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Lady Myuu
27th November 2006, 11:56 PM
Packs of Old Kanto

~*The Den*~


This discussion thread will deal with issues such as since we have multiple characters, there will be some packs meeting other packs. If someone has an issue with another pack that caused problems for their posts they can take that to PM but with a large meeting if it happens can be talked about here.

Questions and Answers also about pack behavior, certain rights such as mates and cubs will go on here, to deal with it openly so that everyone may learn something at once with out myself having to answer the same question again and again.

Some things you might want to know~

~ You can make new dogs (not called wolves) for interacting with other packs. The pack you created is your main pack and will be in the main plot line in the long run but if you want a new character to mess/join or attempt to join someone's pack. Thats allowed. Sign up sheets go in THIS THREAD.

~ There is a pack of large proportions in this rpg. Who they are and what they are up too is unknown, but it will have to do with the main plot. If you meet a member from this pack be prepared for a chance of death of your character. If someone in your pack does something that may issue a injury or death I will PM and disvuess with you. You have many characters, so be prepared for them to be trimmed.

~ I realize there are some dog pokemon missing from the list now that I come across it. Grumbull or whatever it is called is not on it and also Snubbul, so if you are interested in these two, you are welcomed to crossbreed em into a new character from the main three you must have in it.

~ If you aren't able to post/keep up with the rpg. please let me know! PM me!