. The only thing Ember was worried about was if her owner got damaged in any way.

Sonozaki Maya
11th November 2006, 4:21 AM
The assassin faced Miriam, but decided to ignore her. "I suppose you fools don't know me," the assassin said. "Cut the crap, Reld!" Sylpherius yelled. He remained on guard whilst facing Reld. Reld also remained stoic in his stance. The both of them were at each others throats, quite literally. It appeared that Ember was eager to join in, whereas Aqua was making the wiser choice. "Well?" Reld said. "Make your move, you hermit!" and at that Sylphyerius was enraged. "I'm going to kill you!" he cried out, it was ear-shattering indeed. He charged at Reld with his katana in hand, and kept it behind his back before kicking at Reld several times, a few of which the assassin parried. The entrant quickly countered with several of his own kicks and punches, and Sylpherius deflected some of those attacks as well. It appeared that the two were equals. The "spectators," as Reld would call them, appeared to be ignored. Sylpherius looked at Ember and Aqua before taking out his blade and knocking Reld up in the air before enchanting his sword with aquatic energy and drilling through him releasing poisonous vapours.

11th November 2006, 4:39 AM
Miriam was just plain dazed, everything was happening so fast. She was still holding her shuriken and was staring at the creepy assassin dude who was slowly getting up.

"Crap," breathed Miriam under her breath. "Ember, Attack A!" yelled Miriam, deciding to help out.

Ember used a Heat Wave reacting to the secret code attacks used so others wouldn't know what attack was being used.

The assassin didn't go down, and Miriam was kind of petrified. Aqua took the offensive side and used a Hydro Pump to protect her trainer, but Reld dodged it easily.

Miriam threw her shuriken at the assissen but it too missed, which puzzled Miriam since her best fighting quality was accuracy. The shuriken around and back to Miriam who grabbed it. Miriam's shuriken had this boomerang effect which was why she loved her weapon so much. It was long range, effective, and it was boomerangish.

"This is going to be a BIT harder than I thought," whispered Miriam to Aqua.

The Pokemon Master
11th November 2006, 5:52 AM
Quite an impressive match. A pity that they cut it short… As I had expected, the boy had proven to be a worthy match for the two aliens. He actually showed considerable potential, though if he had already reached his final limits of strength and agility, he would never pose even a remote challenge to me. The sword he carried was rather impressive, however. Meanwhile, the aliens had showed a remarkable demonstration of teamwork, always a good thing among partners, and it was backed up by quite a lot of skill and strength. Even so, they had shown that they could be distracted by new revelations of abilities or tactics, a fatal flaw in any fighter’s concentration.

And by the look of consternation on the male alien’s face, behind his helmet, he had apparently not noticed me prior to this. The look of surprise spread to his female companion as he gestured to me, and even flickered across the boy’s face. Another flaw in their battle skills; they were not aware of everything around them, even if it seemed irrelevant to the battle. However, the male alien’s consternation implied something apart from his lack of noticing me. Perhaps he relies on telepathy to be aware of others around him… If so, the more foolish he is. He should know, if he really is the “superhero” he seems to be, that he cannot always rely on certain abilities or senses.

I only considered it a pity that the three would be at least slightly worn out from their spar. Perhaps if the three of them, at full strength, combined their forces against me, it would provide an entertaining match. As it was, however… I would need to let them rest, or find another opponent to add to their side to even the odds even remotely. Even if they had been holding back as much as I suspected they had, they would stand no chance against me. And I might not even require the use of my sword. My armor alone would likely suffice.

Still, if they wished to be so foolhardy as to challenge me, I would accept. If they were even remotely intelligent, they would wait and recover before doing so. If not, I would need to teach them a small, painful lesson. Folding my armored arms across my breastplate, I stood, calmly watching them to see what they might do.

Sonozaki Maya
11th November 2006, 9:54 AM
Reld looked to Miriam, Ember and Aqua and scoffed at them. "That's not going to help," he scowled. He quickly rushed towards Miriam with a dagger in hand, prepared to slit her throat once again. "Your trust in your friends is your biggest weakness!" he said as he was going to slice that pressure point near Miriam's neck, but soon enough was knocked aside as Sylpherius slammed the hilt of his katana right at the pressure point Reld was about to aim at on Miriam, making Reld fall over. However, he recovered quickly by kicking off and using the resulting momentum to flip back to his original stance. Sylpherius grumbled to himself as he began to harness the power of the moon to release a burst of energy. The moonlight began to sink into Sylpherius' blade as he cut at Reld in an X fashion, releasing a burst of lunar energy in that shape, making Reld fall back again. This time, he had no time to recover as Sylpherius soon slammed his katana beneath the ground and dragged it to make large rocks hit Reld as well as his own blade. The impact caused Reld to rise up into the air. It was the perfect opportunity for Miriam to use her weapon and set up the offensive for her Pokemon Aqua and Ember. "Now!" Sylpherius called shrilly.

11th November 2006, 5:17 PM
The dragon Digimon hovered on an air current, contemplating the perfect place to land. On the roof- with those spectral phantoms?

