View Full Version : Banette Deck (DX-on)

2nd December 2006, 1:26 AM
12 Pokemon:
4 Shuppet CG
3 Banette EX LM
1 Banette CG
3 Sableye CG
1 Jirachi EX CG

36 Trainers:
4 Potion
4 Switch
4 Holon Tranceiver
3 Crystal Shard
2 Battle Frontier
1 Crystal Beach
4 Holon Lass
4 Holon Mentor
4 Holon Adventurer
3 Scott

12 Energy:
12 Psychic Energy

Strategy is simple: start with shuppet, use acension on T1 and evolve to banette EX, then begin using supporters as fast as possible, throwing out other supporters as discards. Sableye is for it's excavate poke-power, use it, if supporter discard, if not decide whether to keep or discard. The CG banette is in for it's annoying safeguard poke-body. The CG jirachi ex is in because I needed a secondary attacker, and it's a good one because it has no weakness, and it's attacks get cheaper when my opponent gets out their powerful pokes. I can usually get 40-60 on T2, and 90 by 3 or 4.

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