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Haker MAster
5th November 2006, 2:09 AM
Good in my previous subject of my sprites, single was spoonful. Now if, I already put them in good format. Now if diganme which they think of sprites, says everything what it is happened to them of them.

another thing. It enumerates them to say to them who are every one.


1. - This boy is Jossh. it is the small Brock type, falls in love with the pretty girls. and of Joy nurses and the Police Jenny. It accompanies to our Heroes Ken and Deivis in suaventura by the world-wide League Cathoyo. his popokemons I cannot say much so that they are popokemons that I invent

2. - This boy is Frank. She is the Rival of Deivis, they 2 estan in lawsuit from the primary one. There is not much information of Frank

3. - Larry Oak. he is rival of Ken. Larry thinks that Ahs, the father of Ken, is the culprit of the inexplicable disappearance of Gary. For that reason much resentment to the Ketcup. It is the type of boy of Cold heart. Its goal is to find its father, but to I lie down bitter and now it thinks single about overcoming Ken Ketchup

4. - Max. Wing is united ventures of our Heroes Ken and Deivis. He is the Leader of gimnacio of Hoenn of Petalburgo city but flight occurred to wing to live adventures in the life. who I remain with the position of the Gim? Max if it already gives to a double battle of gim to Ken and deivis in the last day them of which the temprada one to obtain the medals for the Cathoyo league finishes.

5. - this boy of orange hair is Deivis. The brother of Ken. But he was adopted by Professor Treacey. since the children when they were you drink, they colaugh danger by a great villain. he is the intelligent one of the 2

6. - good small east is Ken is the Main Hero of the History of my fan comic or as they want to call you to him jeje. he is the one in charge to make many things like saving to the world of the Team Rocket. Our friend has a devilidad. He has a Great symptom of estupidity. The poor man is very distraido but when she has a spirit of Luffi type (one piece). One surrenders in having his great desires and never has a great spirit of fight
as they see. there are 3 clothes that use ken. The one of the Left it is of the beginning of its adventure, the one of means she is the one of training and the one of the right it is a shirt that uses in the great competition of the world-wide league cathoyo. that in that shirt Palet Town says, that as much is conceited in the league?

7. - Sindy. She is the Sister of Mary assumes that she is the twin sister of her but she is not it. She was adopted when she was a girl. the history of her is a past very difficult to understand that I am spoken them later. its history with our heroes is this. she and their sister helps to Deivis and Ken in the search of the Gim of the City Love him (Where supposedly it is the city of the love and enamored). they take them gim so that they work has like assistants. either later they two of a way or another one begin to follow our 2 heroes in their trip. The reason is that they fell in love with them. Sindy of this secretly enamored with Ken, Will be able Ken to realize or is really stupid for the love?

8. - Mary. let us say that she is almost the same but it seems that there is a great relation between Deivis and she. mmm it seems that if there is love. of single her save that is the twin sister. this is the girl who can empesar an explosive battle when they make it anger. There are but no data at the moment.

9. - Ahs and Space Espectro XZ. Trying itself to hide of Ken and Deivis it follows them everywhere to see if they are well. the history of is this. he was patient hoping to ken that it returned of the laboratory of professor Treacey. at the moment that hoped, pokemon malignant I attack it, in the right memento that Ken arrived from the laboratory. Ahs to try to protect Ken, leaves wounded, whereas Ken gets angry with that pokemon and she persecutes it by the forest already of has ken not save if his father survives. so that it is left with the idea that to died to protect it to.

10. - Professor Treacey. He adopts to Deivis. Cuadno our hero already fulfills the age initiates its adventure. The professor treacey is the new professor of Palet Town and the best one. There is but no information at the moment.

11. - Misty. The mother Of Ken and Deivis. it also worries about her 2 small children clear that she is a very cruel mother so that she must carater of Milk (Dragoon Ball Z) worries but by Ken. There are but data no available.

12. - Masterful Happosai. (that rays do here). He is only the few teachers of martial arts that have survived. also it sponsors the Match of the world-wide league Cathoyo. but the character of has changed is not pervert of always, now has character Kenkai type (yuyuhakusho. If I wrote it well? ) in addition it has that thought of which always they train, thanks to that Ken has that strange disease of estupidity.

13. - Ranma Jr Is the son of Ranma, good Fighter of martial arts and trainer pokemon. Also it participates in the world-wide league Cathoyo. There are but data no available.

14. - Goku Jr is trainer pokemon also but in addition to that he is leader of Gim. his pokemons is powerful. also it wanted to participate in match of the world-wide league cathoyo. Also it flatters to Ken the sphere to him of 4 Stars, to request to Shenlong the desire to him of which Ahs could returned wing life.

15. - Jr Vegetates. Also he is trainer and leader of gim, but hard that goku Jr also wanted to participate in the world-wide match of the Cathoyo league. There are but data no available.

16. - Brock. At the moment it does not do anything. the only thing that does is to go to say a great message to them to Ken and Deivis. It says real history to them. it says to them that the 2 are brothers and are twin. Clear that Deivis thinks it and doubts that Ken is their brother for the reason that he is something idiot.

good I hope that they like. to aver if tomorrow I put another one to them jejeje Ciao XD

5th November 2006, 2:49 AM
Wonderful and in PNG this time! :p

When you re-color the sprites, you should change the outlines and shading a little bit so that they fit better with the new color set. Also, never use the default colors that come with the Paint program, as they are too bright, and don't look good.

Haker MAster
6th November 2006, 3:03 AM
Editing:good as I say, I publish this mensage this to be able to them to put new images.

The trainers are enumerated.


I present/display villains to them.

