View Full Version : Deck 'Telepethy'

10th November 2006, 1:00 PM
A while ago, I made a Colorless/Psychic deck. here it is:
(Note: Due to the Base/Rocket Set cards, this deck is NOT tourny friendly, but i like this deck nontheless)
3 EX-Sandstorm Ralts
3 EX-R/S Kirlia (one w/ Life Drain)
2 EX-R/S Gardevoir
1 EX-Hidden Legends Whismur
1 Promo Whismur
2 EX-Hidden Legends Loudred
1 EX-Hidden Legends Exploud (4-Attack)
1 Base Set Pidgey
1 Base Set Pidgeoto
1 Base Set Pidgeot
3 EX-Deoxys Beldum
1 EX-Deoxys Metang
4 EX-Deoxys Spoink
2 EX-Deoxys Grumpig

2 Potion
3 Wally's Training
1 TV Reporter
2 Energy Search
2 Celio's Network
1 Defender

17 Psychic
1 Double Colorless
2 Full Heal (Energy
2 Potion (Energy

Another note: Full Heal and Potion Energies are from the first Team Rocket set, so I didn't just make them up.