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3rd December 2006, 7:13 AM
4x zubat ds
3x beldum dx
1x beldum ds
4x larvitar df(paralyzing gaze)
1x shuckle uf
1x skarmory ds
2x pupitar df(hyper beam)
2x metang ds
1x golbat ds
1x golbat dx
1x holons electrode ds
1x crobat ds
1x crobat EX dx
1x metagross ds
1x metagross dx
1x tyranitar EX df

2x prof. cozmos discovery
2x rare candy
1x energy search
1x low pressure system
1x scott
4x metal energy
4x holon energy GL
2x scramble energy
6x grass energy
9x lightning energy
1x psychic energy
1x heal energy

I basically let my opponent knock out pokes with metals and psychics attach them to metagross(ds) with metagross(dx) and add 20 damage to crush and burn the psychic is in there in case metagross(dx) is all thats left and crobat and tyranitar= ra power! another strategy is delta control plus prof. Cozmos discovery and I can get all four cards on the same turn.

edit 1:take 1 energy search out and add 1 heal energy. edit 2:take out 1 prof. cozmos discovery and add 1 skarmory

3rd December 2006, 6:32 PM

If you want to use Crush and burn, use Metanite.

3 Metagross ds
1 Metagross dx
2 metang ds
4 beldum ds
3 dragonite ds
2 dragonair ds (twister)
4 dratini ds (thunder wave)
4 holon's castform

3 holon transceiver
3 holon mentor
3 holon researcher
2 holon adventurer
2 holon farmer
1 holon scientist
4 rare candy
4 windstorm
2 copycat

4 metal energy
9 lightning energy

you just discard lightnings/metals with the holon supporters and get them back with delta charge and metagross dx.

3rd December 2006, 7:07 PM
well I don't have most of those cards and it's very troubling getting most of those cards but thanks for the tip and I only own 1 ds metagross and no holon trainers except researcher and lass.