Or in front of the entrance, where she could spook the faint-hearted with her sudden appearence?

Decisions, decisions...

Compromising, she landed on a nearby roof-top and jumped down, opening her wings to slow herself down, and landing upon all fours. She soon straightened up, standing upon her powerful hind legs, and folding her leathery bronze wings over her shoulders, covering the white rose that had been tatooed onto it. She walked in, handing her invitation to the person at the door, and scanned the group, taking notice of the Mew floating beside a girl. She grinned, unintentionally revealing sets of dagger-pointed teeth.

She sat at the bar, easily opening a bottle of Cherry Coke with her ivory claws. She took a sip of it, letting the cool-although slightly acidic- liquid run over her tongue and down her throat as she swallowed it. Her yellow eyes were still fastened upon the Mew, and her face showed a inquisitive expression. Curiosity sprouted within her. She wanted to know more about the floating cat.

11th November 2006, 6:27 PM
"Yeah...I guess we do." Kyuuen stated rather silently, having caught sight of the spectator having observed the duel.

Kyuuen's now-golden eyes stared relentlessly at the man who stood before him at the opposite end of the arena, having long since sheathed his Keyblade. Judging solely by his disposition, that is to say the way he carried himself, the Keyblade Master was somehow able to peg him as the very pillar of ignorance itself. Over time, he had gained the ability to differentiate between pride and misplaced arrogance, and was by this point in time able to realize that this person thought somewhat lowly of him. However, it wasn't so much that he cared what other people- let alone this total stranger- thought of him...Although, if someone could look at such a performance on the field of battle and ridicule it, clearly this person must have boasted considerable talent. And to Kyuuen, a powerful entity meant only one thing: a new opponent, a new challenge, and an opportunity to reach new plateaus in strength both physical and spiritual.

"Excuse me for a second, I'll be right back." Kyuuen nodded swiftly, smirking as he set his sights upon who could very well be his next opponent.

And so, gathering together a portion of the energy bestowed upon him by the Keyblade, Kyuuen leapt forward with his fists clenched firmly, kicking off of the ground with his left leg. The thought of showing off didn't so much as cross his mind as he soared through the air, merely having decided to reach his person the fastest way he knew how. Having cleared what was more or less the entire arena, he finally touched down upon solid ground in the stands. What's more, he had managed to land unharmed and with such precision that no more than a few feet separated him and the spectator. Looking over at him without so much as a hint of distrust, he smirked confidently. Somehow, his face telegraphed that he wished to face off against this person in combat, yet did not reflect any arrogance whatsoever.

"Hi." He said in a surprisingly cheerful tone of voice. "Enjoy the fight?"

11th November 2006, 11:41 PM
Miriam ordered Ember to use a heat wave while she used her shuriken again which hit it's mark.

"YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!" said Miriam jumping up.

"You don't know if he's dead yet though," said Aqua looking intently at the assissin.

"Aqua use Hydro pump!" The jet of water hit Reld as well which pushed him back even more.

Miriam twiddled her shurkin around on her finger again, "Is he dead, or should I slit him again?" she asked.

12th November 2006, 2:02 AM
OOC: To Yami Ryu if she come back around: Well it not really Strike fault he all know what is in his little world. So course he is ignorant of what outside of what he lived through.


Strike roamed the people crowded ball stopping to tall chair and counter. He hopped on the backless chair and began examining what humans and other creature were doing. They order liquid of all different color and different fragrances. He cocked his head to the side and strangely stared... he didn't understand what humans created all of this different smelling and coloration of water. All they needed is plain water to survive but yet they invented something that to him seem pointless. He attention was taken away as the sound of someone giving orders to a pokemon broke through the chattering pokemon and to his strong hearing ears. Jumping off he bolted in the direction of the words coming to an arena. Where some people began battle it out. A smirk spread across his face.

He notices a single man with hair yellow hair and wearing a red jacket. In one of his hand/arm was what look like made out of metal. The very appearance of the human gave him a sense that he was different from the other humans. Moving closer the Brown and tan tainted Linoone saw an abnormally large key. He hadn't seen anything like it... but then again he had not see many things of humans.

"Is that your weapon" He asked pointing his blade-like claw at the key, "Not that I know much about humans but that not an average weapon... What is suppose to do, give someone a lump on the head?" Strike met nothing by making those comments it was just his curiosity yearning to learn more about all of the strange way of humans. His golden eyes scan up and down the enlarge key.

12th November 2006, 2:28 AM

Kyuuen was going to talk to the stranger in the armor huh? The kid must have had a lot more fight left in him. I needed to heal before we even think about sparring with someone again. Luckily, Jenna was a great healer. She ahad already healed her wounds and took off my helmet to get a look at me. We were a good twenty feet away from where Kyuuen was.

My hair was all matted down and I did have a few burns on my face. It was nothing I couldn't handle but still, Jenna and I walked to the stands near Kyuuen and the stranger. Jenna quietly placed both hands on me and in an instant my wounds were gone. Her healing power was relatively new but she was getting the hang of it.

