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Haker MAster
4th November 2006, 12:08 AM
Good this is small provada of my sprites jeje so I hope that they enjoy them, if they see that something is similar to something sullo, please do not get angry I I take hold sprites to have different poses from the monkeys (sprites), imajino me who you does not aburririan myself publishing sprites such? good I hope that they do not get angry jeje. Good to qui I leave my sprites already them haun need but to separate jeje. Them memory that I am new and for that they did not answer to me that they do not cososen to me already. they know it do not get angry if they see derrepente something that is equal to his. good they enjoy
Good these are my psrites what I want to do is that if someday I can along with make the continuation of pokemon clear Dragoon ball is very logical the name. PokeBall Z, I want to make the great continuation of those 2 series of animates.
So that I like. in addition to which to like I to do it to me first in comic and if it is then successful Asia animates. I have one pqueña shovel that helped me with my success but I must continue working and drawing to be able to perfecionar the drawing mine but in spriting it is exelente as him ago is not a gift seems.

this is the continuation of which passage in DBGT and what fence to happen in the end of pokemon we hope that that end does not arrive but all the good one must finish someday. good these are my personages this is Ken Ketchup. One of the 3 Children of Ahs and Misty


this boy of orange hair is Deivis the brother of Ken, and son of parents already named


but deivis is adopted by its adoptive father professor Treacey. the reason I say them in the end.


this boy is the other brother of Ken and deivis (Trio) is Trillisos but It is captured from Drinks when. The complete history of everything Says at the end of putting to the Chars.


this subject is Ahs but a suit is put. So that at the beginning of the adventure of Ken and Deivis. Ahs this in house hoping that Ken returns then with his first Pokemon but arrives pokemon called Maligno Missing, Ahs and Missing fights then arrives Ken but Missing takes advantage of to atakar to Ken but, Ahs interposes and is in shock, Ken enjoa and it persecutes it. but or after persuige Ken is lost no longer in the forest but it knew if his father survives or it dies. so Ahs disfrasa of this called personage Space Phantom XZ (a little similar to Meda space soldier X of medabots)


here I present/display the mother to them of Ken, Deivis and kenan Misty is of the mothers Tipo Milk (Dragoon Ball Z) very worried about its children, But about Ken since she suffers of Strange upheavals of idiotes.


They remember Max. if this qui crecio also but already haora is a good trainer and haora he is a leader of gim but I escape so that I get tired of being leader and wanted to have wild adventures like any trainer. so it is united to the group of Ken and Deivis in the great adventure of the World-wide Match of the Opening of the new Region that is opened to I publish, (the region was single exclusive right for that they vivian to lli) so the Match becomes of World-wide Liga Cathoyo. clear that our Heroes Ken and Deivis must themselves face Max in the end but. spear that they occur quenta of which he is leader of gim.


now they are going To know Jossh. the handsome boy who goes in the group with already is 4 Ken, Deivis, Max and Jossh.
This he is a boy who looks like Brock so that it likes the girls.He is not nothing special is a current trainer.


This Girl is Sindy. One assumes that she is the twin sister of Mary but she has a Past Escondido very. She and their sister Follows our heroes Ken and Deivis, in the city Love (that name for the City) where they give direcion him of gimnacio to Deivis so that 1° had his battles. they Work in the Gim like? mmm entertainers of the leader of gim. but Sindy has a past that she save she is not daughter of Athena and Saint Seya. A prohivida daughter who hid it and gave it in adoption so that Zeus did not realize and he got angry. but by all means Zeus sooner or later realizes and commands to call a (mmm assume that in the horsemen of the athena Zodiac she is granddaughter of Zeus) to call to his Great-granddaughter thus Ken, Deivis and the others icluyendo to kenan tendran that to save it


here this Mary dis that the twin sister of Sindy the same history that sindy when they find to Deivis and Ken. But what I lack to mensionar it is that Sindy there this enamored with Ken (haunque the idiot does not see it, By its problem of idiotes) and Mary this enamored with Deivis if there is something of attraction in them.


this boy is Frank, is the Rival of Deivis. It bothered to Deivis in the primary one from has is rivalry but in a point of view they are friends.


now I present/display a to them. Larry Oak. this in search of its father. He has disappeared without leaving Sign. Like Gary this lost one? Clear that later Larry is with his father but after much long time. Larry is the Rival of Ken. to qui if the 2 are fought since Larry is a boy of Cold heart.


if that is no Team Rocket. Then there is it to here I leave to wing family them Jessie, James, Jenny, Juan, Meawth and At the outset single Ditto were the children who perseguian to ken and to deivis. after many problems the new executives of quipo rocket Jessie and James already estan persecuting our heroes. in order to rob to his pokemons to them. but they obtained it or you would seran won


this he is the Leader of the Team Rocket. OOOOOO is the son of Giovani. the new head is Giovani Jr. quenta occurs that Ken and the others are a great Hindrance in their great plans to conquer the Earth. so hara many things so you vitiate to defeat them to them clear also is made bgueno and one regrets which does later he is a leader of Gim.


this it is the logo type of Pokeball Z


this it is the logo type of Pokeball Z but in Japanese


And haora I present/display this to them. They are the types of pokemon but the types that I invent


and finally I present/display the levels to them of the Super Sayallin that I invent


Good already the history of Kenan finishes haora dire to them was raptado by Evil a villain whom it loves to conquer to the world but Kenan Badly is informed and they say the lie that are son of Evil and not of Ahs and misty to him. Later account of its true parents already occurs but haun is a crew member of Evil.

Kenan also participated in the Match of World-wide Liga Cathoyo. But nonsera easy to overcome it. it already finishes yet.

uffff I believe that me exedi but good east sprites is the beginning to put my. if it pleases to them I put but. at the moment I hope that they please to them and to aver its commentaries. but information of my and my sprites in following post

Ciao XD

4th November 2006, 12:51 AM
super saiyan?!!?!?!?!?!?their hair needs work....

Haker MAster
4th November 2006, 1:18 AM
good the one of the hair. It is a small example.

The one of the hair will take into account and thanks as soon as I am teaching myself to practice to design different hairs. It remembers that I am a novice (Noob)

mmmmm I believe that I must have but well-taken care of so that I am reading that are put words bad. mmm I have to do well what I write in the Google Translator. Excuse me if they do not understand some words

Ciao XD

4th November 2006, 1:35 AM
I can't see all of the sprites since my internet is acting up, but I'll critique what I can. :p

First off, ALWAYS save your sprites as a PNG file, which means make sure that they have .png on the end of the file name instead of .gif, .jpg, etc. This is because all the other file types destroy small details in your sprite, while PNG keeps them.

Second, never re-size your sprites. Always keep them the same size, since the pixels become stretched and ugly. Keep them at the same size, and if you do re-size them, redo the outlines and shading so that it isn't pixel-y.

Your sprites themselves aren't bad, but you might want to edit them a bit more so that they look more customized.

Haker MAster
4th November 2006, 1:50 AM
aleluya jejeje XD, somebody that says but to details jejeje to me. The problem reason why I put them in that format is by mmm like saying it? to protect them thus but either seeing it then no longer it opens to problems jejeje or for next hare or the things, good those are everything. Thank you very much Chaos Emerald

4th November 2006, 1:52 AM
u need to save then under PNG. that would help. other than that they are decent.

Haker MAster
4th November 2006, 3:13 AM
good for aver if tomorrow I can put but sprites I hope that alos that they need that they see them they think. thank you very much I hope that its opinions

ciao XD