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7th November 2006, 2:59 PM
I am currently working on a site RPG site that mainly deals with pokemon eggs called eggtopia!

Its in the making if you like the idea and are wondering how to be a part of it this isnt the place just pm me ok!

but for now here are banners i made for future "Members" or non members of the site to put in their siggy to represent "EGGTOPIA"


tell me what you think?

7th November 2006, 6:05 PM
I think they are very cool!

10th November 2006, 10:41 PM
ok thank you!

10th November 2006, 10:46 PM
I like the eggs on the last one! Is there going to be a website or something?

10th November 2006, 10:50 PM
yeh but its still a progress in the making

10th November 2006, 10:59 PM
Sorry for the doulbe post but here is the first batch of eggs!http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m135/Nez369/Firstbatch.png

11th November 2006, 2:57 PM

11th November 2006, 2:59 PM
neat! the banners are beautiful and so are the eggs !

11th November 2006, 3:09 PM
ive finished all the eggs so now im workin on the rpg site!

11th November 2006, 3:16 PM
the eggs are very creative...nice work

11th November 2006, 3:22 PM
Thank you!

Umbreon Rider
11th November 2006, 4:13 PM
nice work but is the rpg going to be a forum??????
of a slow one like Pokemon Crater??????
if not I wanna join!!

11th November 2006, 4:35 PM
nice works

Chaotic Pink
11th November 2006, 4:53 PM
I believe banners are meant to go in the fan art?

They're good, the Pokemon, eggs and backgrounds all suit and complement each other. Well done :)