"I feel a lot better now." I remarked while I took her hands. "But, how are you? I mean it's not like you to be this tense."

"A lot's been going on lately, M'anta." she sighed and arched her back. "I'm okay but some of the people here are making me feel...I dunno...uncomfortable."

"I can't blame you, Jay." I hugged Jenna. "I'm even sensing some...strange things from people. Outside there are people fighting with Pokemon and the others in the bar are still keeping to themselves."

"Well, we could dance." Jenna shrugged. "It's been a while since we danced. I think since Mateo and Aquita's wedding."

The wedding was a great time. It was around that time that I discovered that I was part of something more. That I had to make my mark as a member of Earth's greatest heroes. I touched Jenna's cheek and her body was still warm from the fire.

"We'll dance after we're fully rested, amasa." I smiled.

"Great." Jenna seemed happier. Her smile could light up a room.

I held her close. Jenna can be close to me now. It took some time and Jenna eventually wanted to find out if she could love a man in a certain way and not feel afraid. That loser Rick Baxter took her innocence when he raped her. I telepathically relived it and I couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing.

"Right now, I want to know what Kyuuen's going to do." I draped my arm around Jenna.

"My best guess is that he's going to spar with that guy." Jenna motioned to the tall behemoth.

I looked over at him and I couldn't sense anything from him. He was blocked off by that armor and I wondered what he was thinking. I do rely on my other senses. But, there was no easy way to tell what was in his heart. Was it malice or benevolence? It was hard to say.

"Well, Kyuuenn gave us a challenge." I turned back toward Jenna and kissed her. "You were great, by the way."

"Even though I practically made Kyuuen flambe?" Jenna laughed sarcastically.

"He didn't seem to mind." I shrugged and looked at the smoke coming from his clothes and his costume that was now in tatters. "Though he might need a new wardrobe."

The Pokemon Master
12th November 2006, 6:31 AM
I simply studied the boy for a few moments, considering him. His leap had been mildly impressive, carrying him across the room to land before me, but nothing I hadn't seen before. And nothing I couldn't better in my own way.

His face spoke very plainly that he wished to spar with me, a somewhat surprising development. He should have at least thought to be healed before another battle. And most would likely seek a new set of clothing, after their first was half burned. His actions and attitude, when I put them together and considered them carefully, were remarkably similar to those of one who wanted to prove himself, be it by showing off or by lighthearted speech to an enigma like myself. Which in turn showed some remarkable perception on his part. Unless, of course, I had allowed my hope that the performance was among the least of their abilities to slip into my gaze. Still, apart from judging him, I supposed that I should likely respond to his question. And ignore the runt Linoone that I had noticed earlier, who had appeared and was questioning the boy about his blade.

"You might say I did, yes," I finally replied, my voice the soft, hard quality of a sword being unsheathed. In spite of that, it was easily audible, even over a number of other noises. "You did rather well, assuming, of course, that this... sparring match... was merely a warm up exercise, and that you used little to none of your true power." Something flickered across his face; it might have been shock, or some other obscure emotion, but it was soon hidden again, gone behind that veil of challenge, yet containing a wariness that spoke not of distrust, but of an eagerness for a good battle. Good... He can control his emotions, at least...

"Now, in answer to your unasked, yet ever so obvious question, I will spar with you. However, I would like you to bring a few partners along on your side to make it a little more... enjoyable. I would advise asking your previous opponents," I coninued, gesturing almost carelessly towards where the alien and his human girlfriend were (she apparently had some kind of healing skill; their scars of battle had vanished without a trace), "and perhaps this curious little Linoone might aid you as well. The four of you together might actually provide an amusing match. If, of course, they refuse for whatever reason, or you think you can actually stand against me, then I will face you and you alone." My tone made it obvious what I thought of that. "Whatever you decide, do so quickly. I long for a practice session, with or without opponents; I have gone far too long without one already, ever since I arrived at this... Ball."

So much time that could have been used for practice, all wasted, I thought. Still, it might actually be worth it if this boy has reserves of techniques and assaults that are far beyond his previous performance. And if these others decide to join him.

I had not moved at all, and I remained in the same position, watching and waiting.

Zephyr Flare
12th November 2006, 10:51 AM
Karu Locketre:

Karu is looking a tad annoyed now, understandably concerning. Admittedly he is not sure if sparring comes under the no go rule for this Ball thing but if they insist, why inside at the risk to others?

Admittedly he has a stave with him but that was partly due to the fact the element of the strange “fangirls” that seem heck intent on grabbing him every two minutes if he isn’t with anybody. At least it is on perhaps more reasonable terms than most.

Sighing a slight, holding a randomly appeared glass of water, he downs a bit while sitting on the banister rail coil. Nothing had stood as much interesting to him as yet bar this questionable sparing matches popping up. So many “rough and tumble” demons not a patch on back home.

That is of course ignoring the ones back at the realm he seems to ignore.

Shaking his head, he puts the glass on his knee and lets his wings drop a little under their own weight. Hopefully something will actually go forth to liven a bit more soon.

