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7th November 2006, 7:27 AM
Haha, 6:15am, just finished the second map.

Anyway, Map Making/Level Design is something i've become increasingly interested in, and am trying to improve upon. I'm not that great yet, but over the coming weeks, i hope to add to this post with more level effecient and balanced maps. These maps certainly aren't balanced enough anyway.

Also wanting to learn to do that town building thing people do, like with the tiles, but i have no idea the technique behind doing that. Something like cut and paste i'd assume. Which i don't have the tiles to do it with =(.

Anyway, enough of me going on about random crap, er, so here's the two i've chucked out.


So this one came out of my head, looking around, i'd never seen one based on a whole country, at least not Britain. So i started working on this about 6 weeks ago, and then halfway through, added Scotland and Ireland.

Scotland hosts the Pokemon league, and there are 2 routes to choose from to get there. Ireland is the "aftermath" hosting the more powerful Pokemon and trainers. Sort of like the Battle Frontier but not. Lol. Also a conspiracy from the UK equivalent of Team Rocket (name undecided yet) is spread around the UK, but mostly Ireland.

I did go overboard on routes to explore, but that's what i'd love to do in a Pokemon game. None of them have given this amount of exploration. Diamond and Pearls map leaves alot to be desired, it still feels too linear in terms of routes. I'd like a map that gave you multiple routes to your destinations. Which is what i implemented (albeit badly) here.

This took 12 hours to make, as i was lazy in places which led to **** ups on the sea/coast/areas. Never will i use random layers again. I decided from then on to use Paint as opposed to Fireworks MX.


Right, onto number 2. Well, yes, it's very small. I neglected to check the size until a little way in, and i didnt want to change. Suffice to say it's more balanced then the England map, as i didn't base it on major cities, and just went for a more gameplay orientated map. I also decided to flesh out the ideas of the Green cities, as Irelands most associated colour is green, i decided to make the green towns twinned with the ones on the Ireland map. Sorta like some towns in France and England are twinned IRL.

Though it's hard to see at that size, there are 2 towns and a route in the middle that aren't connected to the main map. This is this maps equivalent of an aftermath, more powerful and rare pokemon/trainers hang around there. There isn't a league in this map, instead it's all about working up the ranks and gaining a solid reputation. Well it would be if i could make it into a game. But i can't code for anything so...XD

The bottom right is an area i call the Sea Strip, where powerful trainers duke it out on the long road towards that Battle Tower. Level 50's/60's/70's with fully evolved Pokemon.

This took a little under 3 hours, so getting better in terms of time.

Oh and yes, i've been told it looks like a fusion of France,Spain,Germany, Italy and Greece. That wasn't my intention,XD.

(EDIT: Bigger Version uploaded, managed to get away without too much jaggedness)


(End EDIT)

Anyway, advanced critique, and be brutally honest if you want. Just bare in mind this is my first time trying this, so i'm bound to make some major cockups,lol.

As i said more will come, and maybe i can work on the actual town/route layouts if someone could link me to a tutorial or something =P

7th November 2006, 5:55 PM
W00T, Damn thats good, Great Britania, I've always wanted to do something like that, You used Hoenn map colour, I prefer Kanto but oh well, 10/10
Edit: You even added the towns :D

7th November 2006, 6:00 PM
o_0 Those are awesome. I've never seen a map based on anything within Europe, so these are interesting. Really well done.

Umbreon Rider
25th November 2006, 8:40 PM
WOW AWSOME!!!! Can you do one of Malta???
It is a tiny island in the literal middle of the meditterainian sea.
Id LOVE to see that here.

25th November 2006, 9:06 PM
Wow, very good. Especially the shading of the land!

25th November 2006, 11:14 PM
ZOMG!!!!!!! you made my home country O.O!!! Go UK ^^...the maps are fantastic...how the f*** did you manage that O.O?????;235;