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26th November 2006, 2:55 AM
Q & A: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Final Strike

Q: What level do we start at?
A: If you are on the good side: 5. If you are on the bad side: 8

Q: Can I evolve?
A: No.

Aw, screw Q&A!

The locations changed over the years:

Tiny Woods is not in this RPG. Actually most Dungeons aren't.

Good Side Locations:
You start out in Eastern Forrest Main. You do not start in the same places as every one else. It is a small three floor dungeon with weak Pokemon.

That will be the only Good side location revealed now.

Battle Cloud: You start hear as team. Not a rescue team, however. This is a small, three floor Dungeon.
Battle Cliff:
This is a small cliff. This is the evil team's base. Seen Right After Battle Cloud
Pitfall Plateau:
This is a five floor Dungeon. It reaches Mystery Mt.

Town Square & Town Square Center

This place changed over the years. To the south is Delibird Deliver & a small, abandoned pond.

To the east is still Pelliper's Post Office.

South of the Town, construction is going on. The road is currently blocked off.

In Town Square Center, there are many new shops:

Oddish's Gardening Supplies:
This place sells seeds. It sometimes sells Zinc, Carbos, ect.

Munchlax Food Store:
Buy food here!

Duskull Orbs:
Buy yer Orbs!

Shiny Things! (ran by Pinpuku, Cleffa, and Igglybuff):
Buy TMs and DMs here! (Contsruction is taking place next to the building)

Persian Bank/Kangashkaung Storage:
These two people share there shops now!

These are new items:

Multiplication Orb:
Duplicate the user. Ends when you go up to the next floor.

Laser Orb:
Destroys everything in a straight line. Does much damage to boss Pokemon.

Banish Orb: KOs 5 enemy Pokemon. Damages boss Pokemon.

Battle Scarf:
Only 1 Pokemon may attack you. Once it is KOed, a new Pokemon will be the only Pokemon who can attack you.

?? Orb
May work with another item.

DM03 Leaf Cut
Type: Grass
Power: 30
Accuracy: 75
Battle Description: Hit fows rapidly with leaves until 100 or more damage has been done.

DM04 Water Freeze
Power: X Accuracy: 25
1st Turn: Sprays water 2nd Turn: Freezes water for 1-hit-KO

DM05 Fat Blast
Power ?? Accuracy ??
Power and Accuracy depends on how much the user and opponent weigh.

In addition, the TMs are the TMs in D/P. Therefore, there are 100 TMs! There are other items yet to be revealed.

Feel free to ask questions.

26th November 2006, 7:56 PM
What's north of the Town Square? Nothing?

26th November 2006, 8:28 PM
Oh crud. I put To the south is Delibird Deliver & a small, abandoned pond. It is supposed to be north. Due to having seven members, our main base will probably be to the west. However there will be other bases for different types. For instance, the water types' base may be at the pond.

28th November 2006, 11:58 PM
Maybe you should document the characters on this page, like put their name, the pokemon they turned into, and the side they're on.

Lati Master
10th December 2006, 12:08 AM
so what does the delibird service do?

12th December 2006, 5:05 AM
so what does the delibird service do?
Most likely deliver packages, letters, assignments. etc.