12th November 2006, 6:39 PM
Kyuuen continued to smirk with great confidence, remaining unphased by this man's unspoken intimidation that he bore with him. Though he feared that this person was still underestimating his abilities. For he had no intention of entering in a handicap match. While he did anticipate an unbelievably difficult battle, never once had the thought of seeking help crossed his mind. Never the less, he continued to remain calm throughout what could have been considered a mockery of his capabilities. It still meant only one thing to Kyuuen; this person may very possibly have been the strongest warrior he had ever seen. Requesting a three-on-one match...there was no way Kyuuen was ever going to pass up an opportunity to face off against this person. But he was not about to do so with allies to help him. Even if he was far outclassed by this rather enigmatic adversary, such a duel was to be experienced in a one-on-one battle.

"Great. I'll spar with you...but on one condition: it has to be a one-on-one fight. Trust me, I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve." He flashed the man a quick thumbs-up.

Yet he was no fool. True, he did have a variety of techniques and plateaus he had not yet displayed in his previous fight versus M'anta and Jenna. But needless to say, they were worthy opponents...and did weaken him significantly. He would, unfortnately, require a moment's rest if he were to go head to head with this new challenger. Though apparently, Jenna possessed a form of regeneration which could restore him to his full potential instantaneously. If he could seek help from her prior to the battle, he would only have to wait for but a minute or so. Which was good, for he hoped to start the fight as soon as possible. Whatever the reason may have been, Kyuuen constantly found himself seeking out stronger opponents to fight. He found it incredibly unlikely that he could have found his match at such a festive event, but wasn't about to risk missing out on such a battle.

"But if I'm gonna fight you by myself, I'll need to be at my full strength. So you're gonna have to wait about five minutes while I get myself healed by Jenna." Kyuuen continued politely. "I'll meet you on the battle field, I guess."

And with that, Kyuuen kicked off the ground yet again. This time, however, the earth beneath his feet was far more solid. Thusly, it was easier to get a fair amount of air under him. So once more he soared through the air, his destination clear in his head. Scanning the arena below, he noticed that Jenna and M'anta had altered their position so that they were now much closer to the stands. Due to a lack of judgement, he found himself unable to land with the precision he had impacted with earlier, and overshot them by perhaps a few yards. Landing in a kneeling position, Kyuuen swiftly brought himself to his feet and turned to face them. His carefree expression was replaced with a serious one as he readied himself for the duel.

"Jenna, I'm gonna need you to heal me. I'm going to fight this new guy one-on-one, and something tells me he's a lot stronger than I gave him credit for. So...naturally I can't face him like this." Kyuuen sighed. "What's more, I think I'll have to push my limits even if I'm at my maximum potential."

Once more he found himself staring idly at his new opponent. Truly this would be an enjoyable match. Yet he couldn't shake the feeling that he was in over his head, if only by the smallest amount. Their eyes met, both combatants showing almost identical amounts of both determination and tranquility; perfect silence, in other words. But just as he remained ever quiet, Kyuuen had every intention of proving to this person that he was no laughing matter. He agreed with himself that there was to be no holding back as he stared the other combatant directly in the eyes.

12th November 2006, 8:26 PM

Jenna and I looked at each other for an instant and then considered our young friend's request. He wanted to face the man solo. It wasn't my place to decided if he should do it. He had ample skills to defend himself with and gave us a run for our money. But, if he did find himself in trouble, I would definitely help and I knew Jenna would as well. We were definitely going to stay and watch the match to make sure all went well. A part of me did want to see what he was capable of.

"Think this a good idea?" I asked Jenna telepathically.

"I don't know." Jenna responded. "But, I have a feeling he should be okay. The kid isn't to be underestimated."

"Yeah, I seem to recall a group of teenage heroes like him that were underestimated by supervillains." I responded. "Go ahead and help him."

"Sure." Jenna remarked.

Jenna stood up and faced the youth. I stood behind her as she raised her hands to his cheek.Kyuuen back up, not knowing what to expect. I could tell Kyuenn was unsure how we were going to act.

"I'll help you. This is how I heal people." Jenna responded quietly. "We're not going to stop you from facing this man. You have skills and I suggest youuse them to their fullest."

"But, if something happens and you're in trouble, we will step in." I added. "We don't want to see you get yourself killed doing something we could have prevented. If you're in trouble, don't be afraid to call in us."

"I wouldn't have expected anything less." Kyuenn smirked.

With that said, Jenna placed her hands on the youth's face and after a few minutes, his burns, soot and scars were gone. Jenna's powers were very strange. She had the ability to destroy using fire and the ability to heal. Sadly, the fire powers were the first to develop and caused a massive fire in her school. The healing was finally complete and Jenna placed her hands down.

"You're good to go, Ky." Jenna placed her hands behind her back. "Just promise us something."

"What?" Kyuuen looked past her at the waiting man.

"Watch yourself out there and give it all you got. I have a feeling this man has a lot of power." Jenna remarked.

