View Full Version : Miuranger

Luke Groundwalker
18th November 2006, 1:26 AM
Once I heard about this manga, a manga created by the creator of Berserk at age ten and was collected into 40 volumes, I've been relentlessly searching for some trace, scan, pic or whatever of this manga. Or even a summary of the plot or something.

I have yet to find anything.

Has anyone else? I would really love to know about this manga.

Of course, it's highly possible that this manga isn't on the net. After all, he did make it for his classmates in school. Although for such an achievement of collecting it into forty volumes, I would like to have some info about it other than the name.

Edit: And I'm guessing the manga is probably some Japanese superhero thing, mainly because of the "ranger" part. Maybe a Super Sentai-like thing? Never know. Super Sentai is sure popular with the kids in Japan.