1. - Kenan. 3 brother. Briefly Ken, Deivis and Kenan make a trio. but they are asked so that flame is kenan, if already there is a brother with Ken name. good the real name of Ken is Kenshin but it does not like and prefers the Ken name. Returning with Kenan, he is one of the crew members of Evil. Kenan was captured when it was drinks, for that reason I separate to Deivis and Ken, since to you 3 wanted them to destroy. But Evil I do not eliminate Kenan since it saw in its interior something of badness and I take it so that it could serve to him. He is a very powerful trainer, in a very distant battle, Ken and Deivis versus Kenan and Evil, after they are overcome Kenan is united wing ventures of our heroes, Of Evil one did not know if dead or it lives but later it returns like one of the good ones.

2. - Evil. It is the great malevolencia. he is one of the 5 strong villains but who estubo in the battle of the past versus to the original heroes (chosen). He is the adoptive father of Kenan (mmm are many adoptions in my fan art. Children do not want asus jejeje XD). The tata to take care of much to Kenan since pokemon malignant has said to him that he is perfect to megre with and to rev?*vir to Malonpokemon (mmm I have not put him another name better, in addition it sounds type digimon) tried to slavar it Ken and Deivis along with. Seriously it is erido by Malonpokemon, and Kenan becomes infuriated and tries to save it. but it cannot since it cannot since this voluntarily own of. For that reason estava was not known if to Evil, alive or Died.

3. - Kel. He is the best friend of Kenan (mmm I believe that I made cartoon to the show of Kenan and kel). he is almost igualito to the one of the show. since it likes the soda water of orange. but he is an expert trainer, also is something idiot. There are but data no available.

4. - Dasha. She is the girl who this enamored with Kenan, she is a very expert trainer. and he is a faithful crew member of Evil and Kenan. There are but data no available.

now I present/display to them to 2 of the 6 of the special forces of the Called Pokemon Binladeemon. the other 4 of the special forces are pokemons


struch and Guioteoladen Captain they 2 is those that would daran to him to ken and to their friends problems. Ken has 2 options to die or to fight, ais that fights but it does not have fuersa sufficient to win to struch and to the captain. So as much esfuerso Ken of a form or another one could be transformed into Super sayallin to be able to win them. On them 2, there are but no data.

haora I present/display the types to them of pokemon here that I have invented


the 17 existing types estan already but it has but, those that I invnete. and they are these Types: Knight, X-treme, Angel, Love, Space, All, Virus, Ninja, (Wind or Air), Magic, Light, Zombie, Glitch, Human, Alien, Beast, Ciborg, Candy, Sacred Type, Toy, Plastic, (Energy or Plasma type), (Music or Sound), Shadow, Rainbow, Samurai, Diamond, Clothes, Unknown, Digitalis, Stinking, Dimencional, Prehistoric, Element, Malignant, Divine, Demon and finally the God type.

now I present/display to Them to you lead them of gim.


They have an enumerated order in where they are them overcoming Ken and deivis decides if the 2 can enter obtaining to the 15 medals the 2, so they decide to fight against a Gim leader every one. It has are 17 so that they ken When aver fought versus Guiteoladen Captain and to eliminate it, Goku jr gives a special medal to him that describes in the world-wide match. Also this the battle of Icer, cousin and Freecer whom wing came earth. but Ken and Deivis defeat it. And deivis gains a medal that also describes in the world-wide league. If they want but data of these you lead of Gim dire later. when it has but data of them.

now I present/display to the Team rocket to them


Jessi James and meawht, along with its children Jenny and Juan and his Ditto. They are those that will give problems them to our heroes.

Jiovani Jr. I remain with the position of the Head of the Team Rocket. Pokemon versus has the opportunity to have a battle Ken. He is the one that it gives all you order them of which one becomes.

Dr Pokegero. Tatara is tatara grandson of the Dr Maquigero. hace many androids like a Robogary, One copies evildoer of Gary. that one to the Team Rocket is used to influence with deceits to Larry whom. The Dr Pokegero also creates alos androids 45, 46 and 47 andriodes so strong, and finally I create a copy of Cell with DNA of Mew. Thus I believe Mewcell. A so malignant beast that tapeworm that to megre with the 3 androids. Single one megres with 2 and the one that could escape he is 47. It is found by our heroes and they protect it in a good weather. But when Ken faces Robogary in the Fight of Elite 8. Robogary removes to Mewcell and finds to 47 and it is made hard but

androids #45 <- (not 48), #46 and #47. They make many Destrosos. One of so many is that they llan destroyed Palet town. the good thing that our heroes were not has since they were in the competitions of the world-wide league. when the androids realize plan of Mewcell, they try to escape but #45 and #46 do not obtain it but #47 is the one that escapes and when it arrives at the mezeta indigo tells our heroes which has happened and they protect it, Jossh and #47 fall in love. There are but data no Available.

RoboGary. - he is the leader of 8 elite and the general of the Equipment rocket. the world-wide champion faces against Ken in the fight of elite 8. to be able to arrive versus but that does not happen since everything when saver is cancelled that the haora world-wide league Is controlled by the Team rocket. Robogary is destroyed by Mexcell fights versus Ken and Deivis, and haora Larry realizes of which it is also deceived and it fights versus Mewcell

Now lesp resento to Elite 8 and the Mieren champion who is the Great world-wide champion


Now I present/display to Elite 8 and the champion to them. Watch who is the Great world-wide champion the members are Will, Loreli 2 (daughter of loreli) Koga, Bruno, Agatha, Clara, Lance, RoboGary and the world-wide Champion is Wes. (the one of pokemon Colesseom)

I hope that they like. The following thing that raises will already be Drawings of pokemons. Now I wait for its commentaries Good that is everything. Ciao XD.

Haker MAster
6th November 2006, 7:35 PM
hey already Editing and I put new images