"So, do I." I nodded. "He seems to be an enigma like a friend of ours named Chronos. If you were to fight him, you'd have to expect everything. That hero has no emotion and is often cold. But, we know he's a hero. This man seems to be cut from the same cloth. Take cate, Kyuenn. We'll be watching."

Mimori Kiryu
13th November 2006, 6:35 PM
Kyuren stared at the fight that had just occured between Manta, Jenna and Kyuuen. It was such an awe inspiring thing to watch mainly because Kyuren herself had never been taught such advanced maneuver's. Sure, Ryuhou and Kazuma had taught her some things when she had met them, but other than that, she had taught herself everything about Martial Arts and anything else that you wanted to call fighting moves.

"DAMN!! That was so AWESOME!!! I wanna fight like that!" Ryu bursted out with excitement, jumping around where Kyuren stood. "Why can't we fight as awesome as that?"

Kyuren didn't answer, but looked at Jenna. Something had changed in her style of fighting half way through the fight. It was odd. Her mind had almost begun unstable. Along with Kyuren's alter, she had recieved the ability to see into the hearts and minds of others when she looked into their eyes. Jenna's aura had almost completely changed from when she was simply talking to Kyuren herself. It was strange, but Jenna's normal aura had returned, so Kyuren took it as nothing big and figured that it was Jenna and M'anta's concern and nothing she should be poking her nose at.

She strolled over to Jenna and M'anta, whom both seemed exhausted. "That was a great sparing match, you guys." She smiled.

"Yeah, yeah! You guys are really strong! You could teach Kyuren here a thing or two!" Ryu called out and it received a smack on the head by Kyuren. "Hey!"

"They don't need to teach me anything. They just need to rest from the battle." Kyuren told him. "So...is...um, Kyuuen that strong?" She asked, looking over to him and the stranger that he had walked up to across the room. Kyuren hoped he hadn't forgotten about her already..

13th November 2006, 11:52 PM
She stopped staring at the Mew and looked over to the battle arena. Her eyes picked out Kyuuen. She sensed an aura of strength around him, strength that rivaled her own. She didn't seem powerful, after all, she was just a Rookie level, a push-over in other Digimons' eyes. But without the ability to Digivolve, she retained a massive amount of power from her other forms. She had given up Digivolution, for she found no need in a Digidestined. Seraphinu was the only partner she really needed. Heh, too bad Seraphi's not here... she thought. The wingwolf had neither received an invitation(Comet had found the matter a bit... insulting because her friend had not been invited), nor did she elect to come as Comet's 'guest'.

"Its a waste of time. Besides, since when do you see me frivoling about with a bunch of strange people?" She had all but dared Comet to make a smart-*** comment. She joke-loving Digimon could hardly refuse the oppurtunity.

"Well, let's see now... you brought a Digimon egg home with you, took in a devilish looking creature, which we still have no idea what he is, and a half-demon wolf. So don't tell me you don't like... variety," came the retort, and she had earned the 'death glare' from her long-time friend.

Comet couldn't help but grin as she remembered that. She got up from the bar, and then grabbed an empty seat in the stands, eager to see a fight. She was tired of the pacifist world she lived in with Seraphi. Oh well, wasn't a completely pacisifist world, she still answered to her nemisis no and again. But still, watching a well-mannered fight that wasn't to the death would be good for her.

15th November 2006, 3:17 AM

Kyuren asked if Kyuuen was really that strong. I had to admit the kid was as strong as one of the new kids Jenna and I had a part in saving months ago. I had to think of an answer for the girl. I glanced over at Kyuuen as he was still talking to the tall stranger and then back at Kyuren.

"Yeah." I nodded. "His skills are very good for someone his age. There's a group of teenage heroes that took our place as trainees and each one of them would be awed at his strength. I have a feeling he wasn't even using all his powers."

"One of the powers he used , though, reminds us of one of the kids named Evan." Jenna explained. "He used aether in the same way as him."

Kyuren seemed interested in what we were talking about. The creature near her she called Ryu realled seemed interested in talking to us. It was odd seeing it talk but this place had a lot of oddities and Jenna and I were getting used to it.

"Anyway, we're rested from the battle." Jenna explained. "I also can heal as well as destroy with my fire."

"I think Kyuuen's going to fight the big guy over there soon." I motioned to the armored stranger. "We're probably going to watch. But, if anything happens, I won't hesitate to interupt the match."

"Same goes for me, amasa." Jenna replied, looking intently at the two.

The arena seemed to also get another visiter. I looked and I saw a strange looking being in the stands. I wasn't sure what to make of it. I turned my attention back to the others.

"I think we're getting a crowd, soon." I peeked toward the main hall. People were either at the bar or talking.

I stepped back toward Jenna and the others.

"So, I guess we should take a seat, huh?" I sat down with Jenna beside me and my helmet in my lap.

The Pokemon Master
15th November 2006, 3:56 AM
Well, well, well. The boy has some spunk in him yet. And at least he knows enough to seek healing before a battle.

