View Full Version : Burn up

7th November 2006, 1:12 PM
Excuse the overly unoriginal name XD

Spinda LM x3
Slugma DE x2 (collect)
Macargo (Smooth over) DE x 2
Cybdaquil UF x4
Quilava UF x3
Typhlosion UF x3
ThphlosionEX UF x 1

Celio’s network (any set) x4
Rare candy x 4
Scott x3
Mr Stone’s project x4
Wally’s training x 4

Fire x23

Basically, use Slugma's collect, or Spinda's Whimsey Draw to get out cards early, use Wally's trainging to evolveQuilava if it's active, or use rare candy if i have a Typh in my hand, use Celio then rare candy to evolve quicker etc. Use Mr Stone's project to get back my lost energy, Scott's are to get the MR Stone's and Celio's. It's basically a deck that burns up quickly, but deals heavy damage.