View Full Version : Salvage Crisis-(Unlimited Format)

4th December 2006, 7:39 AM

3 Voltorb-Base Set
2 Electrode -Base Set
3 Mareep-Unseen Forces
2 Flaaffy-Unseen Forces
1 Ampharos-Unseen Forces
3 Pikachu-Holon Phantoms
2 Raichu-Holon Phantoms (1 Delta Species Raichu and 1 normal)
3 Anorith-Holon Phantoms
2 Armaldo-Holon Phantoms
1 Deoxys (Attack)-Holon Phantoms


19 Electric Energy
4 Multi Energy
1 Recycle Energy


2 Pokemon Breeder Fields-Neo Genesis
2 Lanette's net search-EXSandstorm
2 Super Potion-Base Set (or any other set)
3 Fisherman-Skyridge
2 Claw Fossil-EXSandstorm
1 Copycat-Expedition Set
1 Oracle-Skyridge
1 Underground Expedition-Skyridge
1 Gold Berry-Neo Genesis

Well, basically, I just palced Pokemon that has high damage. The purpose of the Base Set Electrode (yeah, I know it's kind of obsolete to use a Base Set Card), is because of its poke-power, where you can knock out an Electrode and use it as an energy of one type but provides two of that type. Very handy for the Delta Species Raichu which requires you to discard to Metal Energy so the attack would rise to 90 from 50.