Impassive as ever, I turned and strode into the arena, coming to a halt on one side of the center ring. Once there, folded my arms again, this time slipping myself into a meditative trance, closing my eyes and becoming one with my surroundings. All thought vanished; what little emotion I might have had vanished; all that was left was a blank, calm emptiness, and an acute awareness of everything around me. Opening my eyes again, I watched as the alien and his female companion conversed briefly with my soon-to-be opponent, before he nodded and performed another jump this time landing on the other side of that inner circle, facing me. His grin had vanished; the kid gloves were off. He would be treating me as a truly worthy opponent in his own eyes.

“Let's see how my Keyblade measures up against your armor,” he told me, eyes glittering.

“Hmph,” I snorted. “Now, boy, let us begin.”

Without pause for warning, I leapt at him, wrapped in my emptiness and spinning already to deliver a series of chops and kicks to his unprotected body. His sword flashed once; unbelievably, I felt the blow fairly significantly through the armor, but I continued the maneuver. Yet my efforts to reach him yielded only a whistling through empty air as he backed up just enough to be out of reach. The boy’s reflexes were quite good.

Undeterred, I dashed at him, this time moving my arm to block the incoming sword slash, which actually hurt somewhat, and moving directly towards him, throwing a punch with all the force of my weight and strength behind it. He swayed out of the way of it, but this time I would not be denied, and I turned my momentum into a spinning kick and finally felt contact. A slight widening of his eyes was the only indicator of any pain or shock as he sailed through the air a short distance to land on his feet again. He could keep his balance even through shock and pain, then.

I did not even consider my next move before flowing into it and once again running towards the boy. His sword flashed through the air to strike me twice more; even through the armor I was beginning to become uncomfortable. Still, I completed the assault, seizing him and launching him bodily through the air to slam into a wall. He landed on his feet again, looking slightly winded but not significantly hurt. His eyes glowed golden, eager for more.

“Guess I'm not as weak as you thought, huh?” he asked, grinning.

“Not quite, boy. You have proved yourself worthy to cross blades with me. Prepare yourself.”

In response to my words, he dashed to me, sword at the ready. He had apparently had enough of being on the defensive. My sword almost jumped into my hand as I parried his assault, forcing him back as I threw a forward-reaching kick in for good measure. The kick connected, but I felt that it was more of a fact that he hadn’t seen it coming. He was also fairly strong, and it required a large amount of my own strength to push his blade off of my own.

I pursued him as he half staggered, half stepped back, immediately going on the offensive again. My vertical slash met his horizontal parry, and we continued in an elegant dance of blades, thrusts, slices, parries, and slashes meeting one another, with the occasional glancing strike landing on the other.

Once more I swung my blade towards him, and he blocked it and held the clash. His eyes, glowing golden, stared fearlessly into my helmet, though he did not quite meet my eyes. Granted, doing so would be nearly impossible, given that the helmet cloaked its contents in darkness. Still, it was time for another little trick. Still locking the swords in place, I punched at him with my free hand while simultaneously throwing a roundhouse kick and keeping my balance on my other foot. His eyes widened momentarily – he had obviously not expected this renewed assault – and though he managed to get out of the way of the punch while holding his blade against my own, he could not evade the kick, which sent him sprawling. However, he did not seem content to merely lie there to allow for my attack, and he raised his free hand, shouting “AETHER!”

I knew what to expect from observing the previous battle, and almost contemptuously deflected the blast of light and darkness that shot from his palm. I sensed it lance into the stands instead, blasting apart a number of the seats, and sensed the occupants of the seats nearby shout in surprise as they moved to what they thought might be a safer location in the stands.

Relentlessly, I continued the attack, though he managed to parry my strikes while he rose slowly to his feet again, careful to keep out of range of my arms. I tried a lunging thrust, which he actually deflected, using my momentum to carry me past him. Not about to give him any kind of advantage, I lashed out with my free hand in a karate chop as I passed him, forcing him to stumble momentarily as I recovered my position.

The lethal dance of steel began again, but this time my opponent was wary of the punches, kicks, and chops that I threw his way whenever there was an opening. Neither of us managed a blow against the other for some time. Finally, I decided to bring out some more of my own talents.

After our blades rebounded off of each other again, I swung my own back, in a short, slicing motion that could not possibly hit him physically. I saw a frown flit across his face as I drew upon the essence of Fire contained within the blade, almost feeling its glow intensifying as I did so. As the motion was completed, a slim blast of flame shot from the center of the swing’s arc, lancing directly towards my opponent. Surprised by this new technique, and unable to overcome the surprise in time to block such a short-range blast, it struck him squarely in the chest, knocking him flat. Responding to his position, likely in an attempt to gain some time to rise, he raised his free palm again. I knew what to look for this time, though, and I deflected the Aether towards the ceiling as I struck home with a well-placed punch.

Unfortunately, he managed to roll to one side quickly enough to dodge, and my gauntleted fist became slightly embedded in the floor. I soon pulled it free, but that miniscule time interval had given him the chance to get back on his feet and strike a powerful blow to me. The attack managed to have the unfortunate timing of landing just as I pulled my fist free, and actually sent me staggering several steps. A blast from where I sensed his hand to be shot into my side, knocking me flat on the floor. Obviously not content to stop there, I felt him dive towards me, readying himself for another sword slash.

