View Full Version : Energy Crushed Deck (Unlimited)

18th November 2006, 8:37 PM
I was going through my Pokemon cards recently, seeing what I had, and I found my old deck. I haven't bought a pack since EX Dragon, so I don't have any of the more recent sets. Anyway, my deck is called Energy Crusher, and goes like this:


1x Ralts (EX RS, Pound/Linkblast)
1x Ralts (EX RS, Confuse Ray)
1x Ralts (EX RS, Headbutt/Hypnoblast)
1x Ralts (EX Sandstorm)
1x Kirlia (EX RS, Removal Beam, Super Psy)
1x Kirlia (EX RS, Dazzle Dance, Life Drain)
1x Kirlia (EX Sandstorm)
1x Gardevoir (EX RS)
1x Gardevoir EX (EX Sandstorm)
4x Abra (Team Rocket)
3x Dark Kadabra (Team Rocket)
2x Dark Alakazam (Team Rocket)
2x Eevee (EX Sandstorm)
2x Espeon (EX Sandstorm)
1x Chansey (Base)
2x Sableye (EX Sandstorm)
2x Mewtwo (Promo, Energy Absorption, Psyburn)
1x Wynaut (EX Sandtorm)


4x Wally's Traininer (EX Sandstorm)
3x Energy Search (EX RS)
1x Magnetic Storm (EX Hidden Legends)


23x Psychic Energy
1x Dark Energy

The point of the deck is to use as much energy to hurt your opponent. Gardevoir does more damage the more Energy she has and the opponent's Pokemon has. Espeon does more damage the more energy your opponent has in play. Gardevoir EX does tons of damage for every energy in play. Everything else is to help get these guys out. Some changes I know I can make are:

1) Add in another Espeon. I can do this, but I don't have 2 more of the Sandstorm Eevee (which is the best for my deck's quick evo thing).
2) Ditch Chansey, Dark Alakazam line, Mewtwo and Sableye. I want more Wynauts, since his attack fits in well with my entire deck. I'm sure there are more cards now that fit better in my deck.

Comments please.