Shock, almost instantaneously replaced with cold fury, rippled through the emptiness of my mind as time seemed to slow down. This… boy had knocked me down? It was past time to end this. Drawing upon my sword’s power again, I vanished in a Teleport, the world flickering into nonexistence around me momentarily, and reappeared some distance behind my opponent. I watched his back as he stumbled momentarily on his own momentum, trying to strike at an opponent that had literally been there only moments before.

“Well, well, well,” I said, my voice deathly quiet. “You have given me cause to resort to one of my more powerful assaults, and one that you may not be so easily able to handle. As such, it is rather dangerous to the recipient, so I give you due warning: prepare yourself.”

“Don't flatter yourself...” he replied coolly. “I've got a few tricks up my sleeve too.”

And with that, I began an immensely difficult technique, one that might just put a damper on the kid’s cockiness. Fixing ten locations in the arena, arrayed in a circle around him, in my mind, I began a series of Teleports. However, unlike most times when Teleport was used, I only reappeared for a fraction of a nanosecond before disappearing and reappearing in the next location. It essentially gave the effect of a Double Team, but instead it essentially had the effect of duplicating myself; each and every copy was real and deadly. As of yet, I was aware of none other, human, Pokémon, or otherwise, who was able to accomplish such a feat and actually use it; it literally rendered me blind while I did so and required a concentration so immense that it had taken me years before I could even walk with all of my “copies” at once. However, my constant awareness of my surroundings never changed, and through this replacement sight I could maneuver into a lethal assault. After considering briefly, I added another location to my Teleportation scheme, this one directly above the boy, and proceeded to charge towards him with all of the grounded “copies” while crouching with my sword pointing downwards in my aerial position. He was turning in a circle, consternation plain on his face, trying to determine which me to block, if not attempt to block all of me. The block he managed, though, was inevitably nowhere near good enough to repulse all of my multiple attacks, a good seven or eight of which crashed through his defense and struck home, followed by the aerial position slamming into his now-battered body. Luckily for him, I had no intent to kill, or the blades would have sliced straight through him. As it was, I ceased the rapid Teleportation in my position on top of him and stepped off, believing that it was likely the end of the sparring match as I regarded his prone form.

A belief that quickly changed when a golden glow crept over his body. He rose into the air, hovering and glowing, and I assumed a battle ready stance once again. The battle so far had managed to take a good chunk out of my strength, but I still had plenty of reserves. And it looked as though I would need it.

Two wings emerged from his back; one was black and batlike in appearance, the other was white and feathered. It gave a look of half demonic, half angelic, and the transformation did not end there. Black claws emerged from the spaces between his knuckles, extending to about a foot in length; they looked as though they would have little trouble slicing straight through a number of things. Even his torso muscled out a bit, and his body straightened as the wings began to work, pumping the air for flight. The golden aura still surrounded him, and his eyes were a blaze of the color.

“I told you it wasn't over,” he said, voice resonating slightly.

“Heh. So, you aren’t quite finished yet. Well, let us continue, and see how we fare with this new turn of events.” Despite the ever-present calm in my voice, I was actually slightly shaken; I had never seen anything like this before. Still, my will overcame my uncertainty in an instant; it was merely an opponent to be crushed, though he looked as though he had come back to his full strength, and likely it was greater than what I had faced before. A much more even match than I had anticipated.

“Alright...now it's a party. Rest assured, I'm not finished quite yet,” he said, a small smile on his face.

“Come. Let us enjoy the thrill of battle, and may victory befall the better man.”

16th November 2006, 8:01 AM
…I’m going to play a witch in Macbeth, which we’re performing in TWO WEEKS. Play and school keeping me Uber busy. Sorry to all. ;;

“Err…” the demon boy began, catching Kaylie and Mew’s attention and bringing them back to the present.

Lucifer grinned, showing off a mouth full of fangs, causing the blond girl to flinch slightly. He ran a hand through his bright red hair before answering her previous question. “Unfortunately, yes… you could say that I have the joyous ‘privilege’ of owning this insane, crazy, melodramatic, blood-suck- err, I mean blood loving wolf.

“So, eh… who’s this Lady Myuu person?” he then asked, changing the subject to the girl the two had just mentioned. “I’ve erm… heard her name before. Mind telling me a bit about that lady?” He explained quickly after receiving a curious glance from the pair.

Before either could respond, the lady herself appeared to stand beside them. “I am.” she stated simply.

“I didn't really mean to seem rude. I just had a bad experience last year due to fighting...” The Mew/human hybrid thing explained, looking away as if somewhat distracted, but the girls could tell that she was remembering what had taken place last year with her friend and the Shiny Rayquaza.

“Hey Kaylie, Mew.” She added, nodding to acknowledge them and smiling slightly, pleased to see friends she had not been in contact with for a year.

The two smiled and waved back awkwardly. Then Mew pretty much said “to Hell with awkward” and hugged the girl who had the Legendary’s ears and tail. Kaylie blushed and did the same, the two embracing their friend despite the awkwardness. They let go of their old friend, Kaylie turned away shyly and forcing her eyes elsewhere. Luckily, that was when her friend appeared.

“Hey, I got you something,” Chrom said, having returned from the refreshment table with two drinks in hand. Kaylie took the soda-like drink handed to her and took a drink, feeling a cool liquid rush down her throat, the sugar and fizzyness clearly evident. Her eyes began to water, and she had to fan them to keep from tearing and ruining her facial makeup.

Catching sight of the other guests his friend was talking to, Chrom shook Lucifer and Lady Myuu’s hands despite looking somewhat confused.

“Um, we haven't been introduced. My name's Chrom, I'm a... a friend of Kaylie's. I don't think that I know your names, though. What are they?” He asked, looking somewhat unnerved, especially at the sight of Lady Myuu, which both Kaylie and Mew could identify with. When they themselves had first met the hybrid the year before, they too had been taken aback by the girl who seemed part human and part Mew.

Lady Myuu merely smiled and shook Chrom’s outstretched hand. “It would take several days and me on a lot of sugar to explain exactly what I am. But you can call me Lady Myuu, well Myuu works, I'm also known as the wet blanket.” Kaylie and Mew smiled at this, but at the mention of a wet blanket they both looked at the lady questioningly. But she continued on, either unaware or not caring about the strange looks she was being given by the blue-eyed pair. “Anyway, I know Kaylie from last year. It is nice to meet you Chrom.”

”Some party all ready, it seems.” She then muttered in a more quiet tone. Mew nodded cheerfully in agreement, trying her best not to let her weariness show. Kaylie took another sip of her drink, looking thoughtful until she remembered the sort drink’s strong taste. But this time she also felt a real sugar rush, the drink feeling refreshing and cooling in her mouth.

Mew continued bobbing her head, her eyes slipping and wandering about the room. More guests, and- oh you had to be joking! She prodded Kaylie with her tail, causing the girl to spin around sharply to see where Mew was looking.

Naturally, there was M’anta, again in a spotlight he had created for himself. Next to him was the blond, uniformed girl from before, and they appeared to be fighting another pair. Few people were really paying attention, not seeming to care as long as they didn’t get dragged in. But the four were sparring in a more secluded area that was probably meant to fighting, so there wasn’t much cause for alarm. Plus they probably weren’t trying to kill each other- if they had, someone, whether Lady Myuu with her strong psychic powers, or the bar owner, would have stepped in and done something.

“At least this gives them something to do.” Kaylie muttered to Mew, who nodded slowly, watching the alien’s accompany shoot fire from her hands with mild curiosity.

Kaylie wondered vaguely what the other three people - well, human, demon and hybrid – thought of them constantly drifting in and out of conversation, getting distracted and full-out fainting.

What an odd night.

20th November 2006, 11:58 PM
Ember waited for Sylpherius to answer. Her heart was beating wildly and didn't understand why her master was twirling around her shuriken.

Slit him again anyway! she screamed in her mind. Make sure! You're not sure he's dead yet, for sure! Don't take chances!

But Miriam waited for Sylpherius to answer.

"Dude," whispered Aqua. "I know what your thinking, I bet your wondering why Miriam isn't finishing off, but you have to remember it's Sylpherius' fight!"

"Still, I'd kill him if I were her, I should just use a flamethrower!"

"Don't! Then Miriam would be mad, and you'll surprise her, and she'll probably make a fool of herself jumping 3 feet into the air!"

"Well, I wish Sylpherius would answer already, I doesn't take this long to check if someones dead, even if dazed......."

Sonozaki Maya
21st November 2006, 10:15 AM
Reld lay there in a dazed state, though Sylpherius was positively sure he was not dead. He knew that there was no way Reld would fall to something like that so easily, and in the end, Sylpherius' suspicions was correct. He did not need to confirm anything. Reld had disappeared right in front of them like he had melded into the shadows. Sylpherius shook his head and looked towards Miriam. "It looks like he won't be coming back anytime soon, sorry to spoil that tension." he murmered. In reality, Sylpherius wanted to kill him, not let him flee and escape. In the end, he lied down and looked up. It was getting boring again.

22nd November 2006, 4:56 PM
Miriam decided to lay down to and look to see if she could see any constelations, which see was awful at doing.

"Wow, that was fun.......while it lasted," said Ember yawning. "Back to the boring silent spell, in which nothing will happen, I seriously want to go into the dance room...."

"I will return you if you don't shut up!" whisped Miriam who now thought see had saw the big dipper, if those were the right stars.

"I'm going for a swim," said Aqua indicating to a pond a little farter ahead.

"Sure, you'll need it," said Miriam. "By the way good job Aqua."

"What about me!!!! I would've finished him off if it wasn't for you guys! I probably did the most damage!" complained Ember.

Miriam glared at Ember. "Um, good job back there Sylpherius. And thanks for saving me a couple times."

Miriam was now blushing like crazy and twirling her shuriken again on her finger while still laying down.

"Really nice Miriam," murmered Ember curling up and falling asleep.....